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  1. They are the definitive EARTH Warrior archetype now.
  2. Change Log: Level 2 Amber Ancients Text updated for clarity. Level 8 Amber Ancients Plumalexius given a new effect. Prodryas has been given an updated cost to its effect. Plumalexius & Prodryas have exchanged their ATK/DEF stats to reflect their new effects. Amber Ancient Links Iberoraphidia has been renamed to Mesojassoides (due to species overlay with Ororaphidia, in an attempt at diversity. Yes I know Neanaperiallus and Plumalexius are both wasps, but one's parasitic and the other isn't, so, y'know, different enough). Amber Ancient Synchros Both Level 4s have been given an effect that makes it so your opponent cannot attack them if you control a high Level/Rank Amber Ancient monster. Lutzomyia's first effect has been changed to give it an ability more befitting of a blood-sucking insect. Baltimartyria has been renamed to Sinomeganeura. Sinomeganeura's ATK/DEF have been changed by -100/+100. Electrotettix's effect has been changed to relate more to the fact that it is a locust. It has retained the Ha Des-like effect. Electrotettix's ATK/DEF have been changed by +200/-200. Amber Ancient Xyz Both Rank 2s have been given an effect that makes it so your opponent cannot attack them if you control a high Level/Rank Amber Ancient monster. Kachinus has been given a new, token-generating effect. Zigrasimecia has been renamed to Baltimartyria. Baltimartyria's material requirements are now 2 Insects, instead of 2+ Insects. Baltimartyria has been given a new effect to help lockdown some of the trickier S/Ts your opponent may use. Brevivulva has been renamed to Denaeaspis. Denaeaspis' material requirements are now 2 Insects, instead of 2+ Insects. Denaeaspis has had its effect updated for it to be a bit more proactive in battle. Dominickus' material requirements are now 2 Insects, instead of 2+ Insects. Dominickus' tribute to attack effect has been removed. Dominickus' attachment effect has been updated so if a material belonging to your opponent gets detached, it gets banished instead of sent to the GY. Denaeaspis & Dominickus have both been given the effect that if they have no materials at the end of the Battle Phase, they bounce to the ED and revive a Level 8 Amber Ancient from your GY with limited life. Amber Ancient Fusions Meganeuropsis has been renamed to Rhyniognatha, which is the oldest known species of insect that researchers are divided on what it was (flying insect or a centipede, hence why this is a better idea for a fusion for a flying centipede). Removed a piece of text to clarify that the banished materials all have to be on the field, and aren't "banished to the GY". Rhyniognatha's negation has been changed to your opponent's turn, as constant negation whenever is unfair. And I mean, you're going to just negatenegatenegate more in your opponent's turn anyways. Amber Ancient Spells/Traps Memory has been changed so it's more immediately rewarding to the player. Restore has been improved so it applies both effects in order, since, otherwise, it actually sucks if you can only use 1 of the effects. Power has been changed to be more in-line with the Amber Ancient design philosphy, and has been changed so you can get your Amber Ancient monsters back into battle ready shape during the Standby Phase.
  3. (2) I think I'll just make so Nanotermes and Ektatotricha need to discard an AA card for their summon. Would be handy in regards to milling an extra copy of History. (3) I mean, Zeus is still plenty devastating when done right. (9) I could include a little disruption with the Xyz, as in hindsight, yeah, they are super passive and don't actually do much really. Also I didn't think much about Stormforth, but I concur, they don't need it. The whole point was the crap out many of the tiny ones and then tribute them off, constantly profitting and trying to keep the train going with other effects, like Iberoraphidia. (10) Yeah, it's an on-field thing mostly. Really, I'm thinking ditching that part cause the whole being treated as a rock thing related to the whole amber stuff, given how rock-like it is and how it's sometimes treated as a precious stone. It's flavour more than function.
  4. (1) You'd be right about Plumalexius, as its effect was the one that got transferred to Baltimartyria. I figured though that given its higher than average stats, a weaker effect would offset it more since it seemed unfair to give a Harpie's Feather Duster effect to a level 8 monster. Hmm... y'know, I have an idea. Maybe I could have Plumalexius create a token on your opponent's field in attack position when it destroys a monster by battle; like a 1500/1500 stat token for you to pummel with your next Amber Ancient. That way you could set up Baltimartyria and other AAs. (2) Honestly, I totally didn't consider Halq at all in regards to Nanotermes, since they can very easily summon him out. I may revise Nanotermes so it has to discard an Amber Ancient monster/card for the summoning effect instead. Granted, that wouldn't stop laddering unless I made it so if you use the effect, you can only SS Insects from the ED this turn. (3) It feels sad when nowadays battle is considered passive. The idea for them was to battle all the way and FIGHT ME, so I didn't want to rely heavily on destruction and negation effects. Perhaps it's too much of trying to play to a theme to have ancient monsters destroy other monsters in the most antiquated way possible: The Battle Phase. (4) I made sure History had to recycle a different copy of itself to avoid shenanigans with one copy. Since it only goes to the GY after the effect resolves. It felt like a fun way of ensuring your opponent can't wreck house during either turn with a cheeky effect like Evenly Matched, while as well letting you avoid stuff like an Accesscode Talker field wipe for game. (5) I may need to revise how the Level 2s play since I'm not sure I want them to be able to Link ladder that hard. (6) They should be able too, as the Ororaphidia and Discover can search History/Prison from the deck, while Oligochlora and Hollow can recover them from the grave. (7) It may be worth revising the ED monsters; at least the Xyz because I guess Dominickus just being huge just doesn't cut the mustard anymore huh? The synchros I may keep as-is, but I think I may wanna look at the Xyz again. Also, again, it feels sad that negation is what makes Meganeuropsis so appealing when I barely even spent time thinking about its effect. (8) I'm actually incredibly proud of Neanaperiallus' effect too when I designed it. The parasite route would be interesting, but not all Amber Ancients are parasitic species. (9) I mean, I could redesign one of the other cards in the list to become a Stormforth-like effect, such as treating an opponent's monster as an Insect and that it can also be used as a tribute. Could also revise one of the lesser Synchro/Xyz monsters to do that, actually. Would help out doing the Rank 8 ladder with the Rank 2s. (10) I do, and that text redesign is exactly what I was looking for for the Level 2s.
