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  1. The biggest draw to the site is the Card Maker. Maybe once a fully functional one, the site might become more active. I don't see that since, it hasn't been functional since Arc-V and Link monsters; People figured out ways to make custom cards without it. Other sites are also better, community-wise.
  2. The site was shut off for a month literally a year ago, not 6 months. NeoCardMaker was made in response to this site being done for a month, which had just had its 1 year anniversary. YCM, after that, was done periodically during the 6 months the site was being upgraded; It wasn't even a month. And activity should have rose within the time span since then. It has only diminished. That, by itself, says how active this site is. If a revamping is not enough to inspire activity, the site is dead. 6 months is a lot of time for the site to grow. If a restaurant would have been revamped and diminished on return consumers, it would go out of business.
  3. YCM has been nothing but dying out. Even with YCMaker "doing things", the activity has diminished from even 6 months ago. This website is history.
  4. Ya'll people are smart for not voting for me.
  5. That's all fine. I would've thought that you would include yourself in something (since this was a serious conversation) rather than include me, if trying to create a "serious" discussion. I guess it is rewarding to see you value me, even as a bullshit choice, above whatever reality you would provide as mod.
  6. Dae

    Haha, I hate my wives

    Is the marriage thing still a thing? I love this site.
  7. Lol who the fuck thinks I am deserving of mod. That's some top tier bullshit.
  8. I am the chairman of this site. You will hereby listen to me. I wanted to know, how are you guys? It seems lonely here.

    1. Zaziuma
    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      Most are waiting patiently for the update of the Maker, o new chairman.

    3. King Crouton

      King Crouton

      I know you'll never offend.

  9. Who wants to start a reading club on here? Hina's one inspires much of my idea with it, but I want to construct more of a basis that breaks genres and apply general insight into the readings rather than just maintaining a collective discussion. Areas of reading that pertain to further academic works, trying to create a form of reading mechanics that provide readers with much more than the text. I'll form it like a blog that tackles chapters of various works, along with my own thoughts and further readings of the source to help discipline readers here. This is more of a task for 2019, since I am deciding on upstarting a literary blog while I finish my Master's Thesis in Literature and then pursue another discipline.

    I'll write a draft up of a chapter from a book I much longed to have a discussion about, if that helps to provide an example. It would be something; I would love involvement. Much of the work would be done on my part, though, it would help to have a starting point for discussions to take place. And the readings would be short, allowing an introduction to a much broader reading field into books, genres, or authors. Etc.


  10. I mean, it sounds like a slow tempo advantage for nothing. I'd hardly even consider this card in any deck even if it was playable from the hand.
  11. Does this mean we are also getting other card makers? Or remain as Yu-Gi-Oh!? The name change seems suspect.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zaziuma


      I think those were just sisters sites, don't think they had anything to do with YCMaker, but I may be wrong.

    3. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      I believe each card maker did have its own site respectively but yeah, the card makers themselves were all on the same homepage with YGO as the default and you could toggle between them.

    4. Dae


      They were run by "friends" of YCMaker. Affiliated as sister sites, that is about it.

  12. Just find a CS6 portable, they're free and do what you (mostly) want to. Easy to find, too.
  13. Very pleased there is no drawback to the card. The Normal Summon is a "Drawback", but still works with the Faris combo so it is not all lost. Enables Absolute Zero better than Bubbleman did, too.
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