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  1. Did you not read the article? Cause like Just one part of it
  2. ....welp, nope

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    2. Horu


      Your status is gone 😲

    3. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      i tried to find out how to turn off notifications on something but seems deleted it somehow instead? I assume? idk

    4. Horu


      Maybe. That makes sense.

  3. anyone else get a weird glitch where when you click "show previous replies" on statuses it shows repeating replies?


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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Wait I thought the forum bugs only happened because of the changes previous mods made 🤔

    3. YCMaker


      This is probably a bug with the latest version of IP.Board, I'm going to report to their support team.

    4. cr47t


      ive had it a few times

  4. maybe only started counting once the update happened (btw anyone else having the issue in this thread where "go to first unread post" doesn't?)
  5. So I just tested it with the kind shuckle tinkerer there reactions besides "like" also add to "rep" total which seems a bit off, especially as some are things like "confused"
  6. the member of all time tab is now set to show 4 in order to try and hide my vast power, how dare they

  7. Anyone else finding YCM to load things really slowly randomly? It seems every time I come on, the first time I try, it times out first then I refresh and it loads fine for a bit (though clicking the status thing here took a bit)

    1. YCMaker


      Had you noticed this happening prior to the board being updated last week?

    2. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      Not enough that I took notice at least, was wondering if the update did something

  8. So, posting a status/replying counted as first post and conversation start, wonder if....

    1. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      mkay they don't count as posts for post count

    2. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      Oh hey I'm a "rookie" now, what

  9. the funniest part to me is all the badges are marked "rare" even the "you did a post" one

    1. YCMaker


      I think it's because we have so many non-posting members, and it's basing it off some percentage like 15%. Will have to fiddle with that to get it right for our community.

  10. So that's what happens when the RP rules vanish

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    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      What are you talking about, Cow?

    3. The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      The Immaculate Lord CowCow

      Well, Rayfield, there were rules for the RP section which aren't there anymore. Which makes it a sort of free-for-all madness situation.

      As for Nyx, it's kind of funny because, for the most part, what's going on atm follows the Casual RP section ruleset from NCM. But I do admit seeing it in a regular RP section is difficult for me given it was the main place I cared about lol

    4. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Understandable. If it helps, it's not the only rules that were unfortunately unpinned. The rulebooks from Custom Cards were not safe from this fate, either.

  11. Marble Zone hasn't been around in a long time...Bahamut too, though he was more recently. Still a few years back at this point (oh god, years) Last we saw of him iirc he had some sort of breakdown about people not commenting on his stuff and left, sadly. I think last time you visited here you changed your name but sadly I forgot what to. I can't edit my post but I was wrong (aha there's the edit) Found you, remembered this
  12. there's too much to unpack here but i'm just going to say You think far too highly of yourself and/or you've got incredible blinders on if this is your honest view on that situation
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