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  1. I found the username character limit

    also, lol


  2. Not gonna give thoughts on changes since not my place just want to let it be known that unless invision works different here than, uh, elsewhere, for some reason, these are possible
  3. my internet is fine i won't be offline but i just don't post much just wanted 2 let u no

  4. aw only one name change every 90 days :(

    wait when did I last change it...

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Rip my infinite make change glitch.

  5. some real weird math going on

    1. TheImmaculateDreadLordCowCow


      am sleepy and got curious so did some math and 17/100 is where I stopped

  6. Oh, so pop up ads literally are ads that pop up when you go to a new page and don't let you through till you click close, that's really weird. Adblock is da wey

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    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      Also when did the server costs reach that point? I'm surprised you would have previously been so absent from such a large drain on your bank account.

    3. YCMaker


      Google is running an ad placement optimization campaign. Hit me up with any further questions via DM, I don't want to discuss financial matters publicly.

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I'll hit you up if you delete the debates section. That is my final offer.

  7. He was not, as you said, "only discussing the joke of a president that opted to listen to terrorists instead of finding his spine and telling them to take their demands and shove it." not only was that not only what he was saying but also you added your own feelings into it. Ergo, no, you were not "simply stating" or "only discussing" or anything of that sort. You continue to hide behind "Oh I'm not doing this I'm just saying" in order to get away with insults in the guise of "objective facts". If you can't stop doing that then you probably shouldn't try and debate anything. Because it really doesn't add anything and only looks like you want to mock someone/something while trying not to be upfront about it. Try to find more sources and information if you want to make a point. Or if you want to discuss what's being said...add your own thoughts and stick by them.
  8. If you were "simply stating what he was obviously doing" you would have at most said "he was talking about Biden" and you did not. In fact you literally just did "was just" again in your reply, starting to think it's a habit you can't quit. Meanwhile I wasn't talking about YOU pushing a narrative, but the person speaking has a clear narrative and he ignores a lot of context. (Such as how the equipment left was stuff previously given to the afghan army to fight back and they, well, simply did not fight back and so it wasn't "biden leaving it for the taliban" as they imply) Basically these videos had even less to them than the articles you hate yet you're fine with them because....idk, you like them.
  9. Live footage that is just a single person pushing a narrative without elaboration? If I walked up to someone and told them what to think it's not any better just because I said it directly to them. Also, you really shouldn't do that "he is only ____" stuff anymore in debates. You've been told off for trying to do that so many times. It's never followed by anything but heavily biased attempts at disses.
  10. @Horu explain to me why you're so against sources but you repetitively use tik tok videos without any concrete information or fact check or context?
  11. Did you not read the article? Cause like Just one part of it
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