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  1. This is pretty common tbh. The biggest difficulty in this is that you need to have strongly written protagonists, because otherwise the reader has no reason to give a shit about them.
  2. I would argue that appealing toward blacks helps get votes from more demographics than only the black population.
  3. Considering the contents of the original plan, I will have to hold full judgment until I see what those adjustments are, leaning on the side of "this is bullshit and Cube got played". While it includes making Juneteenth a federal holiday, an amazing change, and officially recognizing the KKK as a terrorist organization, the latter also applies to antifa, which shows a lack of understanding at best, and suppression of conflicting ideologies at worst. Other things in the CWBA directly oppose statements trump (or the republican party) has made, including the removal of all confederate s
  4. So
    Apparently ycm has over 900,000 registered users
    Which is pretty incredible, since only 700,000 of them are alts for a past mod

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star
    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Is that a confession that you're just one of sakura's alts? Why aren't you doing your job and repping his old posts that have previously been repped, so he can increase his rep count without it appearing at the new end of the "liked posts" list?

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      And why aren't you a horse?

  5. If I were trying to destroy ballots to sway an election, I would at least shred them.
  6. I wasn't on my regular device when I saw it, so I hadn't considered something like that. Is there any sort of blacklist option for the software you use to integrate ads? EDIT: while I have got you here, on the topic of ads, I had thought they were disabled for online users. If that had previously been the case (I'm not infallible, correct me if I'm wrong) why reverse it? On average, only a few percent of visitors to the site actually have accounts, so the profit margin can't be that significant to warrant such a change, can it?
  7. Just noticed an ad for lovers, maybe just maybe a site that undeniably appeals to children shouldn't have those kinds of ads? Not sure how much control @YCMaker has over which ads appear, but if there is a way to avoid this kind of thing it's probably a good idea. (Also if the site isn't for kids, why can't I say fuรงk)
  8. Banned for allowing this thread to degenerate to this point
  9. Also, what's the timetable for card images coming back? @YCMaker
  10. You must be proud. What about the card maker updates you promised years ago?
  11. Site update with nothing on the card maker, no word given. Anyone surprised?
  12. The forum looks new and shiny, but don't be fooled: the card maker still hasn't been updated, and your saved cards are still missing. @YCMaker

    1. Zaziuma


      Surprise, saved cards are back!

    2. Dae


      Get got, you nerd.

  13. Tfw I genuinely wanted to access my old saved cards but 9 months wasn't enough time for @YCMaker to restore them. I thought it was funnier when he just didn't exist, rather than making empty promises. Anyway, when this thing he said he'd have done "soon" actually happens, let me know, I wanted to grab some old cards I made.

  14. stg this forum is worse every time i open it

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