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  1. Well now I feel like I have to ban you...I am not banning you.
  2. Banned because that isn't saying much; But games are fun, so I'll unban you.
  3. Banned because I wasn't try to help the situation, I honestly don't care. I was just stating a point, this is the only realistically active part of YCM.
  4. Banned because I need to spread Hina's gospel to this forum.
  5. Banned because this is the only thing active on this site anymore.
  6. We got an out-of-date MtG card maker. That is top kek, @YCMakerpromise right there. What a pro.

    1. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      Seems very on brand to me.

    2. Godbrand


      Can we ban @YCMaker until he learns his lesson ???

  7. Banned because that's not me.
  8. @YCMakerviewed my profile. That is the best update this site has had recently. I'd totally simp for him.

    1. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      There's a reason why it says Pretentious Prick in your profile, huh?... xD

    2. Dae


      Probably. I couldn't tell you the reason, I forgot a long time ago.

    3. Godbrand


      Can we ban @YCMaker until he learns his lesson ???

  9. Banned for considering beating a regional champ much of an accomplishment.
  10. Yo, the fucker @YCMaker is here. Good shit.

  11. Banned from "retiring" like it is a fucking job, just say you quit.
  12. Banned because I am not 8, I am 7. Fucking hell.
  13. Banned for being retarded
  14. Banned because should not have to discuss this again. You're retarded, Horu. Waifu material does not equate Waifu. Hence, why I ask for Ray to be my waifu instead of referring to him as waifu. I also do not consider the avatar to be indicative of the person; That is retarded by any scope. They are images, not my identity. Ray is waifu material who I ask to be my waifu. Stop being retarded, you're 30 with a kid apparently. Fucking hell.
  15. Banned for not telling me your age.
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