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  1. Testing with this, I feel they need another Hyperion/The Agent searcher, because blowing a NS on Earth simply isn't enough. Likewise, I have found that Diviner of the Herald with a few choice fairies becomes a 1-card Master Flare + Arc Light + Halqifibrax. Neptune, incidentally, is an incredibly amazing card.
  2. So I've tried these bad birds out on EdoPro, and all in all they are incredibly solid, with just a few niggles. I personally feel that they need just one more Level 1 to have better pop-off potential; preferably a card that can mill so Strich and Toccan can be an even stronger combo. I've also found that Feather Requital isn't super incredible, purely because they have this endless combo theme, making it hard to interupt unless you end on a Snowl. Pots of Extravagance/Prosperity are very good for the deck since they have no need for an extra, but they conflct with Requital and Unknown Wind. Not a big dealbreaker, but not super fantastic either. Two fun tech cards I've found is Tri-Brigade Fraktall and Harpie Dancer. The former can load a Level 1 you're missing from the deck into the GY, but that's only a really useful move on the occasion you have any combination of Robina, Strich, and Toccan in your hand. It does at least provide a much more useful target for Strich, and it does keep the combo moving. Dancer, meanwhile, is interesting as while it absolutely makes the 1s whiff cause they banish themselves, I've found it absolutely hilarious working in tandem with Empren. Empren doesn't banish itself, and it also isn't a hard OPT either. Meaning if you have an extra tribute out, you can NS Dancer off of Empren to bounce it, then re-NS it for a second search. Jack-in-the-Hand is indeed incredibly useful for the deck, though I tried Where Arf Thou?, and it was rarely useful because of how Flundereeze keep chaining NSs. Maybe if you had 3 and ended on Snowl, but like, if you have 3, you don't need Arf. I have not tried 141 because it wouldn't help the deck. I did not try Tribute Burial either. Tribute summons I've got is 1 copy of Snowl and Empren, as well as 1 of Wiraqocha Rasca, Raiza the Mega Monarch, Apex Avian, and Simorgh, Lord of the Storm. Further testing is required. In all, solid archetype, but I feel it needs 1 more Level 1 to really pop off.
  3. Y'know, I've been working with Gimmick Puppets lately and... this might actually be legit good for them since their entire lineup is almost entirely Number monsters, especially N88. Hell, I won't even have to use Condolence Puppet to protect him any more since this thing does it even better! Furthermore, it might even open up the deck to make it easier to get stuff like Titanic Galaxy out by not needing to rely on Chimera Doll as much. This thing could actually give Gimmick Puppets turn 1 plays! This thing is also going to make Draglubion really hard to remove as well, since it'll have destruction and targetting protection.
  4. Having played with all the new Cybedark toys recently, this card's search is seriously what's been needed in the field of search, as Cybernetic Horizon has the major flaw of being useless by itself. Really, all Cyberdarks need after this is a card that triggers upon being milled or just sent to the GY and they'd be set.
  5. I've done testing with this, and it is deceptively good at what it does. And it can help getting out Cyberdarkness End Dragon via reattaching a Claw to your monster. Although dumbest thing I lost too, no joke, was someone using King of the Swamp as a for CdED using Overload Fusion.
  6. The only thing really left after these is to create the rest of the V Series, as we only have V Salamander.
  7. Golden Ladybugs stipulates that it has to remain revealed in its effect, so revealing is just flashing the card and then hiding it again unless the efefct says otherwise.
  8. Honestly this is more a boon for other Gemini monsters than it really is for Chemicritters. Burnout is way too slow to be worth searching anymore, so grabbing Catalyst Field is the way better option.
  9. Actually, I saw variations of the Bishbalkiin combo that managed to pop Shocktrooper during the turn, bringing out 3 big ones, but also Nihil and Reptilianne Lamia, getting a search from Nihil and then making Hydra to pop the opponent's tokens. It's janky, but feasible. There's also, interestingly, a variant that uses Scraps as a starting play.
  10. As much as I hate having dragons be involved... that is still pretty damn clever making use of Bishbalkin and Echidna. Imagine being able to insert Reptilianne Hydra into the combo somehow. EDIT: Welp, it's not just Hieratics people are using, as someone managed to find ways to squeeze Union Carrier into the combo. More than that, there's even a Lair of Darkness variant:
  11. Y'know, I just realized something here. Wouldn't Dark Law conflict with all of the Abhyss cards, since they specify sending cards your opponent controls to the GY. So because Dark Law causes cards to be banished instead, doesn't that mean their effects can't resolve because the target won't be able to reach the GY? Or am I overthinking this?
  12. I was wondering what this spell was going to be, though I was hoping it was going to be a RotA, but a reborn works just as well I guess.
  13. So while diddling around with potential options for this card, I came across a generic level 6 synchro called Altergeist Dragvirion with an effect that can OPT SS itself from the GY if it gets tributed and sent to the GY. Given Reptilianne Lamia it could be a potential level 6 option alongside Reptilianne Hydra, while also being a far more suitable first turn option. EDIT: I also considered that, instead of using Wyv-Collapse and Hornet Drones cause they're all limited, what about using 3 A Hero Lives and 1-2 Shadow Mist? It gets you a free body, and you search out Mask Change II at the same time. Granted, it's not always live like Wyv-Collapse but at the same time you can use them for discard fodder when needed. EDIT2: Nevermind, AHL is limited. Also, I think the Sky Striker stuff may be too useful as Mecha Hornet Drone's token cannot be tributed, so you'd only be using Kagari as a body.
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