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  1. A'ight, I think it's time to do the healthy thing and log out and stay logged out. Gotta stay away from abusive relationships and all that.

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      is this cuz i didn't say hi today?


      cuz hi cowcow

  2. yeah ycmaker sure is doing so much isn't he, like that thread he made about the card maker issues in news, good work ycmaker, nice to see you have eeeeverything covered

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      I fixed it. For some reason the mod groups were under two permission sets restricted and not. I changed the one that was restricted and have full mod ability now.

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      coolz, I'm very srs cow

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      Quit abusing your radioactive moo powers

  3. Bots are hilarious

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      Especially when people reply to them

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      They're everywhere winter

      One that apparently posted in january

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  4. Usually I wouldn't say anything and I know I reported it but
    @Flame Dragon
    If one of you could get rid of the porn in RP that's been there all day that'd be nice

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      I think it was taken care of. But I'm not seeing where the report button even is? Anyone want to point it out?

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      Flame Dragon

      Thats interesting, I can't report posts. I guess a mod wouldn't need to, but it is still a strange function to not have.

  5. man had I stuck around I'd have third highest rep by now probably
    also shout outs to one of sakura's alts for having the 8th highest post count

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      I would revive debates, I'm sure that dumpster fire is worth something

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      i do and i click it but if close tab and come back i'm signed out

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      how odd, even if I close the compy down


      Did you allow cookies?

