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  1. Name one person killed by antifa and I'll name 51 killed by a right-wing extremist.
  2. Why Hello Sunshine Jesse!

  3. So the conspiracy runs this deep, huh...
  4. Oh. While I appreciate the sentiment, I've spent literally my entire time back loudly broadcasting that I am either unsuited for or uninterested in the role. If I thought this site actually needed the moderation I might've conducted myself a little more responsibly, but all this forum really needs is a janitor. The ship has sailed for anything else.
  5. Disqualify me from what, exactly? I appreciate the sentiment and story, though.
  6. Yeah, I still consider you a friend. No further comments on this thread at the moment, just wanted to say that.
  7. My moderation ideology is "I've been doing this shit for way too long and don't feel like doing it here"
  8. lmao good thing you aren't in charge of anything meaningful, disqualifying people because of a good take from someone who doesn't even visit the site anymore is absolutely absurd. As much as you come off as a very high IQ person with excellent leadership abilities, humility is quite clearly not your strongsuit.
  9. Nobody would recommend you anyways so you don't gotta pull the whole "oh wow look at how humble i am i totally wouldn't want the role " bullshit.
  10. I just came back so I can't really say with any degree of certainty, but @Tourmaline, @Sleepy, and @Enguin come to mind first.
  11. idk, Jackson was pretty awful and was responsible for the worst genocide in human history but his efforts to enfranchise poor people probably ranks among one of the best things a president has ever done. When a president does something that monumentally important, it's hard to consider them worse than a president as bad as Trump. Johnson was worse though, no doubt about that.
  12. no lol He didn't accomplish anything good of note, he either did or attempted to do everything that (reasonable) people were afraid of him doing, and did nigh-irreparable damage to our social fabric and faith in just about every institution that keeps this country together. Not to mention that he made life less safe for millions of marginalized people, either by direct actions or through the results of his rhetoric. The only presidents who did worse than him were the ones who's inaction led to the Civil War, and the two that started and worsened the war on drugs. Get the
  13. Feminism is better for men than any men's rights movement out there. Anyone who actually reads into it would know this. People have lied about and misrepresented feminist concepts for years now. I could elaborate, but most people are too brain poisoned to actually listen at this point, so I won't unless asked. I sympathize with MGTOW, but real feminism would solve all of the issues that the movement has. I'm glad that Horu doesn't have a brainlet take on blue lives matter at least lmao
  14. I only voted for Biden so I could complain about him. I imagine a state could do the same.
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