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  1. Atributte: DARK Level: 4 Warrior / Effect If this card is Normal/Special Summoned: You can target 1 of your banished "HERO" monsters; Special Summon it. If this card is sent from the field to the GY or banished: You can target 2 of your banished "HERO" monsters; shuffle them into the Deck, then draw 1 card. You can only use1 "Elemental HERO Jet Black Soldier" effect per turn, and only once that turn. ATK/1600 DEF/1000 The Dark version of the E HERO Soldier series. Given that Solid summons from hand and liquid form GY, it was natural for this to summon from banished pile (given its atributte). Both on summon and "GY" effect are a little more flexible than its counterparts but both effects are hard OPT on each other to balance them.
  2. I kinda like the design of this card. On 1 hand it can be a combo piece for destruction based archetypes. In a more generic way you coud still use the monser as fodder with your NS, or just revive a boss monster (even better if its inmune to destruction). It is not an extender but rather a starter. The destrcution cause applies for as long as the monster remains face up or jus during that turn?
  3. I still cant see my former saved cards right?

    1. Tinkerer
    2. Arcadia warlic

      Arcadia warlic

      They cannot be seen, but they are supposedly saved just as they are; to return when the Maker is updated.

  4. You could argue that neptune is a little more splashable, even though SV is much easier to summon, it is (at the very least should be) tied to a more specific deck. I want to guess OCG players are a little more honorable too
  5. How on earth Saryuya dodged another Banlist?!

    1. Rayfield Shade

      Rayfield Shade

      Search me. Probably, Konami wants us to spend more money on the Decks Saryuja is good for so in the next banlist it's finally screwed so we're forced to spend more money in other Decks, kinda like always. That Six-Samurai combo with Saryuja, though...

  6. Some thoughts on the hits: Newly Forbidden: Orcust Harp Horror - Understandable given that the point was (at least trying to) kill the deck, but not enough or the right way IMO, i will go on that below Thunder Dragon Colossus - Too harsh personally, not a fan of an indestructible mistake but given that Nemesis corridor exists, having it even at 1 with MR5/Revision makes sense, still I would have gone for the limit to test Heavymetalfoes Electrumite - Pendulums got out of hand with the negations board and I will not complain on this, though seems a bit unfair for the rest of them (Non meta pendulums) Ib the World Chalice Justiciar - It was denlong 2.0. cant say didnt see it coming but still surprised. Tempest Magician - FTK Tool, nothin to debate Outer Entity Azathot - Too degenerate even in your own turn now, makes sense as well Salamangreat Miragestallio - This was undeserved to me, Salads operate with multiple copies of ED monsters, why not limiting some of them (just limit their power plays a bit) Brilliant Fusion - This on the next MR will be crazy even at 1, does make sense in that regard. Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! - Lets see if they finally become unplayable, like collosus I would have gone for another route. I prefer to keep a deck balanced by hiting multipe pieces rather than baning 1-2 cards to kill them. Newly Limited: Danger! Nessie! - Surprised that they didnt limit the other 2 (yet), while the concept is appreciated, this archetype is one off their worst designed. Dinowrestler Pankratops - didnt see this coming. Personally a semi limit would have done it. Servant of Endymion - Not the only one that should have been on this list, but its a start True King Lithosagym, the Disaster - I wanted this card back but diagram limited isnt enough IMO to justify this. Additonal hits to dinos should have been made Card of Demise - I cannot express how happy I am to see this limited, the kind of strategy this card promotes is one of the worst things this card have done. Dragonic Diagram - Given that litho is back it maes sense and in conjuction with demise it should stop draco's playability as well, but if draco's hits were need I would gonne for another route again. Into the Void - I see a similar reasoning as upstart behind this hit, at least I want to believe that. Pot of Avarice - Finally!!! Sekka’s Light - I can see some deckbuilding problems with this, but doesnt justify its place here. I would have gone for the semi limit instead. Red Reboot - its basically a win card if played correctly, but still seems rare to hit this. Newly Semi-Limited: Deep Sea Diva - preparing for the new deck guess? Tour Guide From the Underworld - Unless BA becomes as relevant as it was on 2014-2016 this should stay at 2, this is the right number for this card Mind Control - Understandable hit but seems weird Newly Unlimited: Dark Armed Dragon Lady Debug Morphing Jar #2 Performage Damage Juggler Tribe-Infecting Virus Sky Striker Ace – Kagari Book of Moon The Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up-Magic Launch Solemn Warning Soul Drain Most of the releases were expected (even if it was for years) nothing relevant, but with PK RUM back there goes my hopes of having a new DRXD eveolution This list pretty much slaughter the top decks but I as I said, I would have gone for a different route. So here are my (instead of) hits to the top decks Salads: Sunlight wolft to 2 and Balelyx to 1 Thunder: Colossus to 1; Titan to 1 Sky Striker: kagari stays limited, Engage limited and hornet drones banned (personally I am fine with it limited but the deck has outstayed its welcome) Orcust: Harp horror to 1; Galatea to 1; Babel banned Honorable mentions of the list: Dino's: Babycerasarus t 1 and oviraptor to 2 (at the very least) Dracos: Diagram to 2 instead; heritage to 1; and Dinomight to 1 (again) Saryuya: Why the heck is this not at 1 yet?
  7. Apparently the List is out and there are many huge hits