  6. OOC BGM Korova. Not a region that many traveled to in this day and age. Other regions were much more tourist friendly and the League challenges much more organized. However that wasn't to say that they weren't set up to welcome people to the area. The easiest, and most common, means of entering the region was through New Point Landing. Located on the western edge of a large island, which itself was to the west of the mainland, New Point Landing was once the place to go for shopping and trading of goods. Nowadays it has fallen quite a bit. Many of the stores are closed, boarded up and awaiting a day where the region is more prosperous. The stores that do remain are mostly family businesses that have been there since the start and stubbornly kept open for the citizens and few travelers. That and a single large, more modern, store that sells items needed for travel as well as some more hobby and entertainment goods. The ship coming into the port, a long stretch of man-made dock that branched off of the city, with several warehouses for storing shipments from the ships that docked there until they could be dispersed through the region, was different than most that the city usually saw. It resembled a cruise ship more than cargo.Though what it was carrying was something that would be a much more precious cargo than Korova could have imagined. For on board were a group of young trainers who were destined to take part in a struggle that would decide the fate of the entire region. Pokemon Trainers from across the world, all converging here with the same task. Challenging the Pokemon League and becoming the Champion that the region has been lacking for several long years. Naomi looked out at the city that approached. Or rather she WOULD have looked out if her eyes were open. As it was the girl was fast asleep and half-hanging from the railing at the bow of the ship's deck. She seemed to be not concerned in the slightest about the dangers as the ship gently rocked against the waves. Her face was peaceful, content, and she was drooling ever so slightly as she dreamed of cotton candy clouds and chocolate syrup waves. The only thing that stirred her from this slumber in any capacity was the bells that sounded on the ship, indicating to those aboard that they'd be docking soon. Even then it didn't fully wake her. Though it did cause her to roll around a bit in her sleep. And, given she was already precariously perched, she very nearly slipped forward and right into the water. The only thing that stopped her was the large, rocky, rhino creature that grabbed onto the back of her shirt with its mouth. Careful not to bite down too hard the Rhyhorn pulled her trainer back and away from the railing. This caused the girl to fall onto her back and finally jolted her awake. She glanced around with bleary eyes. Looking for the sweet treats that had been around her just moments ago. She heard a grunt and glanced up and behind her. Upon seeing the Rhyhorn looking down at her with what could only be described as exasperation, Naomi gave a sleepy smile and yawned. "Mornin, Princess, this isn't m'bed izzit?" She sat up, not without some effort, and patted the floor beneath her. "Nope, too wooden." Staying seated, pulling her legs back to hold her knees to her chest, she looked out at the waves, and the city beyond it. "Oh, we're almost there." She said. "Guess I should get ready....after anutter nap." She laid back again and closed her eyes. Before she fell asleep she heard her partner Pokemon moving to her right side and laying down, realizing that she wasn't about to move until she absolutely had to. The Pokemon wondered where the other two humans who were meant to accompany them were. The captain had informed them all that it would be required to form teams of three before landing. Something about the danger to newcomers to the land. Naomi hadn't bothered to look for anyone else so she had been forced to group together with whoever happened to approach her. She still wasn't sure who the two were but she hoped they'd be nice. As the ship docked into the port, everyone would be helped off the ship by the crew, and greeting them was a tall, middle-aged, man with mutton chops of such grandeur that they were hard to distinguish from a beard. "Hello, and welcome...to Korova! I got word of your arrival and sallied forth to greet you! I am the dockmaster here, and I wish to be the first to welcome you all to my fair city, the jewel of this region, in my eyes at least, New Point Landing. I'm sure you'll find it accommodating to your needs...You may not even want to leave, gwahahahaha!" Naomi, slumped over Princess, barely waved her hand to return the greeting. She could hear the waves gently hitting the dock and it sure was relaxing... [spoiler=OOC]Welcome...to New Point Landing and the start of the RP! I decided to begin at the end of the boat trip and, to make it flow easier, to have us having