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  1. #deletethedebatessection

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    2. Horu


      So the account has only been around for 6 years ūüė≥

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      The posts were them pretending to be nyx, as previously stated.

    4. Horu



  2.  Imagine needing 4 cards for your ftk.

  3. Here to say, 100% u ironically, that nyx is exactly the kind of moderator this forum requires right now, and that my lack of support for him in December was an oversight on my part.

  4. when I wanna talk shit but two bold name people are online

    1. UltimateIRS


      not bold enough?

  5. Someone who shall remain anonymous: "I don't want to be a mod"

    Literally everyone else: "that's okay, we don't want you to be a mod either"

    Anon: "dare you to make me mod"

    Everyone else: "...no?"

    Anon, months later: "The only reason I'm not mod is because I said I didn't want it"

  6. You ever miss someone, then get reminded of the kind of person they are, and realize there really wasn't much to miss?

  7. Happiness is endless, and everyone on Earth is a good person.

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    2. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      Happiness is overrrated.

    3. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      As is optimism or the idea that all are good people.

    4. Horu


      The whole world is going to hell. Might as well grab a big bucket of popcorn and watch it burn.

  8. It's his world, y'all are just visitors.

  9. I'm no longer an Ace Investigator. I declare this forum to be garbage.

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    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      Always best to look into such issues as much as is reasonable before commenting.

    3. Horu


      Just assumed the opposite condition would be classed as something else.

    4. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      Been hearing about this more lately. Shame how prevalent it is, though.

  10. There is a timeline where I don't say no to the support I received for modship and ycmaker bans me and I just think it's really quite funny.

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      If I were given the position, and left, they would have to go through the process of replacing me, and that's just a huge hassle I wouldn't want to put on the sane people here.

    3. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      ... you're the only sane one tho. 

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)
  11. Merry Christmas. I don't think any of you are as funny as I think I am, but I do think some of you are funny nonetheless. Some of you even on purpose.

    1. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      I appreciate this. I don't think you're as smart as Horu, but you'll get there.

    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)
  12. I feel it's worth mentioning before things spiral out of control and he ends up catching consequences due to the stupidity of a few of the people here: Enguin has done literally nothing to be concerned about, and if you took my statements about it seriously you were just too dense to realize I was making fun of you.

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    2. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      what, people thinking a mod is doing bad things they aren't? no way

      couldn't ever happen

      certainly not for a whole year

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I mean, at least it's the first time godbrand has done it, right?

    4. Horu


      Enguin, my birthday is coming up. What do you plan on giving me? Really looking forward to that card you promised.

  13. Remember to speak out against enguin loudly, he'll only shadowban you if he thinks he can get away with it

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    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      If he was so abusive I doubt he would have gone out of his way to unban me.

    3. Enguin


      sleept please have faith am i going to actually have to dissuade this nonsense i have engineered 

    4. Enguin
  14. Ycmaker viewed enguin's profile like an hour ago. Inb4 he demods him. I would be upset about it, but also it would be really funny.

  15. "Sakura wasn't that bad"

    -someone with absolutely no way of knowing how bad sakura was

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    2. Horu


      I think Sakura had it out for anyone that was slightly more talented than they were.

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      That's an awfully low bar lmao

    4. Horu


      Well, given that I have never actually seen cards posted by Sakura, I'd say they were somewhat lacking in the creativity department.

  16. Wait why is yui banned?

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    2. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      ban godbrand for insulting me like that please

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I think it was because yui informed him about his status asking if using adblock was a bannable offense! Enguin is just trying to make money for YCMaker so he can be appointed to admin!

    4. Hallohallo
  17. So guys, we did it

    1. Sleepy


      Oh wow so you really are planning on stopping to post altogether to not mess with that perfect 8k post count, aren't you? xD

  18. For those unaware, there isn't going to be a voting thread. This isn't an election. Just because flame opened up for community input doesn't mean it isn't his decision to make.

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    2. Blake


      i only replied because i genuinely believe in giving people chances to change and not letting the past dictate who they are, and to just say it's unfair to be harsh on roxas for passes you gave me

      i'm not like mad or anything, since i have no dog in the fight, i just wanted to try and use it as a teachable momet, and no one whined to me. just told me what was happening in the thread, so i figured hey, why not

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Aside from enguin. Enguin is the people's dog in this fight.

    4. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      noted, but as I said in the thread, I don't think what applied to you applies to him


      and it's moot anyways now

  19. My goal was to give key members an opportunity to show off their foolishness, so that flame would know who to listen to. I think I did well enough, though honestly it seems they would have done so without me saying a single thing.

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    2. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      >says there is blame on both sides


      > "He is legitimately confused by the idea that he was ever in the wrong"

      I knew Cali education standards were dropping, but has it gotten this bad?

    3. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      You hadn't posted your reply when I wrote that. Kind of hard to respond to a comment before it's been made.

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Okay, let me explain the situation clearly. Sorry for Ryusei and Roxas who will get this notification, but I don't want misinformation to spread around. After Godbrand kicked all of us from the first server, we made another one. We conducted a voting there to decide what to do with him. At that point, many of the members, including me, had voted that it was for the best if he was removed, yet another member wisely advised that we should give him a second chance under certain conditions, which, like I mentioned in the mod thread, included him being removed from the project temporarily so he could reflect on his actions, and after that, if he wanted to come back, he'd do so with an apology. Honestly, I was conflicted during the voting, as I was obviously upset due to his behaviour and wanted him out, but I also knew part of what he did (massively deleting messages which he deemed as spam) was because he genuinely cared for the project. For this reason, when the possibility of a second chance was brought up, I supported it. But Godbrand declined it, made his final post in the YCM group and left the chat.

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