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  1. Found everything but the motherboard, so I just preorded a B550 one that's due to come out on the 16th. Better than paying a scalper for an x570
  2. I've heard finding a good power supply was a problem for a friend of mine when he was looking.
  3. I've been replaying the entirety of the Megaman Battle Network series on the Wii U virtual console (only one version per game at the moment). Currently going through the 4th game, already 100% 1-3. Past that CS:GO is always a thing, I have the FF7 Remake to get through and Kingdom Hearts on PS4. Going to look into building a new PC soon, though getting parts currently will probably provide some pain.
  4. Allergies will be the death of me. Overall good though. Food and entertainment for days.
  5. Don't know enough about them to have a concrete answer, but I appreciate the fact that he still gets support.
  6. I'm an old hat and was always partial to Blue Eyes.
  7. CS:GO is the currently most played one, followed by Halo MCC. Need to get around to actually playing Fate/Extella. Minecraft used to be frequent but it's been a few months since I launched it. Waiting for the nether update full release. Other games I just haven't opened in a long time.
  8. Between my Switch, Laptop, and Phone games I'm set.
  9. Shopping went better than expected. Wish there was less people but I got what I came for plus stuff I wanted but wasn't really expecting to be stocked, like more tp and boxed pasta.
  10. Plenty. Actually thought ahead on that one. Though I did go out for more yesterday because my friend who I go with for groceries (because he drives so I can get more stuff) was going so I used it to get some things for my friend who is going to be crashing.
  11. Haven't the faintest. I'm very bad at pre-planning these things.
  12. ACER Gaming Laptop I bought after graduating college. Been meaning to build a desktop for some time but I've been lazy on it. Friend who's crashing knows a lot about that stuff though so that may make me stop procrastinating.
  13. Couple months I believe. Not the first time I've had someone crash for a few months and it's worked out before. We'll see how it goes.
  14. Online. Met in person once when we met up in LA for Anime Expo with another mutual friend. We've know each other for around 6-7 years so we've known each other for a long time.
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