formed teams before the start of the RP. Otherwise we'd be forced to go through some awkward and likely frustrating interactions just to get started. You may feel free to describe how your character spent the trip, their thoughts on those they met, and reaching New Point Landing and being greeted by the dockmaster. Meet up with your group and begin the exploration (or interactions). Everyone starts with 2000 Pokedollars. New Point Landing: A semi-large port city designed to welcome any visitors to the Korova region. Major areas include the docks and the "Grand Store" a 4 floor store which sells a different thing on each floor. travel items and food on first, medicine and vitamins on second, clothing on third, and entertainment items (toys, technology, etc) on the fourth. Encounters (reminder, this is just to get an idea. Not necessarily the only thing.): Only encounters are fishing and those are Goldeen, 90%. Krabby, 10% Any questions or information desired feel free to ask.
  7. OOC The last thing they remembered was a tear opening up in their world. One that they fell, or perhaps were dragged, into even before they could register what was going on. There had been a moment of intense emotion, depending on the individual; anger, confusion, fear. Then... Silence. Darkness. Granted that was not entirely accurate. Silence implied there were sounds to hear. Darkness implied there was light to darken. No, what they found themselves in was Nothingness. Complete and utter Nothingness. Time was impossible to gauge where they were. Perhaps hours, years, seconds, or maybe (a concept that would have never crossed their mind until that moment) negative time, passed as they floated. Yet, floated was wrong too. To float there needed to be something to float on. They merely existed there, in the midst of Nothingness, for some period of time. It was a long enough moment to contemplate existence in its entirety. Yet, also, it was not enough time to even blink. And then they were somewhere else. In silence. In darkness. This time truly. They could feel presences around them. Perhaps half a dozen, maybe more, people were nearby. After that period of Nothingness they would feel hyper-aware of the signs of life that came from a living being. Soft breathing, a short rustle of clothing as someone unconsciously shifted, and just the natural feeling of “Something’s there” that one gets when in a room with another. The room was brightened within moments. A large screen, ten feet wide and five feet high, flared to life above and in front of them. A face appeared on the screen. Feminine in features yet still just masculine enough for reasonable doubt. The person’s lower face was mostly covered in the collar of their coat. A black, felt-looking, thing with large buttons. Their eyes, however, were in plain view. Electric blue and sparkling with excitement. "Welcome to Rama-Indri," they spoke in a strong, husky, voice that gave an impression of constantly hinting at something underneath the surface. The kind of feeling you get from fortune tellers or pick-up artists. “Ah, pardon me, that was sudden wasn’t it? I should start at the beginning. Or, the closest thing to it. My name is Mauvache and you are currently standing inside of my Arena.” BGM The walls, floor, and ceiling suddenly lit up and revealed the room they stood in. As well as the other people around them. Every part of the room was made up of large, three feet squared, panels. Colored dark blue, with lighter blue lighting around the edges. There seemed to be no doors and, besides the screen which showed the image of Mauvache, nothing in the room. “You are now in the city of Prana, on the planet Rama-Indri.” She paused, her eyes making it clear it was for effect. “Some of you might be confused by the latter bit. You see, Existence is made up of many, thousands and thousands, of worlds. You have been brought to one very unlike your own. In fact...It’s not even the same universe!” Mauvache’s face vanished and, in its place, was an overhead view of a world that would be unfamiliar to all of them. If they looked hard enough they could notice there were several large patches of blackened earth across its expanse. And then the view vanished and Mauvache appeared again. “I have brought you here, to a world craving entertainment, to partake in a wondrous endeavor.” The camera shifted, moving upwards, and it was made clear Mauvache had been sitting. But not any more. So excited was she by the prospect that she couldn’t sit still. Standing fully, with the camera pulling back to show her entire body, Mauvache spread her arms wide. “You have been handpicked by me to compete in my Arena. The battlefields, which you are standing on by the way, will be entirely virtual. This is to keep you from coming to harm. After all we want to entertain, not maim. You will fight against each other in many unique battlefields and earn points. You can use these