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  1. Due to my job (not going to specify directly) I will be in a different country for 4 months with virtually no wifi! I have only been back for a month but I will probably be on a period of extended absence (unless i can get onto the site on my work computer!) thank you for everyone who has been proper sound with me when since I have come back and hopefully you are still on the site when i return in may! much love YCM fam

    1. o_smily


      We'll see you later friend!

    2. mido9


      Im pretty sure afghanistan has internet now Kappa keepo /s other things to waive offense

  2. Because I don't have enough stalkers already... https://www.facebook.com/george.d.marchant Think all my pictures (either good or embarrassing are public!) I am the fat ginger kid who is basically a cross between Kyle and cartman (enjoy) ~mk
  3. @@Wizarus: Mate thats dope as anything!!!! I bet your absoloutely buzzing!!!! How did everyone get on? I had a busy weekend so only got upto 3000 points! Also the new jack event is highly disapointing!!!! ~MK
  4. woop woop! my decks on the duel links game a page (GM MN) http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/7fux324h?page=2

  5. whats everyones favourite moment in breaking bad?

  6. that would work quite nicely although the synergy with the equip spell wont be there and that is probably the key first turn synchro card in the deck! would be interesting to test though you could combo it with goyo chaser and the new level 5 duel a thon reward ( goes to 3000 atk when a level 3 is destroyed... kind of works with cyber dark!) but I could see a hybrid working purely just because of cannons plus 1 draw on destruction comboing that akyls with storm would be so satisfying!!!! it took 174 packs... I had about 5000 gems saved and I have been grinding all of the rental deck stuff, and with the extra exp and duel orbs (been spending about 5 hours a day on this as soon as the box came out) they made me wait till 6 packs for the UR synchro :,( deck runs so much smother with it but I think you only really need that and stardust! ~MK
  7. They are really strong this meta and would definately be a shout!!! won one game all push against them and thats becasue my opponent miss played! I am playing kiaba peak performance for a couple of reasons! 1) extra storm fodder 2) allows me to get a otk off with vajrayarna (pop its effect and get rid of akyls for 4200 plus a card destruction it will be more consistent with double cyclone and parallel twister but i sadly don't have them yet! ~MK
  8. Nice! I took a 2 month break so sadly didn't buy a single pack of that box! U.A can be deadly though especially if it catches you off guard! I played a match against a trudge beatdown and i had in my head it was synchro before it even started! If you can get to dlvl max with koaki meiru let us know and I will take my hat off to ya!!! I invested fully in this box (grinding probably about 6 hours a day at work for gems hahahaha) Thanks man!!! I feel you there mate got zane to 1200000 and still only 1 cannon :,( have come across quite a few cyber dark decks in my climb and cannon can be lethal putting stuff like bacon saver etc in the grave then attacking directly with edge! think theres a total of 1500 gems in total for getting dlvl max sso if you can pick up some sort of motivation (it took me till about lvl 16 to start playing more than 5 a day) it would be worth a shot at it just for the gems! Keep me updated and if you ever want to deck test hit me up (I only have dragunity and a mediocer trick up the sleeve blue eyes due to f2p though!) ~MK
  9. OTK potential with varajana (cosmic turn 1 if he only has 1 set and then pop his effect without destroying peak performance and do 4200 damage if you get rid of akylis) ! trust me it has come in clutch! cant afofrd cyclone or parrallel twist so had to make do. the only card I would possibly run instead as I only own one cards of consonance would be dark world dealings! It has worked for me but it can be hit and miss! If you watch some of my replays you will see it has worked for me :) ~MK
  10. Just made Duel lvl Max with a dragunity deck! the meta is so competitive this season! The deck i used to get there: [spoiler=F2P Dragunity] 2x dux 2x phalanx 2x arma 2x aklys 3x militum 1 x cards of consonance 2x cosmic cyclone 3d ragunity divine lance 2x storm 1x treacherous trap hole extra deck 1x blackwing dragon 1x stardust dragon 1x vajrayana 1x gae dearg 1x gae bulg Where is everyone else at? ~MK
  11. ever read through your old messages on here and cringe like balls?

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    2. UltimateIRS
    3. Shradow


      Yeah. 13 year old me sucked.

    4. MarshyK-XS


      litterally I was 11/12 and its too cringey (22 now like hahaha) begging people to be my friends and shiz hahahaha

  12. Dragunity were definitely the biggest selling point for me when I saw the card list for the new box! reached dl16 with them and thats without double cyclone and parallel twister! How is everyone's climb for rewards going? ~MK
  13. Your cyberdark thunder dragon looks pretty cool (from your replay) I am going to be climbing with a dragunity deck as I gain more from the box as its pretty fun to play! Completely agree; Black wing has been very disapointing, esepcially as the best skill to run it with crows first skill (add 2 far north and bwd to your deck / extra deck) Dragunity has been as good as I expected; comboing the ur with the lvl 2 tuner that you can pop to double its atk and destroy one card on the field is pretty cool! also the tuner that you can special summon while its equipped allows for some really cool combos! the harpie support really has minimum effect on the meta; as harpies hunting ground was good when not every spell or trap card could be chained! you can always pop off a canadia / floodgate when its summoned so it loses its impact! Reptilanne is still an archetype I need to practise with; however that relys heavily on the boss monster and I doubt I will invest 2 much more in this box despite it having a few key cards for later synchro boxes! Blackwing could be really cool but f me the deck is expensive! http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/ko1rsl9p ~MK
  14. Oh fair enough! you get a nice solid 190 gems through the free rewards which is always nice! I finished 563rd in europe on my old account (marshykxs) before my phone broke :,( as you said I just like the amount of gems you get for going up lvls in it! ~MK
  15. I completely agree! I was more excited for dragunity even though the synchros they have are lame! the box had potential and it feels like a top teitr deck wont come out of it... although I am sure it will be the staple for things to come! Breaker spell books I could see becoming a thing as well! Added! Are you climbing for the KC CUP? ~MK
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