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  1. Shoutout to Flame Dragon for doing all the site moderation round here. You deserve credit for your good deeds.

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    2. Yui


      Hear that @YCMaker? The people need updates. It's been a year since this site got back up and you said you wanted to look into some shit. A whole year of radio silence after that does not look promising. A ship with no captain can only stay afloat for so long.

    3. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Well, a ship with no captain can technically stay afloat for eternity but leaving your passengers and crew to fend for themselves typically isn't a good decision.

    4. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      I doubt harassing him shall expitide the process. Not to state I also do not miss the maker, of course.

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