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  1. Whale Whale Whale

    1. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      there's whales in florida?

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      welly welly welly welly well

  2. Good animation, but boring fight. Boxer vs Boxer...oooooooooooooooooooooh didn't really care about the results. Not really looking forward to the next video either...seems like a wash. Silver Samurai literally can just cut through shredder and end it. He has a sword that stops healing factors/can cut through adamantium.
  3. [spoiler=Thoughts] Trash fight, as per usual these days. My only main complaint is that they say Renamon can move faster, longer, and as often as she likes, while Lucario has to rely on an actual attack to move that fast. And Aura doesn't predict movements, it just allowed Lucario to see with his eyes shut. And you're telling me I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief enough for Renamon to say "You're kidding me" and not dodge Lucario's attack? Also, canonically, Pokemon can only use four attacks right? Then why do they continuously give pokemon in death battles multiple moves, even making
  4. [spoiler=Bow before the face of Post Modern Conservatism]
  5. Was way too long. If Rin had Archer maybe it would've been better. so far dbx is just really boring...opm vs fotns is the worst thing i've ever seen.
  6. [spoiler=I'm Mad...spoilers ahead] Awful. Awful death battle all around. What an easy win for Mewtwo...thinking about it, they only made these two fight based off the fact that they were created in a lab....they didn't take into consideration the abilities of either. If they had, maybe they would have chosen a better person to battle minds with, instead of Mewtwo just digging into shadows mind to kill him super easy. Glad I could see Shadow lose yet again, recycled for no reason. Mewtwo vs Jean Grey. That would've been way better.
  7. [spoiler=Why must I always bathroom selfy?] Oh right I never leave my house lmao.
  8. I just don't like the fact that they;re reusing a previous death battle combatant. I hate Captain America vs Batman for the same reason. Like...couldn't you figure out anyone else for mewtwo to fight on equal terms with? For god's sakes they found bucky o' hare to go up against star fox. Shadow has this in the bag. Mega evolution has nothing on super forms.
  9. I need a new squad to play with late at night...Ps4 Overwatchers unite and add me! My PSN is One_Above_All64 and i'll fill any...and all...positions <3
  10. I have the paragon skin! HAH! But I keep getting lame legendary skins for lame characters...like the secretary on for symmetra UGH
  11. This town's not big enough for two Reinhardt mains....my pfp is better anyways! Finally got the cute spray for Reinypoo...but now getting that pixelated spray is my next goal. Blocking 8000 damage without dying? That's easier said than done. Especially when people just walk into your shield and you can't stop them :'). I get bullied by roadhogs who just walk up to my shield qq
  12. Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Genji are my go to's so far. I really like tanking as Reinhardt, and if you have a bastion on your team you just stand in front of him with your shield up...he mows down the rest. I have a couple gripes about balancing issues so far, but it hasn't even been more than a week since the game came out...gotta give that some time. I'm having a blast with it so far...can't wait until competitive goes live and I get to be forever bronze in a new game!
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