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  1. i'm ready to moderate now

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      what ever happened to your moral stance

    2. Enguin


      the day of fools is now at hand 

    3. (GigaDrillBreaker)
  2. i don't know if i can change this but i fully support you
  3. anybody want anyone banned

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      I hope so...

    3. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      NYX censoring and that's a dangerous thing. 

    4. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      To reword the above, Nyx is censoring content worth censoring, like that dangerous "name the greatest hater in the site" thread you made, which could only lead to trouble. He's been doing an excellent job in my opinion.

  4. hello again fellas, anything exciting happening 

  5. yes but you are saying this in response not to an opinion such as that but to a tweet about a news outlet redacting a story
  6. you respond to a formal and official redaction from the source of a conspiracy theory with this it actually does not make sense the type of opinion you are denouncing is not included in that which you are replying to, it's not even tangentially close, it's a news organisation admitting to publishing unfounded nonsense
  7. Can you Take Down my Steven universe Thread Please Can You Delete I Don'T Want It Up Anymore I Actually Want it Taken Down PLS.

  8. ah come on just admit it to hold onto that at this point means you believe trump and all his resources could not prove anything meaningful whatsoever yet the election was actually stolen regardless of widely accepted reality because you believe it and that's it that's the reasoning
  9. i do love the man this is absolutely hilarious and also resolves the storyline with a win for joe
  10. fellas i am sorry i can do nothing 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Enguin


      i don't think there was ever a point at which i could have 

    3. Enguin


      from a rationale standpoint, obviously i could have banned ycmaker pre-emptively in theory but why would i ever have done that 

    4. Thar


      nah you're right, there is none. at this point, we're just making things worse than they need to be.

  11. this is spam you know it is your prior post was also spam realistically i gave you a chance to justify it and you've ignored it to post further nonsense i formally request that you cop on
  12. fellas, is it gay

    to ask if something is gay

    in haiku format


  13. the subforums are basically outdated due to the plummet in activity, sections that were necessary when there was hundreds to thousands of people online and dozens of topics posted each day are not when we now average about 15 people active and on that basis i would say that just casual and advanced sections would be sufficient for the time being experimental cards by their nature will have to be in casual because you can't post invented card types in advanced, and there's no real need to have singles and multiples subdivided when you can just have it in the title of the thread and, again,
  14. name history is now viewable thank you ycmaker whatever you did to do this

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    2. Enguin


      ideally everyone's secondary group would be one of the normal ones but that is not the case

    3. Enguin


      i believe it was tied to post count before and has been retained in tormy's remastering of the site but there doesn't seem to be a way to progress into it as there was so i don't know now

    4. Enguin


      i have found now there's a group hierarchy that you progress through at different post thresholds, the settings for it are very unclear so i am not touching it but it's something like 10, 100, 1000, 5000, 50,000 posts you go up into the next

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