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  1. If a card returns monsters to the hand from the grave (e.g Recurring Nightmares), if it targets a Fusion monster in the grave, will it return it to the Extra Deck or do nothing?

    1. Organized Chaos

      Organized Chaos

      Thank you friend for clearing that up for me :)

  2. X and Y has a barnacle based Pokemon line. If I wasn't goddamn set on buying that game, I am now. Literally, I've been waiting for ever for a Barnacle based Pokemon. And I really like their designs

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    2. Organized Chaos

      Organized Chaos

      I quite like Xerneas' design. The colours and general style of it does give a very majestic appearance but I prefer Yvetal.

    3. Lonk


      I just like how the legendaries fight the Life/Death motif just by looking at them. Also, my older brother calls Xerneas gay.

    4. Organized Chaos

      Organized Chaos

      Spritzee and it's evolution are probably my favourites so far because of the Plague Doctor links with Spritzee (Aroma Therapy, mask-like beak, heals other Pokemons with smells, that slightly creepy eye clashing with the general cuteness of it) and how Aromatisse just looks insane yet also adorable.

  3. Listening to Ninja Sex Party makes homework 20% more fun to do.

  4. Anyone here play DotA 2? I have a question concerning Lifesteal. Also, I'm just interested as it's quickly becoming one of my favourite games.

    1. VictorSempra


      I prefer SMITE as my MOBA of choice. DOTA 2, from what I was told, requires full map manage at all times.

    2. mido9


      What's the question anyway? And yeah, it's awesome. Shame my laptop is fried so I cant play it for a few days.

  5. Is this like the biggest April Fool joke ever or is this geniuinley just a mistake?

    1. Desu the Blue Nerd

      Desu the Blue Nerd

      Flame legitimately f*cked up.

  6. Sometimes, I just like to look at my old messages. See the people who have left and the lonliness which has entered. It makes me sad that I hardly no anyone well on this site anymore. Ah well, change must happen I suppose. Off with the old and in wth the new. How has your day been? inb4PS4


    1. Desu the Blue Nerd

      Desu the Blue Nerd

      It's only cool when Opal does it.

  8. Here we go again. That whole cult of YCMaker thing. Not saying it's a bad thing though because WE ALL MUST HAIL THE GLORIOUS ONE.

    1. Dharc


      This will not be a fad again. We will not have fad cycles...Because that means that we'll also have to deal with a Desu x Whoever Dharc Likes fanfic...

  9. Looking at the Post a Pic of the Real You thread. Both my self-confidence and positive votes I have left for today have dropped immensely.

  10. Wow, my name is a pain in the butt. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      My name spells abuse by Harpie's Channeler

  11. Am I the only one who thinks the novelty of this "Name Change Fiasco" wore off after the first few changes?

    1. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      This is so amusing, though I want a better name.

    2. LC 


      It ended when the 1st name change fiasco happened but it's still nice to see YCM more active than usual.

    3. Cute Rotten Yoshika

      Cute Rotten Yoshika

      welcome to mr. bones wild ride

  12. I'm quite bored right now. Does anyone have any interesting activities that I could do to pass the time? inb4lewdsuggestion

    1. Organized Chaos

      Organized Chaos

      Something tells me that won't happen to me because the mods don't give a dimma-damn as I'm pretty much a nobody on this site. But thanks for the suggestion.

  13. I guess it does. You have a point there. Never really noticed 'till now :)
  14. This is like the only recent photo of me that I have on my computer. People think it's scary for some reason. Also, I'm wearing some sort of cloak. Or robe. Whatever you want it to be.
  15. It's kind of creepy when I look to see whose looked on my profile recently and almost all the people are people I don't know or people who I wouldn't expect to look at my profile >___>

    1. Akira


      yfw everyone is just clicking on you by accident and you have no reason to feel stalked

    2. Great Unclean One: VK

      Great Unclean One: VK

      Remember, if you're in Texas and you see someone you don't know on your land, you'll have the right to shoot to kill.


      Except in PA, in PA you can't shoot them if they turn their backs to you.

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