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  1. For every essay that Horu writes, I will write my own essay.

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    2. UltimateIRS


      write an essay on why people should give hina money

    3. Horu


      Give Hina money so she can keep Dae healthy enough to continue preaching about how glorious and majestic she is. Trust me. It's super beneficial. We learn how great Hina is and Dae stays healthy so they can continue doing what they love.

    4. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      That is just terrible, Horu. Your writing skills are worse than my average students.

  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and intelligent person I know; You're the love of my fantasies. Happy Birthday, Hina!

  3. see you tonight baycakes
  4. every story horu is talking about a girl and himself, swap the roles.

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    2. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow


      and he somehow doesn't realize

    3. Horu


      Just proof that I am capable of making bad decisions. But yeah, that girl was crazy. I literally don't even remember what she looks like anymore. Then again, maybe that's a good thing?

    4. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow


      yeah that's what it's proof of

  5. There has only been really one person I actually cared about to date online, and even then I don't want to date her. I think we tried it once and just let it go. But our friendship is something phenomenal; I wouldn't want to lose that either way. Plus, it is really fun to tease her about it, since it will never really be a thing. If this isn't clear, Hina is the only person I ever settled on in a romantic way, and it kinda fizzles at that point; But our friendship is something that means a lot to me, that I wouldn't want to lose.
  6. I wish to be married to Hina. We are eloping, like actually.

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    2. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow


      I doubt mods can edit that anymore, iirc it was an admin cp thing

    3. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      Well fuck, I'll just post the marriage certificate proof, then.

    4. Ryusei the Morning Star
  7. I really don't get what you're trying to attempt here. It seems almost fruitless to attempt a story with a theoretical approach, instead of just writing a story in which you are pursuing the content instead of the context. Multiple stories have been appropriate for many different forms, and this is not much different than already established contexts. What is the point of having the Gods not portrayed as good? They are never portrayed as good in folklore and retellings, because a big contention for human-like characters is opposing forces. There is nothing bigger than a God, in most retrospects, and the character has to prove himself against it. So, really, my concern is: Why are you approaching this story from some theoretical or contextual shape? It seems meaningless to set up the rules and regulations of your story and world without really situating the story itself, and just writing it out. The biggest problem that comes from these ideas is that they are fruitless if not mapped out. In general, this is not mapping out the story, only an entry into writing the story. That entry is not going to go anywhere, it never does. Might I recommend something different, that really sets into stone what you might be attempting otherwise. Here is some advice to approaching the story. Stop caring about the elements of the world of the story. That is going to matter at the start, until you actually know the content and form that the story is going to take on. At the start, you have some sort of conflict, which is great, and some idea of what that conflict is, but that hardly is of concern until you put into motivation for the character(s). This is the advice I have for teaching creative writing, in the focus of writing out a whole story: (Normally, this comes into three parts, but I want to focus on the first part of character building and world building). The characters are should be where you should start, when it comes to writing more fantastical or epic based work, because this is what refines the world around. Now, if you're going to work with one character, it is best to construct an idea of recognition. The character should have motivation or curiosity before anything else, then everything work around that idea. If you are working on a group or multiple character dynamic, they all need to be flushed out in the same vain, with enough differences to really confer with each other as the narrative pushes the characters closer together. So, what I want you to focus on first is establishing what the characters are, who they are. You can give them a name, give them an identity, a role, or something. But you should only focus on identifying what their motivation or curiosity is and the reason as to why this exists. Look at Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!, he had no motivation until Atem was revealed. He wished for friends, but that had come once Atem was the character. Instead, Atem was a device for the reader to recognize this curiosity and motivation. Yugi's role was situated at the introduction of Atem, where the absence of a past notes the prospect of the story. Because of that, the two characters shared a similar focus with two different ideas. Atem wanted to learn about his past and figure out his role in it, while Yugi was there to help him. Because of their connection, the motivation turned into growth. This is going to be central to your writing. Everything else, that you have now, is good to have in the back of your mind, but you're going to drop the story once you start writing. Once you are here, we can start talking about more with the story and writing, but you're not at the point where we can look at the actually story, narrative, and conflict, until you have this content present. For other genres, there are certainly other approaches.
  8. Ya'll, I'm a newbie. This is w i l d.

  9. When Hina simps over someone, you know they're special. Welcome!
  10. It is officially summer; I have submitted my thesis proposal, I am planning my syllabus for next year, and I am ready to take a break by the beach when I need it!

    1. Lazarus IV

      Lazarus IV

      Such an occasion calls for a particularly bad song!


    2. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      are you allowed to talk more about it?

    3. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      As much as I want, really. I am not sure if i will receive funding for my research, which is the major step forward. If that is, I will repeat this process.

  11. You and me, best dragon card wins. I'll use The Nyx Avatar's dragon as mine, you use Gamer-Eyes'. LET'S GO.

    1. Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger
    2. Horu


      Dae, your cool, but Krow promised me the god cards. It's just a hard offer to turn down.

  12. The more I read about the Judge Program by Konami, the more interesting and even more obnoxious it really is. It is much similar to the MtG function of it, but really it changes based on the compensation amount and the level that is put forth. It is still technically volunteering your time; While yes, judges get compensated the minimum + anything the Tournament Organizer adds, that is only for Regional+ events. Like you said, sanctioned. Judges are asked to appear and fulfill the role, much like any hiring business. They take up the assignment, and it is up to them, but they receive pay for the amount of hours of the event. That is actually pretty cool. Still, it is not anything to fulfill the need of managing beyond the test. There are expectations to follow, that is just the limits and the roles assigned to the judges that I could find. Though another big problem that I have the more I look into this, is not about the Judge role or position, but really how much the days can be for the tournaments. The workload, people have to truly love the game to even attempt that sometimes. It really is a more joy for the game than it is a joy for the job, which is fine, just shaky. That there is more to it than just upholding the role of judge, but also the safety net while on the job for the people. I am admire those who become judges, if they take the role seriously. A lot of my previous comment still holds, it is just that: people are putting in their own time, and there is really nothing to get out of it, nor is there anything really that can be given to properly maintain and put the position in higher position. Competitive play is such a terrible field to dive into, and there is so much that comes with that for players, organizers, judges, and everything else.
  13. Though, this is the one thing that MtG does (or did) well; Head judge, and judge levels. You can always contest any ruling you deemed unfair, it would be head judge to make final call.
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