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  1. TO be fair, I was focusing more of the pendulum summoning than using said monsters for summoning fodder in case the need for a Pendulum OTK shows up. Plus Gelipasa is meant to be a 'grown-up' DMG-ish version of Precious Drake from the storyline I set. But I admit I didn't have much of a pinpoint focus apart from making Pendulum relevant again
  2. Thank u so much for the help and the editing tips And I await for the critique from the other users then
  3. Hello all I hope I did this right. I hope to post this here to finally get some comments on this. Pendulums have been my fav decks and is saddening that they have fallen on the wayside thanks to Dinks-I mean Links. So here is my ideas of bringing back Odd-Eyes to the modern format but making sure not to go overboard with it, making them fair. (at least I hope so) Fair warning, I'm no big expert on PSCT isn't as Hope you all enjoy it EDIT: I didn't see the option to do spoiler tags to hide the post. So Sorry @Rayfield Lumina Odd Eyes Cards
  4. Love the show and love these effects so far
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