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  1. A series of monsters based off various famous Kabuki plays. Their strategy varies wildly, but generally involve adaptations of the plots of said plays. Support S/Ts reflect theatrics or techniques most often associated with Kabuki. Lost Seeker
  2. A series of Rock-Type monsters that slowly erode the opponent's LP away by inflicting damage whenever the opponent draws cards or adds cards to hand. Most of them only trigger during non-Draw Phase draws, but their support cards often have mutual draw effects to support this. Their boss monster does even more damage and can trigger on Draw Phase normal draws. Ravager
  3. Error Arrows - A series of Quick-Play Spells and Normal Traps that can redirect the targets of various effects with a single target, often altering it such that the opponent can become subject to their own effects. Banishing several of them from the Graveyard will bring forth their ace monster which can repeatedly change targets. Ancient Titan
  4. An archetype consisting of weak-looking Warrior-Type monsters who call forth stronger Dinosaur-Type Union monsters. While Union'd, the Warriors have incredible self-protection in addition to the standard Union clause, allowing them to make offensive pushes safely. Trinket
  5. An archetype of grotesque-looking Zombie monsters (think Pudge), with effects that repeatedly cause both players to Tribute monsters for no effect, a la Share the Pain. They offset this by having access to recursion typical of most Zombie support. Their boss monster averts the self-Tributes and has an effect that forces only the opponent to Tribute monsters for no effect. Failsafe
  6. Silvern An archetype of Wyrm-Type Gemini Monsters loosely based off Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Initiating their Gemini effects allows for cards to behave similarly to various existing Blue-Eyes support. Forseer
  7. A series of Machine-Type monsters that always negate the effects of the monsters they battle and destroy by battle. However, their base monsters have middling ATK which makes it difficult for them to hold their own in battle. Their boss monsters have Ancient Gear-esque self-protection effects to ensure they battle uninterrupted. Pack Hunters
  8. Fusion Material requirements don't list the numbers for named materials.
  9. Is there a significant difference between "cannot declare an attack" vs "cannot attack"?
  10. Miracle Scale Fusion Normal Spell Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck by using face-up Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck or side of the field as the Fusion Material. The Fusion Material Monsters are banished instead of being sent to the Graveyard. Next: Ignore
  11. Maybe include a small section for how to phrase conditions. Usually for cards that have name-altering, archetype-associating, or Type-introducing modifications that can't be negated and always in parenthesis.
  12. Fading Sanity Continuous Trap When this card is activated: Place 1 Madness Counter on this card. During each End Phase: Double the number of Madness Counters on this card, then banish, face-down, a number cards from the top of your opponent's Deck equal to the number of Madness Counters on this card. Next card: Overclock
  13. I'm not certain over whether to use "when/if/while" for conditions of Continuous Effects.
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