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  1. I'm sorry I haven't paid you attention lately baby
  2. Unban Willieh. If you need any rulings I got ya
  3. Jesus This is a hard one tbh, but probably the fictionized vision of Cao Cao from RotK
  4. Well Ra had a whole booster set dedicated to him
  5. For logistics reasoning it wouldn't be possible for a card like that to exist. It would be a ruling nightmare for judges. Also if you are stating it has 1000 ATK the opponent would have to verify that it is such a monster, or even a monster in the first place. Secondly, no. If I ask you "what is that monsters current effect" you would have to tell me.
  6. because i was still under my 45 day name change restriction
  7. enguin changed my name blame him
  8. I really enjoyed 2018 right when Thunder Dragons came out. Also really enjoy 2012-2014. That's the time where I met a lot of great people.
  9. I have played almost every tier 2 and up deck that has come out since ORCS. Due to travelling and playing in a lot of regional events I always needed to know each deck inside and out. I was heavy into Trickstars before I switched to mainly Sky Strikers however.
  10. Bump I'm bored. Ask me yugioh questions or stuff
  11. tl;dr but krow should have been made mod
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