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  1. The more I read about the Judge Program by Konami, the more interesting and even more obnoxious it really is. It is much similar to the MtG function of it, but really it changes based on the compensation amount and the level that is put forth. It is still technically volunteering your time; While yes, judges get compensated the minimum + anything the Tournament Organizer adds, that is only for Regional+ events. Like you said, sanctioned. Judges are asked to appear and fulfill the role, much like any hiring business. They take up the assignment, and it is up to them, but they receive pay for th
  2. Though, this is the one thing that MtG does (or did) well; Head judge, and judge levels. You can always contest any ruling you deemed unfair, it would be head judge to make final call.
  3. The problem with any judge system is not about the exact testing, it is the need for judges and the amount of judges necessary. Putting on more restrictions wouldn't do anything except make the program almost discontinued. It isn't a paid role, and people do it for the benefits that are already present. Especially since it is a volunteer program, the amount of "training" that would be worthwhile would be just that- to put your time into it. You cannot really blame Konami or any other brand for how the Judge Programs are run on this idea, because they are a needed part of the community but t
  4. Aren't tournaments just pure cesspools of cheating? I haven't touched any paper play since last year, even probably 2019, but it shouldn't be anything that is surprising. Actively, one of the few members in any card game community that I would set to be completely against cheating and tries to put forth an anti-cheating agenda is Chris Pikula from the MtG Pro Tour scene. Now, the worse game for this type of environment is the Pokemon TCG. There is no judge system that warrants a possible and proper metric to shun cheating, even the judge system that is in place heavily favors a no-call st
  5. this site is an addiction, i need it like i need my coke. snort this bullshit up until my nose gets numb and i feel nothing but the firm embrace of the not-sleeping, not-doing-anything state of being.
  6. Joseph is the savior you need. Horu is the one you deserve.

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      Then this forum is not worth saving anymore.

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      the fuck you mean "anymore"

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      I'm sorry everyone but I'm going to have to turn down the position of mod again.

  7. Yeah, I am the savior of YCM. Fucking tryna steal my role.
  8. That was kind of the point; To not necessarily turn into card yes. Yes, there is a metric where it could become one. Really, for you and this goal, it is treat the render as if you were treating it like one for card art and to see how your skills could diverge more into something of this style and dynamism. It is meant to be a molding ground for you to practice what skills you have acquired from the card art practice and translate them into something of another sort, while still maintaining that practice.
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