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  1. Lame as it sounds im half way there I'll get one up tonight or tomorrow
  2. It's the busy season I'll make a post tomorrow or Monday. P.s. i like how the bottles squeak now
  3. Ethoeth stared at his cup as the chain formed around him, and continued to stare while the boney one spoke. It was all a buzz like a gnat too close to the ear to ignore. Yet his cup stood there like a rock on a calm sea, and he didn't want to look away. "Fine then," he said, raising his chain-sided hand above his head. With a dull flash, his hand struck down through the chain, glowing with the power of the earth. "I'll give you a translator," he murmured, raising his stoney hand to the counter. His hand relaxed as the magic waxed and waned into the second stone resting on the counter. "They're not tough and they're not smart, but a bottle works wonders." Producing a bottle from his belt, Ethoeth dropped the newly powered stone in. A familiar set of arms and legs emerged, and saluted Ethoeth as he held it by the neck. "Translate." He pointed at the now-semi-familiar cloak as he instructed the bottle. "You should have enough magic for a day, give or take. Just don't break it or drink it, unless you want to be coughing up mud and whatever fluids you had in you." With a wave of his hand, he was done. "I'm staying here. Go where you want, but please cease with you're sensless haggling."
  4. Goin campin for a few days, I'll try to make a post while i still have service
  5. "I am actually aiming to leave the city. If you could provide me escort, I will give you all the information I know." A chill ran through Ethoeth as the near-skeleton muttered the words. There wasn't enough money in the mint to make him want to do anything with that creep. "Heh, you've been askin' people to help ya leave for weeks Sone. No one's dumb enough to trade their own hides for the possibility of information!" This seemed like the most sensible thing the barkeep has said since Ethoeth walked in behind the cloak. "I am inclined to agree with the help, Sone. I will be staying here... with my bottle." He turned away from the boney thing and returned to his seat at the bar, the bottle half way between him and the cloak with the scroll. He turned the offered gold over in his fingers once more, giving it a spark of magic. "Here," he said, tossing it sideways at the goggled figure. "I'm sure you'll find some way to use it. Off with you."
  6. Yes, since both Cerulean pheonix and devotee are listed on rebirth's effect. Counterquestion: If plaugespreader zombie is summoned by its own effect, would it be banished if it were hit by an effect that would return it to the deck?
  7. It seems as if Ethoeth's stature has let the limelight drift from him. With the mouthy bartender spouting off about the cloak's scroll, another one slinks up, far more creepy than Ethoeth's original person of interest. And now it seems the secret vendor is selling to anyone who walks up to them. "Bottle, time's up." With a glowing snap, the remnants of the stone inside dissipated completely and rendered the bottle immobile and silent once more. Ethoeth rose from his seat and approached the pair of shaded figures. Pressing the scroll back towards the original owner from behind his back, Ethoeth spoke. "My name is Ethoeth Betlot. My new friend," Ethoeth shot a friendly glance back at the cloak, with a dagger sharp urgency in his eyes to shut him up. "Isn't the best at language I'm afraid. Sone, was it? What's your fare for this information? I'm sure I could provide the proper coinage." He tossed a single gold coin lightly into the air, it's glamour fracturing the dim lighting of the tavern. "Perhaps a down payment?"
  8. Post either tonight or tomorrow, work loves to eat my ass time
  9. "You don't often see people orderin' a drink this early. You two together?" The scraggly beard of the barkeep muffled his speech, but nonetheless he spoke as he set down the drink. "Just getting to know one another over some liquid bread." Ethoeth replied, stretching his hand out in a friendly manner. Then in one swift movement he snatched the bottle from the bartender with his mannered hand and turned to his cloaked companion. "Now, where were we..." He plunked one of the stones into the bottle and, as the stone sunk in the hazel-brown liquid, a pair of ethereal legs popped out, followed by a pair of arms. A quick salute to Ethoeth made the new being's loyalty clear. "Interpret, 5 minutes. Be discrete." Ethoeth instructed, pointing a finger at the cloak seated beside him. The bottle saluted him once more and did a wobbly march over to its target. It faced the cloak and held a hand cupped outward onto the bottle neck to signal its intent to listen. "There, a messenger. Speak how you do." Ethoeth turned to the barkeep once more. "I can pay for the bottle and keep it or you can have it back once my stone is gone, hawk it as an elixer maybe." Ethoeth smiled as he folded his hands onto the bar.
