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  1. Waffle Crisp was my favorite cereal. I am a sad boy as it is dead.
  2. No fam lives in my state, I visit them for Christmas. Never been a big fan of thanksgiving food, so it works out for me.
  3. Have the day off of work and probably play video games like any other day off.
  4. My memory is hazy, but if I had to take a stab at young me probably Green Lantern because I honestly just liked anything green (food not included).
  5. I have played most of the classic series and all of starforce
  6. No dark theme hurts me emotionally.

    1. Black D'Sceptyr

      Black D'Sceptyr

      Think the Chrome Night Eye extension can help bring it back. Try it out!

    2. Zaziuma


      Also my eyes. Dark themes have ruined bright white pages for me forever, I can't believe I used to live with that.

    3. Godbrand


      Crouton needs to tell you that they love you more often and stop hitting you when they are drunk

  7. My first response would be to try and pawn it off because I'm awful at naming things. Probably go with Forte though, just as the name of my favorite Battle Network character and it sounds good enough as a planet to me, though doesn't really fit with other planet names.
  8. Cookies and Cream followed closely by Vanilla. Some days just vanilla is better.
  9. Dunno the specifics but I do need glasses to read finer print far away. Not bad enough to need them all the time, but if I needed them on class and such to read projections since they were typically far enough away to be hard to read.
  10. Probably my Packers Super Bowl hoodie.
  11. He's fine. Probably a close third behind Yusei (where I stopped watching)
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