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  1. They're cool. A few of my friends collect mattel stuff but I don't have any personally
  2. 1st SDK BEWD can go up to 200 depending on condition. If you PSA grade them 8.5s will net you around 460. 9s+ are much more valuable
  3. whats poppin ycm

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      Yooo Krow, cool to see you here.

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      gtfo asshole

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  4. play 3 tking 3 mistake 3 mistaken arrest 3 shared ride 3 droll cause colossus banned so it feels like the good ol days
  5. sup nerds

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      King Crouton

      hi quokka FLOCKA

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      Arcadia warlic

      The wait for the update to the Maker, mostly. (More specifically, the return of the cards in stasis.)


  6. https://i.imgur.com/sqZpf75.png Considering taking this to two regionals in January. Monsters: 11 3 Raye 3 Radian 3 Crow 1 Skull Meister 1 Goldriver Spells: 29 3 Allure of Darkness 3 Called by the Grave 3 Engage 3 Area Zero 2 Cosmic Cyclone 2 Foolish Burial Goods 2 Mind Control 2 Shark Cannon 1 Widow Anchor 1 Multirole 1 Afterburners 1 Jamming Waves 1 Terraforming 1 Upstart Goblin 1 Hornet Drones 1 Metalfoes Fusion Built to blind second. D.D. Crow: Great against Orcust and the mirror match. Has uses against most decks this format as well. Dark for Allure of Darkness. Radian: Dark attribute Kaiju for Allure. Important for using this to get rid of I:P Masq before she can use her effect. Outs annoying boards in general. Skull Meister: Plays under Babel better than Crow does. Dark attribute for Allure. Considering 2 of this. Goldriver: This card is an amazing tech. I can pop Area Zero with this to fetch myself a Raye and Metalfoes Fusion to send off another Area Zero/Multirole. Also good to set Metalfoes Fusion and combine it with Jamming Waves to put Fusion in the GY and get rid of an opponent's monster. Clears Phantazmay from my MMZ in games 2 and 3 if sided in. Also clears Gameciel from my board in the mirror match (common in Strikers now) Cosmic Cyclone: Plays around Dingirsu. Getting rid of Crescendo and Babel without them reoccurring is important. Afterburners: Considering dropping and putting in a 3rd Shark Cannon or 2nd Skull Meister. Never been a fan of this card honestly. Jamming Waves does it all the same without targeting. Avramax: Don't make him often. Mostly in here to abuse my opponent's I:P Masq in their GY with Shark Cannon to make my own beast of an Avramax. Unchained Abomination: Great verse control decks. This card gave me a reason to play bad cards like Afterburners.
  7. No room for it. Nothing I would cut for it
  8. Doesn't mean it should get hit? The deck has had so many variations during it's lifetime in the TCG I don't see why it would be stale. Zoodiac True Draco, Invoked True Draco, Windwitch Invoked True Draco, Master Peace Turbo, Erupt Draco, Blind Second Mine Draco (recent) Sky Striker Draco (recent) The deck is always changing so I don't see how that would make it stale. Demise Draco isn't even the most common one anymore.
  9. Ignore the side deck. It's just smoke screen shenanigans for locals. Nothing I would bring to a higher tiered event I would side something serious. This deck is fine going first or second. I personally like going second a lot because honestly that extra card can be nutty in here. Monsters: 6 2 Sky Striker Ace - Raye 2 Ignis Heat 1 Dinomight Knight 1 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy Spells: 27 3 Engage 3 Dragonic Diagram 3 True Draco Heritage 2 Disciples of the True Draco 2 Shark Cannon 2 Mystic Mine 2 Area Zero (Will be bumping to 3. Only have 2 on me at the moment) 2 Stormforth 1 Widow Anchor 1 Terraforming 1 Hercules Base (Filler for Area Zero, would play Upstart but I like the small grind it gives me with Disciples) 1 Spellbook of Knowledge 1 Spellbook of Power 1 Set Rotation 1 Multirole Traps: 7 3 There Can Be Only One 3 True Draco Apocalypse 1 True King's Return Raye: Only playing two because I don't want to be normal summoning it that often. Area Zero popping a True Draco spell is the main way Ignis: Two is fine. Anymore than 3 Dracos and the deck starts to get conflicting hands Magician of Prophecy: The best normal summon in the deck. It's fine if they Ash it, but who ashes this damn thing anyways. Stormforth: Playing two because it's actually pretty crazy in this deck. Normally would use a True Draco trap and Widow Anchor to steal a pivotal monster from our opponent and tribute it for a True Draco monster during their Main Phase, but now that Widow Anchor is hit this card takes it spot. Prefer to use this over the single Widow Anchor as well to save Widow Anchor for Borrelsword. This is maybe my favourite card in the deck. Mystic Mine: Trying to find room for a third copy but I think two for now is fine. Helps break boards going second and keeps me in the grind. This + There Can Be Only One and a Hayate a lot of the times can be a win condition vs a lot of decks. Shark Cannon: Normally I would play one and side in the second, but this card is pivotal for Borrelsword plays now. Very disruptive as well There Can Be Only One: I could play Nibiru for Salamangreats or Thunder Dragons, but TCBOO is good against all the same decks that Nibiru is good against. If I was to play hand traps Nibiru would be the only one I would play. Ash, Ogre etc don't really hit any decks hard enough to warrant taking out engine cards for them. Nibiru is a blowout verse certain decks. Will be siding. There Can Be Only One can stall if I brick or is a straight up win verse certain decks.
  10. Just wanna quote this here. Why should they not be relevant? This a mentality I really don't like in the Yugioh community when it comes to certain decks due to their age etc. Old decks should be relevant. The deck isn't that strong as it is. Age shouldn't be a factor when it comes to banlists. More decks that are able to be played in a competitive environment and do well is believe it or not, good for the game.
  11. Do we have enough activity to host a TCG tournament again? In the mood to host that shit 

    1. Dae


      If you host, I'd play in a heartbeat.

    2. Quokka FLOCKA

      Quokka FLOCKA

      When did you start playing

    3. Dae


      When Stratos got to 2 and Faris was released. 

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