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  1. I'm glad they found those. It's good that people are being diligent and making sure every vote is counted!
  2. Wow you're just above it all, aren't you?
  3. This is the guy who accused me of coping.
  4. Things will probably get sorted if you file a report for sexual harassment. After all, this thot is clearly trying to get the d.
  5. Not much interest? So there is some amount of interest?
  6. I said something funny in a thread he was currently viewing, get over yourself, jesus.
  7. I think it says a lot that you feel the need to bring roxas's dick into a back and forth with a different person.
  8. Ignoring the fact she doesn't technically work for him anymore, if trump fired everyone he hires who said foolish stuff he'd be awfully lonely.
  9. So... She talks to you? What about that is flirting? Unbuttoning her shirt somewhat doesn't mean she's into you. It probably meant she was warm. Misreading cordial behavior as flirting is common in those with few social skills.
  10. What makes you think she has a crush on you? How does she flirt?
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