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  1. Dae

    Ban the User above You

    Banned for getting mad at me for wanting multiple waifus. I see nothing wrong with that.
  2. Dae

    Ban the User above You

    You're not my waifu, banned.
  3. Dae


    Not the meaning of the acronym, though, and that is as important to creating an acronym as what it spells.
  4. Dae


    Can we change the name? The name itself is cool; the acronym is obnoxious and forced rather than something anyone would remember.
  5. Miss you dude, pm me on discord?

    1. Dae


      I didn't even see this.

    2. Hallohallo


      Someone's lonely.

  6. If this is meant as a commander, you cannot play it in Jund/Naya combinations. Realistically, it seems like a card that tries to draw the attention away from you since it doesn't actively push for a quick game. It benefits all players, opening a bunch of political play toward anyone and everyone else. Trying to make a deck function with this only as a a Tax effect seems like a waste of place for this card in the deck, really do not know or follow why you wouldn't just trying to make a group-hug deck. Commander decks shouldn't use the commander as another free card unless the ability it that good. This ability makes only certain points in the game worthwhile, mostly combat; Trying to ignore combat without this card falls on deaf ears in an EDH game. Playing aggressive with a commander that pushes for non-aggressive politics seems like a problem, especially when this plays for every other player as well. I couldn't see this as anything more than an awkward commander. It doesn't really even seem to follow the four-color design space that other cards have, and a much hot-topic for how Wizards tries to make their cards under the same framework. This is hardly any blue/black in here, and is probably better just as a Red/White commander that follows flavor/color restrictions better. It is off. This is a fun concept of a card, but not one fully realized in execution. It is weak on most fronts, especially since you do not seem to know what the card is doing outside of itself and add many elements to try to give it the "necessary" open design-space that you want from an actual card. There is a lot going on with this card that is not working at all. Mostly, it is the color identity of the cards that do not make sense. After that, a big part of the problem of the card is in the effect and use of the card. You say that it can be used aggressively, but that takes away from the utility this card offers in a format like EDH when it also pushes on Commander space. If you're not building around the potential of the card, you're not building the deck correctly. Effectively taking away from the politics that this card promotes is a waste by not taking advantage of that in the average game. Trying to just toss this in a deck is also a waste since the effect does not promote synergy if it is not built around; rather, it seems like this card has one and only one use: Play politics and control the damage that can be done on the board state of the game.
  7. Dae

    Ban the User above You

    Banned for not being my waifu.
  8. Dae

    Ban the User above You

    Banned for not being my waifu
  9. Dae

    Ban the User above You

    Banned for not being my waifu
  10. I hopefully never hear that again, "text has no tone". Woah.
  11. Why skip a week? This is why matinees are a thing. Usually, you're by yourself.
  12. I've been in Hina's Vagina for a hot minute now. Only one worth being in. I'll never leave this part of Oregon.

  13. I want a Violet Evergarden.

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star
    2. Dae


      I loved it. Feels sobering.

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star
  14. What about EDH politics? It depends on the group and the gameplay. People tend to target the one most likely to win, unless the game goes long. Otherwise, pillow fort is the most fun to play when you're just trying to play the game with no other objective. It is not really mine, since I like to play control decks that throw a bunch of combos out. Many different groups are also doing many different things, and a lot tend to be more relaxed than ones I have played in unless I am jumping in with a group I know nothing about.
  15. I just finished the anime and manga of Akame Ga Kill! I don't want to read Zero or the contiuation anime, as it is most likely caving to the audience. I need other things to watch or read now, beyond what I am already reading.

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    2. Dae


      Is Borges still your favorite author, Beatrice? I read most of his works, but fell in line with Italo Calvino who took a more postmodern- multi-dimensional narrative. I have to say that Toni Morrison is by far my favorite and most read author, which covers some magical realism (Beloved). Goethe hasn't been on my list much, probably even less than Melville.

    3. Tourmaline


      Yeah, but in regards to Borges and his peers, the ones you mention, I've arrived to and escaped from him through recommendations and other authors, like Schopenhauer or some detective fiction, which he breaks apart incredibly. 

      Borges is not my favorite (Ovid followed by Lucretius are), but I like him a lot. Goethe is one of the most important and excellent artists in the western tradition, I'd say far more important than anyone any of us have named minus perhaps Ovid, who was a major influence for Shakespeare and Dante among countless others. In regards to Toni Morrison I've only read Jazz five years ago and it was okay. I read a lot more poetry than actual novels.

    4. Dae


      As I mentioned earlier, I have an Arthurian heart, so I tend to stick with traditional romances, Arthurian Romances, french romances, etc. It is my main area of study, along with genre theory. When it comes to the Western Tradition, the textual nature of it extends beyond just the major influences of Goethe, Shakespeare, Ovid. And the more interesting works of the Western Tradition extend into Literary Theory and forms of interpretation, at least where I stand in contention with how I interact with it.

      H.P. Lovecraft is an author I have been getting more into, but mostly his detective stories since they play games with the genre and parallel with his idea of the supernatural, weird fiction, and abject novels. It is what I am currently trying to understand, so "The Lurking Fear" is a big continuum for me.

      Though, I have been getting back into C. S. Lewis because of his Allegory of Love collection of essays. I tend to read a lot more works that relate to literature/poetry than novels/books themselves, now. I am still reading Umineko, just trying to find the Graphic Novels locally is tough.

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