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  1. just passing by to remind you all that horu lost

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    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Also, for a victory, said discussion has to take form of an argument or debate of some form. General discussions do not winners and losers. They simply end when the party that started said discussion decides to move on.

    3. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      Horu, it's not "being the bigger person and choosing to move on" if you constantly bring up the discussion no matter how many times you were told not to, literally have to change the subject because you didn't like that someone disagreed with you, and then started pretending that it was all so you could have a "safe space".

      Choosing to withdraw is a loss, especially when you only make the choice after being backed into a corner and get called out for being dishonest.

    4. Godbrand


      IDK what is going on but sounds like cow is trying to keep some kind of disagreement/argument continue. 

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