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  1. Banned for not having more than 500 posts.
  2. Banned cuz I got bored while studying for exams.
  3. danke Yes, I do happen to be standing in a dressing room. Your friend must be a chick magnet. No point in knocking the sheet out of a young child.
  4. [spoiler=funk it all]Went shopping with friends. I don't fashion. They fashion. They dressed me up. idk.
  5. Moved to Miscellaneous and stickied. However, you still shouldn't spam this thread too much. On another note, y'all look great ^^
  6. Shiki, is that a wedding dress or is that a wedding dress?
  7. Wait a minute, why'd you cut your hair, Accelerator's hair is pretty long. What a beaut.
  8. You don't smile in your other picture, but now you smile as Accelerator? You are going to dye your hair, right?
  9. Pluto is a planet again. Well, they are debating again.
  10. Æther Drain [Continuous Trap] Negate all card effects that would remove a card from either Deck or return a card to either Deck. Neither player can Special Summon from either Deck. God of Wind - Aix (must be able to help WIND Decks)
  11. If my opponent activates Divine Wrath on my Qliphoth Genome's "If this card is Tributed:" effect, is Qliphoth Genome sent to the Graveyard?
  12. Gaiz, you are putting far too much pressure on me.
  13. I do wonder. What do you guys imagine I look like?
  14. "Oh my god, you are using things I can't eat against me!" "Let's turn everything into more things I can't eat!" "Now let's act surprised that an ice mage can use ice!" "But chuck testa, I was just acting shocked by your ice magic. lol it still can't hurt me." How do you even make functioning guns with ice anyway? Can he make gunpowder out of ice or something? Or if he's just using ice to propel it, why did he make the guns in the first place, that's just a waste of energy.
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