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  1. Yep, I won’t limit anything, you can even say this creature is a god of creation so when you summon it, you automatically win. But in my experience when creating a deep lore, I’ve found out that drawbacks/limitations/weakness make the card and lore more alive. Easiest example is, a spellcaster that can’t attack during the turn he activated his effect because he’s too exhausted to attack after casting his magic
  2. Wow, it looks like you're going to write a whole chapter out of 1 card BUT SURE, I'M ALL FOR IT, I'm glad someone is so enthusiastic in something so creative
  3. I won’t limit anything, 1 effect only or even Normal Monster is OK But one thing to keep in mind, is it interesting enough to justify it?
  4. Sorry, myabe because English is not my native language, but what do you mean by exactly to the bone? Regarding the rules, basically choose 1 of the 3 images, create a card, give a lore/story, and explain ATLEAST the name and effects, but explaining others such as Atrribute, Typing, Level, ATKD/DEF, etc is a plus
  5. Ah, I meant 3rd October, 2 weeks from now, THANK YOU for pointing out
  6. EDITED, thanks a lot for your advices! WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREED, I mean that's the advantage of a full text effect instead of terms used in Hearthstone, Shadowverse, etc, we can be very creative about. Well, even though might not be as competitively viable, but who cares, it's just plain old fun.
  7. THEME Hey all, to understand this contest, I might have to tell you the backstory of how I finally created this contest in the first place. First of all, some of you may know that I like to create a card on YCM based on a lore of how it looked like. I usually search for images of creatures in Google Image or Pinterest and when I finally found one, I edit them in PS to make it as Yugioh as possible. And when I'm designing the card, I tried to fit the Name, Level, Attribute, ATK/DEF, Effect, etc to match the lore of the creature I've envisioned in my head. But frequently, I found images of creatures that I think are really awesome but I just couldn't think what it's Name, Effect, or any lore behind it. And so for this contest, I want you guys to design a card based on the images below with a lore you've created. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES - Choose ONLY 1 IMAGE from above - It has to be a MONSTER CARD - You MUST PROVIDE A LORE, and ATLEAST explain why you give it a certain Name or Effects, but explanation on other things such as Attributes, Level, Typing, ATK/DEF, etc is a plus. - It DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COMPETITIVELY STRONG, BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU CAN TO MATCH THE CARD, from the Names, Effects, etc. DEADLINE 8th of October 2021 (As requested), but changes might occur. REFERENCE I think all of my cards that I have created are designed like that (you can check my profile), but here's my latest creation: You don't have to create it exactly like that, but just to give an example or reference of what I meant in the rules to avoid any confusion. PRIZE 1st : I could create an artwork for 3 of your cards if you want 2nd : I could create an artwork for 2 of your cards if you want 3rd : I could create an artwork for 1 of your card if you want GOOD LUCK, I can't wait to see your creations, If you have any further question, just ask SOURCE : https://mobile.twitter.com/lv666_lucifer/status/904121676002091009 https://kemonozume.tumblr.com/post/107325584845 https://www.webdesignertrends.com/2014/02/smithe-illustrations-et-street-art/
  8. Clickbait gonna get me views! But honestly, I'm glad, my mindset of creating this card was "what if princesses/k-pop girls/waifus are actually hideous ogres that sprinkled magic on themselves to become beautiful and lure men just to eat them in the end?" So people like you should be careful! Ah okay, agreed, I'll change it later. First, I apreciate that you acknowledge me caring about the lore, it makes the card more alive and fun. Lore wise, wouldn't that make sense, the man rather sacrifised himself instead of seeing the girl he admire does it. But gameplay wise, yeah, it's going to get confusing... So should I just change it to "If this card would be destroyed and send to the GY"? Yes, it goes from town to town to allure men and eat them in the end. But gameplay wise, I know "moving" cards is not a strong or a popular gimmick in the game, but doing it freely without a cost seems note right for me, I don't know. I mean, this card can move to monster this card will point to to get protection from being destroyed by it's last effect.
  9. DON'T STARE AT HER FOR TOO LONG OR YOU'LL FALL FOR HER BEAUTY! EDITED : Thanks to @Rayfield Lumina The Fairest of Them All LIGHT/Link-2 Fairy/Link/Effect 2 monsters You can move 1 monster this card points to to another unoccupied Monster Zone this card points to. You can target 1 monster you control; destroy it, then you can move this card to the unoccupied Monster Zone that target was. If this face-up card would leave the field by your opponent's card, you can destroy 1 monster you control that this card points to instead. You can only use each effect of "The Fairest of Them All" once per turn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She's the most beautiful creature to have ever graced the earth, you'd be considered one of the luckiest people if you ever have the chance to witness her beauty even from miles and miles away. It is said that her beauty shines radiantly like a fairy in the forest (hence LIGHT Fairy). No men can resist her allure, they would be by her side in an instant (Move 1 opponent card to your side this card points to) and ready to risk their life to protect her (destroy monster this card points to instead of destroying this card). I HOPE YOU DON'T FALL FOR HER BEAUTY...
  10. -----UPDATE : 14/09/2021----- Black-Headed Ersatz Dragon (Lv. 9) & True Overlord Ersatz Harbringer of All-Ending (Lv. 12) (Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head Retrain)
  11. Thank you, someone actually read the notes Yeah, zone moving is a failed gimmick. But that's what makes it fun for me since I could make something super powerful Glad you like it! I get what you're saying, but I was thinking using this card is very risky so it needs to have a huge payoff. First, I need to have 5 monsters on the field to summon it in the first place, and each effect used it becomes more weaker and less useful. And to make it strong and useful again, I need to atleast have 1 monster during the EP to be able to gain a counter again which is hard considering I already summon 5 monsters in that turn. Yep, I need help with this one. I think to make it more balanced it's either : A. the double ATK only activate during the player's turn so it can be attacked and make the 3rd more tolerable without the OPT. or B. Give the 3rd effect OPT. Which one is better or balanced in your opinion?
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