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  1. Two major friends that I've met up with IRL at an Anime Expo. Thanks Minecraft. Made more friends than that there but only really keep up with two, and another who is a friend of one of them. And technically my best friend I befriended in high school because we found out we were both Fire Emblem friends, a rarity at that time.
  2. I have played Halo Reach and Halo Combat Evolved (PC) I have fond high school memories of playing Combat Evolved during lunch so it takes it. Shotguns for life.
  3. Halo Reach (via Master Chief Collection on PC)
  4. Probably Pokemon Blue but I was too young to appreciate it and I'm pretty sure my brother helped with a lot of it. The first game I remember enjoying and beating is Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue.
  5. Pokemon is an easy answer, but it's the best one I got. Pokemon Y probably being the easiest/
  6. Puns, dry humor, good satire to name a few.
  7. There's never been a day where the backlog has been anywhere near empty. There have been slower days in terms of days with meetings, or days with company activities (Avengers movies typically give us a morning free as the company buys out a theater room). Tends to slow the rest of the day as well.
  8. A bit tough of a question as I tend to not be too prideful about most stuff I write. If I had to pick anything it would probably be my capstone project if only because of the crap my laptop put me through. Went through about 5 different loaner laptops and they all did the same thing: they would just shut off randomly which would infuriate me. Learned to save after every small change. Actually managed to get through one of my stretch goals for it.
  9. TheComposer

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but Konami releases a legal powercrept version of each of these cards simultaneously that make them useless I wish to consistently be able to fall asleep within ten minutes of whenever I want to of my choosing.
  10. Dunno if you mean software I've worked with to code, or software I've personally worked on. Worked with probably goes to AWS Lambdas. Worked on is a bit tougher since I've only worked at one place so far.
  11. Software development. Mostly C# API work.
  12. Well enough. Did everything I wanted to and I didn't have to worry about work.
  13. I was always partial to Blue Eyes.
  14. Of all the potential names I've seen Phanteon has always seemed aight to me. Cursed Body for normal abiity, Prankster for hidden.
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