  8. It was kinda obvious how the basics of this card would work in order to be functional for 2020. It could have had an additional effect though, not it would break the sacred beast either way. But for the requested protection, fallen paradise does that job, (even if not optimal) makes sense why just Life protection.
  9. Corridor is basically a Collosus for everybody. i dont hate it, but it feels somehitng will go wrong with these guys
  10. No, Kaleido chivk sends the monster as cost not an effect (during resolution)
  11. Cyber Dragon Vollständig Level 6/LIGHT/2100/1600 Machine/Synchro/Effect 1 Tuner + 1+non-Tuner LIGHT Machine monsters For this card's Synchro Summon, you can treat 1 "Cyber Dragon" monster you control as a Tuner. This card's name becomes "Cyber Dragon" while on the field or in the GY. Once while face-up on the field (Quick Effect): You can destroy cards on the field up to the number of "Cyber Dragons" on the field and/or GY. You can only use this effect of "Cyber Dragon Vollständig"once per turn. Once per turn: You can target 1 "Cyber Dragon" monster you control; unil the end of this turn, make the level of all LIGHT Machine monsters you control the Level of that monster's. Some reasoning behind the card: Vollständig means complete, alluring to finally completing the full ED set of monsters You can use him to Summon Infinity the "Legal Way" An actual Rocket Synchro
  12. Did OCG still had the PK RUM? I am surprised Gumblar lasted that long over there. Many people said semi limiting a card doesnt matter (which is somewhat correct), but it starts to matter when you aim to that to multiple cards played in a single deck (Not counting cards like Unicore which I believe its a failsafe to see how it goes before trying to unlimit it, although IMO 2 is the perfect ratio).
  13. This card's screams ftk/hand loop , there is a reason why the Pendulum retrain only affects the field.
  14. As far as I know, you should be able to activate the on summon effect of a monster that is no longer on the field by the time they start the activation. I remember something about differences between OCG and TCG about that specific rule and in TCG, they do activate. As for the last sentence, you are correct for the most part. Unless the card says that needs to be face up to activate and resolve, getting out of the field wont prevent from activating the effect. As for being returned to the deck, felgrand (to give it more context) will still activate because effects resolve were they activate, it will activate on the field and resolve on the field (even if felgrand is gone), you are confusing things here with cards that activate their effects when leave the field, those kind of effects activate on the place they end when leaving (hand, GY, banish, or extra deck). As a final note, being returned to the deck is considered leaviing the field, it just that effects cannot be activated from the main deck.
  15. Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Overlord DARK Level 8 Dragon / Synchro / Effect 1 DARK Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters (Quick Effect): You can banish 1 Counter Trap Card that meets its activation conditions from your Deck; this effect becomes that Trap Card's effect when that card is activated, but for the rest of this turn, the activation of your opponent's cards or effects cannot be negated. If you negate the activation of an opponent's card(s) or effect(s) (except durng the Damage Step): You can activate these effects and resolve in sequence, depending on the type of card(s). Monster: Shuffle 1 card on the field into the Deck. Spell: Target 1 monster in your GY; Special Summon it. Trap: Send 1 random card from your opponent's hand to the GY. You can only use each effect of "Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Overlord" once per turn. ATK / 2800 DEF / 2500 A Synchro Monster that would complete the Extra Deck monster Set for a Deck/Archetype (It doesnt matter if it does not have a Link monster)
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