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  1. It's cool g. Lot's of people don't want to. ^^
  2. I want my computer screen to implode. <3 Post it. ;D
  3. "Inb4lock." <3 I looked at it, I seriously would consider using this one instead, it has some ground rules.
  4. On some of the other forums I have been on, such as the General forums or the One Piece forums there have been threads such as "Post a picture of yourself". I thought it might be a nice touch to this site. Thread rules. . Stay on topic to the picture at hand. . No Spam. . Anyone who decides to spam or be disrespectful to someone else will receive a thread warning, after three thread warnings you can no longer post in the thread any more. If one does I will contact a Super to see it doesn't happen again. Additional Rules of Post a Pic [by LZ] 1. I can't believe I actually have to say this
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