posts for almost everything here. Food, housing, entertainment, and, if you gain enough, even a Wish from me. Any who doubt my ability to grant such a thing...well, I brought you here, didn’t I?” There was a slight falter to the excited glint in her eyes and, when she spoke again, she sounded more business-like. “Of course I cannot force you to fight. But, if you don’t, you’ll find it hard to do much of anything here. I’m afraid you’re stuck here for the time being but worry not, you shall, at the right time and place, be sent right back where you belong. So while you’re here, why not have yourself an adventure? Perhaps you’ll even strike it rich!” The glint was back. “You have attached to you a watch.” If they were to check their person they’d see, as she said, a watch. However its face was larger than normal and had several things besides the time, noon, upon it. “This will allow you to communicate, send mail, though you will only be able to send each other challenge requests, tell the time, and keep track of your points.” At the mention of points a number would light up. It would read “50“ for all except Xia, who would see “100“ and, next to it, in small print, “Points”. “Feel free to ask what you need, I’m sure you have many questions, concerns, and comments. But please read over...this mail before. You have free reign to, most, of the Arena and the city beyond. It is currently, to use a system you’d understand, Monday. Which means no battles. But worry not about food, you will be able to eat for free today. But only today. Can’t afford to keep you fed for nothing after all!” Everyone would see a notification for mail popping up on their watches and, a moment later, it would open up. They would have a strange sensation and the words were transmitted into their mind. Almost like reading but with less eye movement and focus needed. It would include basic maps, combat rules, farther explanation of the point system, and various other information. Once this was read the stage would be set and the fighters, cast into a strange world through even stranger means, would be left to their own devices. [spoiler=OOC]And so it begins! React to...well what just happened. And begin interactions. Reminder that this is a strange RP so my posts won’t be necessarily weekly. Nor should it be necessary. Be sure to ask me whatever you need. If I am not around and you need multiple bits of info feel free to ask that too. For instance if you need a question answered but also want to know what happens if you go outside, ask both and I will answer when I can. IMPORTANT: Even if your characters don't understand technology they will find themselves with the knowledge to at least use, and know the purpose, of most of the common technologies. They will not understand how it works, or what it is, necessarily but it will be enough to function. If you wish them not to know how to use something to make things interesting that's fine as well.
  8. (Logo courtesy of Yui. it's all fancy and rotates between images whenever you visit the page and stuff) [spoiler=What's Showdown you ask?] (Okay you didn't ask but I guess I should explain anyway.) Well. This. This is Showdown http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ Pokemon Showdown is basically a site you can go to, make teams of Pokemon and battle with people. Without the hassle of breeding and all that stuff. Simple as that. Ya know what, this guide explains it pretty perfectly, even if it's a year old. http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/the-beginners-guide-to-pokémon-showdown.3496279/ [spoiler=What are we gonna do here?] What's up with all the questions sheesh....Basically this was made on a whim. But what I want from it is a place to talk competitive battling, in relation to Showdown. Don't have to be tryhard or pro here at all though. If you want to talk about how you like using Little Cup Pokemon in Ubers go ahead. Also a good place to ask for battles, post battles you've had, and probably we'll do some tournaments and junk. I totally thought this out well, what are you talking about? [spoiler=Rules]Generic rules are generic. I'm lazy okay? • All YCM Rules apply and they can be found here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/213935-the-rules-of-ycm/. I mean, obviously, even I am not above the law. • Do not flame, insult, belittle or otherwise be disrespectful to fellow members, even if you do not agree with what they are saying or their opinions. So like, be kind rewind...wait no that's not it. • No trolling or spamming with the intent of filling this thread with useless posts. I will sick Arthur the steroid using Venusaur on you if you do. • I have the right to add and/or modify these rules and you must follow them. Muahahaha! So much powah! • Use common sense. Self-explanatory, if you don't understand this rule, then don't join. :3 [spoiler=Application]YCM username: Pokemon Showdown