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    Animes/Manga: Darker Than Black, Death Note, Pokemon (Manga only), Vampire Knight, Record Of A Fallen Vampire, Rozen Maiden and Yu-Gi-Oh
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  1. It died without me. Pork and Beans - Weezer
  2. Finally a new chapter of Rozen Maiden

  3. I'm beginning to think Pokemon Global Link wants me to raise a Rhyperior, Huntail and a Leaf Stone evolver. All I want is a Dusk Stone.

    1. Cin


      Infact it wants a whole team of Leaf Stone evolvers.

  4. Well spotting the tweet about the Charizard event on the local GAME's twitter, should give me hope, but it doesn't.

  5. Decided to base my next Pokemon team on the assorted figures in my room, might be the first time of raising a Dragonite since Gold.

  6. Well my do Pokemon stuff day turned into go to work day blegh. Maybe Monday.

  7. Everytime I watch the Yogscast Block N Load videos, I cringe when AlSmiffy shoots Lewis with the Mini Gun.

  8. Human Race - Three Days Grace
  9. Should probably give Friday over to Wonder Trades, finally get Darkrai (need to get more codes), and the remaining starters.

    1. Mugendramon


      As someone who's not played gen VI I must ask;


      Does that basically mean giving out random shitty catches until you get what you want through sheer luck?

    2. Cin


      Yup. I do give back any HAs I don't need or Pokerus Pokemon, so I'm not all mean.

  10. It took a long time, but the Yogs finally released a poster for Cheat Police.

  11. Really need to teach my parents how to use the printer.

  12. Hat Films hit 800,000 subs on Youtube last night. Now for the million.

  13. Hat Films doing a parody of the Pokemon Theme during their look at Pixelmon was awesome.

  14. That moment when you find someone's backstabbing means you can't transfer jobs.

    1. evilfusion


      I thought being a witness to attempted murder was almost a surefire way to transfer jobs. *shot*

    2. Cin


      Lol. Someone claimed I'd been 'picking' on them to the manager of a place I was hoping to transfer to. Atleast my former-supervisor tried to help.

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