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  1. Fusion because I'm still playing Vehicroids!
  2. I think the thing a lot of people forget when analysing Rush Duel power level is that the cards are weak because the rules themselves are utterly broken. Draw up to 5 every turn and infinite Normal Summons is bananas. The infinite Normal Summons means we will probably never get a few things players take for granted in modern Yugioh. For example Monsters that search on Summon (i.e. "Stratoses"). Those rules seems PERFECT for a 'kid-friendly" Yugioh. I remember playing with similar "rules" myself back when it was just a school playground fad and nobody knew how to play. Personally I'm cautiously excited. I am looking forward to playing it on simulators but I don't expect it to be anything but a few casual games now and again, and probably won't get into it IRL if it comes to the TCG. Thinking ahead a few years, I do wonder whether they will continue Rush Duels after the Sevens anime is finished, presuming it uses the same 3-ish year long series that past generations have, and that it hasn't just flopped by then. I hope they expand on the Type and Attribute focused support, along with support for specific Levels and stuff. Hopefully even those Types that are criminally undersupported in normal Yugioh like Pyro and Reptile receive some support. Obviously Dragons and Spellcasters are the focus currently because they're just main character starter decks.
  3. I do think that if they had to hit Sekka's Light at all, they should have just semi-limited it. Still, with only 1 copy you'll be less likely to mill it with Gallis!
  4. I updated my profile picture in celebration of this list. Time for FLIP shenanigans to face up to the world again!
  5. Vehicroid support! WOOHOO! There are TEN different roids that can be summoned by this card and I play all of them except UFOroid already. Most of the time I will summon Expressroid for mega card advantage but it also makes Ambulanceroid much more viable. The other ones are niche and mostly useful as Fusion Materials but their effects are still useful on occasions. I already play Keeper of Dragon Magic which can search this card, so it's extra good. Best of all though, I don't care in the slightest about the restriction because Megaroid City and the aforementioned Keeper of Dragon Magic already lock me to Fusions. If this had been directly "roid" support it probably would have had it anyway thanks to Speedroids existing.
  6. You can always use the Link Shaddoll Construct if you want to get a non-DARK Shaddoll easily. I guess there might be more non-DARK "Noelshaddoll"s to go with it as well. Like a WIND Gusto, FIRE Laval, EARTH Gem-Knight.
  7. Reminds me a lot of https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Psychic_Blade in that it trades LP for ATK points. I think it's also worth keeping in mind that you can equip this to your OPPONENT'S monster. So if your opponent has a big monster and you only have a small monster, then you can equip this to theirs and ram your monster in for damage. Another thing is, I wonder how it interacts with effects like Amazoness Archer. Do you still take the damage?
  8. I love the throwback to 5Ds-era Psychics in the artwork, with the green visor and spikes. The summoning condition makes it possibly very awesome with Overmind Archfiend. I'm still going to wait until the VRAINS era is over to use Link Monsters though.
  9. Not too late to do a Halloween event?

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    2. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      I think you overestimate how many active monsters and non-monster members there were in the past.

      That being said if YCM wants to do a Halloween event I think it's best to start it up within a couple days. Someone from here should make a thread for it.

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Not even thinking about all that right now, just trying to get old people to come back

    4. Tormented


      The event has even't started yet.

  10. I love Bicyclops! It reminds of a superhero idea I had years ago, a man that could transform into a bicycle. I imagine the pedals spin when it walks?
  11. This Magician harnesses the powers of the Odd-Eyes Dragon better than any among his peers. Pot of Greed
  12. [spoiler=Just decided to doodle this on Paint]
  13. Why play OU when you can play Anything Goes though?
  14. The Pokémon I like using on my team the most is Drifblim. This is because it's my favourite Pokémon.
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