username: Favorite tier: Favorite type: [spoiler=Members]Lord CowCow(LordCowCow) Kyng(YCM's Kyng) Yui(JustYui) Pacmanexus(Brinolovania) Nai(Alterrisa) Azure Wolf(duskhunter34) Andx(Andx) Self-Destruct Button(Yuhi Sachiko) Mirei Minami-pri (Sugitanii) Tinkerer(Tinkerer) Durendal(OpaAyumu) iHop(phil) Parenthesis(Needsmoremagikarp) Tyretian(Tyretian) Hydreigon (Zackandstuff) Catman25 (chefboyardee) Reptilious (DreMZ) Admiral_Stalfos19 (Admiral_Stalfos19) Mr Spaz (Mr Spaz) Spinda (TheLocalSpinda) Toot (TootieBootie) Snatch Steal (ImInMathClassBro) Winter (LordTyranus) Zauls (Saberzauls) MiracleGhost47 (MiracleGhost47) Skaia (Skyheart) Kayden North (Kayden North) Kyumi (Kyumi_Niusuki) Darj (Darjack) Krow (Magearnaisgay69420) Icy (Ciercy or LanakilaConqueror) Kotaro (KotaroCG) Chaos Sonic (Nightwing2199) [spoiler=Example App]YCM username: Lord CowCow Pokemon Showdown username: LordCowCow (I'm so original) Favorite tier: PU and RU (Can't choose between so I'll put two.) Favorite type: Grass [spoiler=Current Tournaments]https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=7130655 [spoiler=Past Tournaments][spoiler=SSS Season 1(cancelled midway)]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6544271 1 - CowCow: 8/4 2 - UnendingEmpire: 7/5 3 - Self-Destruct Button: 5/6. [spoiler=LC Monotype]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6568477 http://challonge.com/ezgpn70 [spoiler=SSS UU Tournament]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6579884 http://challonge.com/ykl5ttw7 [spoiler=SSS Tri-Type Tournament]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6594887 http://challonge.com/8ulol3m4 [spoiler=Great Mew-Off]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6679347 http://challonge.com/7txhpzz2 [spoiler=SSS Monotype]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6696177 http://challonge.com/1760w1ge [spoiler=SSS Poke Pool]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6714988 http://challonge.com/a68kixvj [spoiler=SSS OU]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6748821 http://challonge.com/2j30trup [spoiler=Battle Factory]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6784447 [spoiler=Standings]CowCow: 9-3 Spaz: 9-3 Reptilious: 6-6 Hyde: 6-6 Azure: 6-6 shadowliepard: 5-7 Button: 4-8 Harbinger: 1-11 [spoiler=SSS LC]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6837283 http://challonge.com/n7qii77f [spoiler=SSS Tier Shift]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6860045 http://challonge.com/wfu9ot12 [spoiler=SSS PU]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=6925852 http://challonge.com/8wi92xs1 [spoiler=SSS Monotype 2]https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=7084134 https://challonge.com/cigwqtll [spoiler=Great Mew Off 2]https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=7092171 https://challonge.com/zsssupn9 [spoiler=SSS RU]https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=7108909 https://challonge.com/feie2261 [spoiler=SSS Doubles OU]https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/327011-super-showdown-society/?p=7119992 https://challonge.com/2djxeaw7 [spoiler=Rankings][spoiler=Overall]1 - CowCow: 41-30 2 - Button: 26-28 3 - Spaz: 26-16 4 - Reptilious: 24 -16 5 - Hydreigon: 22-10 6 - Yui: 21-26 7 - Azure Wolf: 20-19 8 - Catman25: 9-8 9 - Stalfos: 9-2 10 - Faytl: 8-2 11 - Spinda: 7-12 12 - ihop: 7-6 13 - Rai: 6-6 14 - shadowliepard: 5-7 15 - Mirei: 3-5 17 - Yemachu: 2-2 17 - MiracleGhost: 2-2 18 - Harbinger: 1-11 19 - Giga: 1-5 20- SoulFire: 1-4 21 - Tinkerer: 1-3 22 - Aman Indra: 1-2 22 - Toot: 1-2 22 - Skaia: 1-2 23 - Krow: 0-2 23 - Zauls: 0-2 23 - Chaos Sonic: 0-2 23 - Cosmo: 0-2 23 - GarlandChaos: 0-2 23 - Darkness: 0-2 23 - Aez: 0-2 23 - D.A: 0-2 24-Tyretian 0-1 24- Durendal: 0-1 24 - JamesMuddy: 0-1 [spoiler=2015]1 - CowCow: 21-15 2 - Button: 16-16 3 - Hydreigon: 16-4 4 - Yui: 13-14 5 - Catman25: 9-6 7 - Spinda: 6-8 8 - Rai: 6-6 9 - ihop: 6-4 10 - Reptilious: 5-0 11 - Azure Wolf: 4-7 12 - Stalfos: 4-2 13 - Yemachu: 2-2 14 - Miressa: 1-2 14 - Aman Indra: 1-2 14 - Toot: 1-2 15 - Tinkerer: 1-1 16 - Giga: 0-3 17 - Chaos Sonic: 0-2 17 - Cosmo: 0-2 17 - GarlandChaos: 0-2 17 - Spaz: 0-2 17 - Darkness: 0-2 18-Tyretian 0-1 18 - Durendal: 0-1 18 - JamesMuddy: 0-1 [spoiler=2016]1 - Spaz: 17-9 2 - CowCow: 14-11 3 - Azure: 14-8 4 - Reptilious: 11-12 5 -Button: 10-12 6 - Hyde: 6-6 7 - shadowliepard: 5-7 8 - Stalfos: 5-0 9 - Faytl: 4-2 10 - Yui: 3-6 11 - Mirei: 2-4 12 - Catman: 2-2 12 - MiracleGhost: 2-2 13 - Harbinger: 1-11 14 - SoulFire: 1-4 14 - Spinda: 1-4 15 - Giga: 1-2 16 - Zauls: 0-2 16 - Birdie: 0-2 16 - Aez: 0-2 16 - D.A: 0-2 [spoiler=2017]N/A [spoiler=2018]1 - Mr Spaz: 9-5 2 - Reptilious: 8-6 3 - CowCow: 6-4 4 - Yui: 5-6 5 - Faytl: 4-0 6 - Azure Wolf: 2-4 7 - Skaia: 1-2 7 - ihop: 1-2 8 - Chaos Sonic: 0-2 8 - Krow: 0-2 8 - Tinkerer: 0-2 8 - Catman: 0-2 [spoiler=Bans]None ATM
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