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  1. I promise that all the contextual clues you need to understand why you are full of shit are there is you look back at the conversation at the time and read close enough.
  2. Maybe you are satirizing the right wing to make some of the others in this thread appear more foolish. Not that they needed help.
  3. You literally called the votes fraud in my quote
  4. If it lines up with the actual result, why were you calling it fraud
  5. How many iq tests have you taken while sleeping
  6. Yes, IQ is definitely the end-all-be-all of measuring intelligence. Do you know what yours is?
  7. Fuck you're probably the smartest person in this thread. Idk why people aren't succumbing to your reasoning.
  8. I'm the hero of ycm and always will be

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I beat stratos in a bar fight

    3. King Crouton

      King Crouton

      assuming that bar isn't in skyscraper

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Actually I can destroy s/t so it's no issue

  9. I think you meant to say rabbit hole.
  10. He really got you with that comeback tho
  11. Cow is breaking the rules again. Report.
  12. Because if I only responded to the reasonable stuff I'd have no reason to post in this thread.
  13. But... Your evidence was debunked. Just like all your other evidence. If you have actual evidence that isn't obviously bullshit, I'd really like to see it, but nothing indicates that you do. Otherwise it would have come up by now.
  14. Absolutely prophetic, how does he do it?
  15. Can someone else watch this and confirm for me whether it's just errors being corrected because that's what these always turn out to be. That or someone with a printer and a tiktok account.
  16. If those 132 votes went toward trump they'd be called a "big win" and touted as proof of fraud.
  17. These incidents are definitely related.
  18. "biden couldn't have cheated, so there must be a larger conspiracy OR he was really really sneaky about it"
  19. So, is this going to continue past January 20th, or are you planning to ever admit you may have been misled?
  20. The only thing dirty about this election is the incumbent throwing a tantrum when he lost. You can't go along with the tantrum for weeks and then suddenly say you're above it all, pick a lane man. And yes, the two party system is a problem.
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