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  1. Not bothering to read them but that art style is god awful
  2. Kind of some silly hits. They will do everything except ban Maxx C over there lmao
  3. Wasn't expecting a retrain of warrior lady of the wasteland to ever happen. Cool but shame the effect is awful
  4. I use the YCSJ Nagoya Roze sleeves but I recommend Dragon Shield or KMC.
  5. A tie between Summoned Skull and Mystical Elf. Extending it to sets as well. My favorite sets to collect are TP1, TP2, GLAS and PTDN. The art in those sets are fantastic. My Sassy Girl, Il Mare and Hello Stranger. My Sassy Girl and Il Mare have been remade into Hollywood films but aren't as good as the OGs.
  6. I can't remember why I chose the name specifically. I'm not even that big on birds. Originally my name here was "KA Flame" which originated from my Neverwinter Nights PVP team "KA" Which stood for "Kick Ass". I decided to change my name because I been inactive on NWN for about a year before I even joined here. I think I changed my name to "Krow" in early 2008? Believe it or not but this website used to be the most active Yugioh forum alongside Pojo and gamefaqs boards. A shame of how empty it is these days. I joined looking for just a general Yugioh community, I was never big into making cards but I made some sets back in the day. I came up with the Madolche and Glad Beast mechanics before Konami did. Waiting on my royalty checks still.
  7. 2% is king. Anybody who drinks 1% is either a pervert or uneducated.
  8. Next year will have bee 15 years of Krow. That's whack

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Will you do anything in particular for the occasion?

    2. Mr. Best Male 2008
    3. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      It has been a wonderful 15 years.

  9. Breathe some life into this forum. Ask me anything from my thoughts on anything ranging from Yugioh to my favourite music idc. Get some posts going
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