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  1. That feel when you're so used to reading manga you read it right-to-left instead of like an actual comic. [spoiler=Also, also]Who was the man that was hanging out with Pharah? He didn't look too familiar and I recognized almost everyone but I couldn't recognize him.
  2. Always account for a little bit of latency when trying to use his hook. Because sometimes you'll aim at someone and then the next second they won't be there, so it's best to try and predict where someone is going when trying to hook them. That being said, Roadhog's hook is broken right now, so.....yeah. Also, his ult can instantly shred through barriers so if you're facing an annoying Reinhardt that's blocking everything, just use your ult to pretty much instantly get rid of it.
  3. I honestly couldn't tell a difference between 5m and 7m. n.n Also, who else heard about Doomfist today? We don't know if he's ever coming into the game soon, but it has been proven that there will be a famous voice actor for Doomfist, so we can say that Doomfist will eventually be a part of the game.
  4. I'm still undecided about the range buff for Symmetra, because it really wasn't needed THAT much, but everything else about the Symmetra changes makes her a more viable character.
  5. Well, I didn't get any Christmas skins but Nutcracker Zenyatta is possibly the single best thing about this update. He throws nuts in your face. Not just balls, but nuts. Also, I played on Christmas Hanamura, but not on Christmas King's Row yet. Christmas Hanamura is so pretty. Haven't tried the new brawl but then again I'm not crazy about brawls. All of them just feel tacky except for Junkenstein's Revenge.
  6. Oh cool, Christmas stuff. To be honest, I probably won't be able to play much OW because I'll be busy with other stuff, but I'm hoping if they give you a free loot box, my luck will just be great enough that I get a legendary skin with the free box. Like I did with the Halloween event and immediately got Witch Mercy.
  7. This is all on the PTR right now which is only exclusive to PC players (I believe).
  8. Don't know on that one yet. So I played a bit today.....my first map was Numbani so I was like "Oh, it only gets worse from here". Because everyone knows how much I hate Numbani... I went 22-1 with Widowmaker.
  9. If they keep the changes for Symmetra, they'll probably be on all platforms.
  10. Oh yeah, that's the other thing I forgot. You start with 6 turrets instead of 3. Their CD time is also 10 seconds instead of 12 seconds like how they are now. Whether these changes stay or not makes no difference to me personally, since I hardly play Symmetra, but her Shield Generator is OP.
  11. You choose between which one you want: Teleporter or Shield Generator.
  12. Symmetra's E was replaced with a Shield Barrier that projects forward, similar to Reinhardt's shield. It blocks all damage from enemies but allies can still shoot through her barrier. Her ulti can now cycle between two different applications: her standard Teleporter, and a Shield Generator which gives anyone within its radius 75 extra Shields. Her primary fire range was also increased from 5m to 7m.
  13. Also, while they are at it, they should just get rid of Hanzo's Scatter Arrow and replace it with something that actually takes skill to use instead of just aiming at people's feet and getting a free double kill.
  14. Does anyone know when the Symmetra changes are coming to the Live server? It's been well over 2 weeks now since they announced the changes to Symmetra. Usually, when something is tested on the PTR it comes out the next week, but this one seems to be taking a long time...
  15. Reaper's probably gonna be your best bet. Though, to be fair, Roadhog is broken in 3v3 because of his self-healing and there's not enough firepower like there is in 6v6 to actually efficiently bring down Roadhog.
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