  5. "In ancient times, the dinosaurs were in constant conflict with an ancient foe, the insects. A battle that waged and only ended when the tree the insects resided in unleashed a deluge of sap, imprisoning the insects in a prison of amber. Now, many moons into the future, the prison has begun to weaken as the millennia have allowed the insects to adapt to the amber. And thus, the air once more is filled with the humming of the Amber Ancients, who are ready to fight their ancient foes once again." In seriousness, this is my run with a battle-focused archetype of insects based around ancient species that have long-since gone extinct. They are tribute focused, but also don't neglect the extra deck as the Amber Ancients have adapted to the modern times, making them more dangerous than ever. Level 2 Monsters Level 8 Monsters Link Monsters Synchro Monsters Xyz Monsters Fusion Monster Spell/Trap Cards
  6. Here's hoping anyways. They're a memey deck but also fun to play.
  7. Suships honestly just need a card that can be treated as Rice Suship and also one more topping monster to excel I reckon.
  8. I thought the same thing too. Though Suships really need more than Shatter the Darkness to be playable though.
  9. Assuming it ever gets unbanned (fat chance of it), it can also switch off your own Chicken Game. EDIT: Aaaannndddd a day later I just noticed you mentioned it.
  10. So I made this dumb Chaos/Rokket/Orcust deck, and holy crap is Rokket Caliber good. It basically helps the Striker/Pisty pairing by being an easy Pisty, and it being a tuner is just the cherry on top when it's so easy to summon him.
  11. If you wanna understand this fusion, you gotta just understand how the constellations that Drytron and Ursarctic are based on (Draconis & Ursa Minor + Major respecticaly) are right next to each other, with Draconis intersecting part of Ursa Minor and Ursa Major.
  12. Bruh, you can do even better than that. Instead of using Sowing for Shadow, you use it to SS Sunseed Twin instead. NS Genius Loci/Unexpected Dai/Rescue Rabbit for x2 Loci -> Dryas -> Search Sunseed Sowing -> Sowing SS Twin to middle zone and take 1k -> SS Thrasher (via Dryas) and Loci from GY (via Twin) -> Use Dryas + Thrasher to SS Aromaseraphy Jasmine -> Jasmine tribute Twin to SS Lonefire Blossom -> Sack Lonefire for Lonefire x2 -> Sack Lonefire for Mardel, Generaider Boss of Light -> Search Sunseed Shadow (or World Carrotweight Champion if you got Shadow + a NS to use) -> SS Shadow -> Use Shadow + Mardel for Sunavalon Daphne -> Banish Shadow to SS another Daphne -> Negated Daphne + Jasmine to make Dryatrentiay -> Search Sunavalon Bloom -> Loci + Daphne to make Sunavalon Melias -> Melias SS a Loci -> Use Loci + Melias to make Benghalancer the Resurgent. Final board: Dryatentriay + Benghalancer + Bloom + 2-4 cards in hand. If you had a free NS in the combo, you can NS Carrotweight and use it and Melias to make Benghalancer instead, while using Loci to make a 4k Thrasher. Or if you have Sunvine Shrine you can also bring back a Loci to make Thrasher that way. Likewise having use Rescue Rabbit also results in the same thing. The combo also makes Pot of Avarice super viable in the deck, believe it or not. After using Lonefire twice to end on your third Lonefire, provided you did the above combo, lands you with exactly 5 monsters in grave (Dryas/Thrasher/Lonefire x2/Twin) to trigger Avarice mid-combo without even breaking it. You can then clean your deck of Lonefires again by summoning more before Mardel.
  13. It occurs to me now that with this guy, Utopia decks now effectively have 9 copies of Xyz Change Tactics.
  14. So Face Card Fusion has been pretty amusing from my testing, since it's amazing for summoning the deck's boss fusion monster: Idaten the Conqueror Star. No, seriously, using a Jack in the hand and a Joker from the deck works great for Idaten, who then gladly hands you another Joker for summoning it. I've also found that Hayate the Earth Star can be a nifty little tech as it can NS itself off of Jack's/Joker's Knight, and it unlocks Gilti-Gearfried for the deck.
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