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  1. Clown Control is what I played when I was a kid as my first "real" deck. Lots of nostalgia here for me
  2. Desert Sunlight will make NoC resolve without effect. It's a staple in decks like Baggio Control etc.
  3. gx because it has chazz and i havent watched any of the others
  4. "Pairen the Skylark Dragon" "Wyrm" Why Standby Phase tho lmao
  5. In a film it has to be Il Mare or My Sassy Girl. The OG ones. Best story in music for me is Acts 1 to 5 from The Dear Hunter. Each album is around an hour (minus the first its like 38 minutes iirc) and they are all a continuation of the same story. Very neat I recommend you check it out. Their song writing gets better from each album too
  6. Glad to see people are still designing cards like it's 2010
  7. It saw next to no play up until China got OCG status again and then it sky rocketed in play
  8. Symbol could have been free in TCG/OCG forever ago. Plants suck lmao
  9. VW can also use Buster Whelp using Beatrice to dump it and Exa-Beetle to equip it
  10. Drytron didn't need to get gutted like that. The deck was horrible anyways lol
  11. A huge update related to my last post. Was excited to get these in the mail today. I managed to track down another Dark Magician and the Blue-Eyes. I've only ever seen one other Blue-Eyes so this is the second photographed and first public. These are by far my favourite pieces of my collection. I am quite proud to own both the set of these and have an extra copy of the Dark Magician. I'll upload a video to showcase the silver name. https://i.imgur.com/SFvIaNH.mp4 Not sure if it'll show it fully here mught be a link
  12. The level 2 can summon Celfon from deck noice
  13. I'm lazy to read all of it but it is not volunteer. If you are judging a Konami sanctioned event you are paid cash + judge exclusive merchandise (playmats, field centers usually). They calculate how much everyone is paid by the highest minimum wage from where the judges come from. If they have a judges from Texas, California, British Columbia, Alberta everyone will be paid the Albertan minimum wage since it is the highest out of them all I believe. I haven't fact checked the minimum wage on those but just an example. This extends to remote duels as well.
  14. Yeah. Not even just the penalties they hand out. Sometimes it is just straight up game rulings they get wrong. A judge can be wrong on a ruling but they get last say. It is sad really.
  15. YGO has very strict cheating rules. People have been issued bans because of things they said in videos (stalling for time etc). Konami is very headstrong with their rules but the issues lies in the judges themselves. Konami's judge program is pathetic at it's best. The rulings they ask you to answer are so easy your local player that goes x-6 every week can answer them. Rulings and punishments are inconsistent because of the judges. My friend got a game loss at YCS Utrecht top 4 because his cards had yellowing on them due to weather. Konami states that if the judge can find them in your deck e
  16. There is a lot of sketchy stuff behind the scenes. Not gonna list names but there is also quite a lot of adderall abuse that goes on lol.
  17. I just want to add to this. Yes Eduardo cheated, however he is not a bad player. He is quite skilled at the game. You'll be surprised to know how many top level players cheat. I know quite a few myself. It is pathetic yes, but it's even worse to know that they don't do it because of lack of skills. It's usually an ego thing. They can't fathom not winning every game (not every game is winnable) so they resort to cheating to fill their ego.
  18. site dead

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      Just like HORU foretold. weird....

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      nah we shitting on eduardo now. i am the activity

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      Drama is down, but I don't think that was activity to be terribly proud of. CC seems to be doing just as well as it was before.

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