  10. I'll make a post Monday, work and mother day make a trainwreck
  11. No prob for me, I'm takin my time between posts if you havent noticed~
  12. Whether it be wine or wit I get out of this, I'm sure it will be good That's what he thought as a flourish of cloth passed Ethoeth's ears. It seems the cloak he followed took notice of him. Their hands moved in a mild flurry towards him and rested as if expecting a reply. A mute cloak would keep the most secrets, I suppose. "No tongue eh? Suppose you want something of me. Fine, I suppose I can speak with you some way." Ethoeth produced two small pebbles, smooth rocks tumbled by the sea, and tossed them in his hand. His fingers glowed faintly with power as the stones took the enchantment. He set them on the counter gently and raised his hand once more, his hearty fingers spread. "Barkeep, two glasses and a bottle. The clearer the better, come now."
  13. What a run down hovel I've ended up in. That was all Ethoeth could think as he wandered the cobbled streets of Manae, his bare souls cold and hard as the street itself. All around him he heard the buzz of secrets like flies on manure, so pungent and yet precious. He came here because he knew that if it was information he wanted, the heart of the manipulators' nation was sure to have it. The question was, where? And what does a secret dealer look like? As Ethoeth pondered these questions, his eyes rested upon a cloaked figure in a shaded alley about a block off. He seemed to dart through shadow like a mist, and with direction and purpose. "Secrets where cloaks it seems..." Keeping out of sight, Ethoeth trails the cloak into a... tavern? How strange for a tavern to not have a sign outside. Now, where was the menu... Wait, that wasn't right. Ethoeth had come here for knowledge, not beverage. Leering around once more he sees the familiar cloak resting a coin on the counter. He pulls up beside them and lays down two more silver coins. "Your finest, sir."
  14. Alrighty think I'm ready here... [spoiler=A Manchild and his Bottles] Name: Ethoeth Betlot Species: Human Gender: Male Age: 27 [spoiler=Appearance:] I'm a little teapot, short and stout... Ethoeths favorite nursery rhyme seems to have tranfered into his body type, seeing as he never grew past 5'4" and ballooned to 256 lbs over the years. His forearms are thick as columns with divets where his elbows should be, but his legs are chiseled and solid. His purple-black hair is always slicked back against his head, coming to a neat curl at the base of his neck. His face rests in a smug smirk, with his grey eyes half shut and eyebrows half shaved. His full cheeks are clean shaven and his nose is as round as his head. All this together makes him almost clownish, which is exactly why he dresses as lavishly as he can. His usual dress is a tan and blue-trimmed lapelled coat with waist pockets over a frilled black blouse, along with a pair of nice cuffed black linens and a belt with as many bottles attached as there possibly be. He also sports a pair of black leather closed-toed-open-sole shoes with a golden buckle. Personality: Most people would describe Ethoeth as lazy and hedonistic, and they'd be right to say so. Ethoeth expects everything for nothing, given to him without a second thought because he's just so great. He has little regard for others feelings, often playing cruel but childish jokes for his amusement. He doesn't like to fuss if he can't get his way, because that's a waste of his precious time and energy. Through and through, Ethoeth is a spoiled trustfund kid with no respect for his or others property. [spoiler=Biography:] Ethoeth is the eldest son of the Mint of Nascan. He's had everything handed to him his whole life, and he's just fine with that. He floated his way through mandatory magic school with the help of "tutors" who did his homework and an advanced apptitude for earth magic. He even spent a year abroad in Pruenia studying water magic, not because it was interesting but because it sounded easy. By day he studied, and by night, instead of expanding his horizons, he expanded his palette and waistline. After school, He'd taken up his old room in his parents' lavish estate, doing next to nothing as he had since childhood. Spending the days, using his new bottle familiars to fetch things for him and play pranks on his younger family members. With the passing of the late Tyrant, Ethoeth's family has urged him to attempt the mammoth task of the dead dynast. With ample supply and coin given, his family thrust him from the home in an attempt to finally stimulate the boy into doing something. Ethoeth has hardly any interest in the role of Tyrant for the secrets. He aspires for the title because of the many, many gifts he'll recive from his parents, his nation, all the nations and any person vying for his approval. Magic Aptitude: Wizard Earth/ Citizen-bordering-Mage Water. [spoiler=Skills:] While the family tradition is metalworking, Ethoeth has taken more the route of buffing. He's mastered throwing around his weight with an esspecially tough stone skin, and he moves on the earth as if it were polished marble. With the aid of water magic, Ethoeth has the use of bottle familiars. As big as a bottle can be, bottle familiars are brought to life by a stone imbude with earth magic combining with a liquid in a bottle. Most any liquid will do, but just water seems to work best. These familiars are not advanced, only able to follow one order at a time, and most are single use before the stone dissolves completely and the familiar rendered a mere bottle once again. Misc: I'll put good stuff here as I think of it.
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