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  1. F*cking hell... I just might say it.. I think 5D's is the best of the YGO Animes. Granted, it doesn't hold up all the way through, but just wow definitely ahead of it's time. DM is f*cking amazing too, don't get me wrong, but 5D's took things on it's head and succeeded at it. 

  2. Out of curiosity, which card do consider as Playmaker's ace card? Usually it's between Firewall Dragon and Decode Talker. I always felt like Firewall was his ace and Decode Talker was more of his Junk Warrior (like a sub-ace). But in a lot of Konami advertising they make it seem like Decode is his ace (i.e. Duel Power box art). 

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    2. Prime-Ace John

      Prime-Ace John

      Ahh gotchu. Yeah I only watched the first-half of Vrains which is great, I didn't really like the back-half. However, I don't really remember Yusei ever using Goyo Guardian lol. 

    3. Sleepy


      Decode is absolutely the Ace, but I suspect Firewall was originally intended to be it. Much like how ZeXal actually has a list of parallel elements with DM and Arc V gave a little bit of a special spot to the GX-like setting, VRAINS was meant to draw parallels with 5DS, so the serious older main character performs out of the law with his 2300 ATK ace early on, and eventually gets a dragon that follows the ATK pattern of all main characters in the franchise. However, Firewall actually became a nuisance to the game IRL and list hits tried to circle around it a few times until they had to inevitably ban it. With that they wouldn't really keep promoting it in the show. They went for alternative bosses from other mechanics Yusaku learned instead, Cynet Magician (Ritual), Cyberse Clock Dragon (Fusion), Cyberse Quantum Dragon (Synchro), all got the 2500 stats, but after that they decided to make alternative Firewalls. Firewall EXceed Dragon (Xyz), and finally Firewall Dragon Dark Fluid (Link 5). None of which require the original Firewall for anything. Though Decode was consistently the ace the most by far.

    4. Prime-Ace John

      Prime-Ace John

      Hmm yeah that is very interesting. That was one of the gripes I had with Vrains in general. When it came to Yusaku and Revolver, you never really knew what their ace truly and clearly was. Call me a traditionalist, but I always appreciated having that 1 clear signature ace monster (granted, I'm somewhat excited for Sevens so maybe I wouldn't consider myself a YGO traditionalist all too much lol). Decode definitely had the most consistency especially with how often it was Summoned throughout the anime. I just always had the thought that the 25K beater Dragon/Warrior/Spellcaster-esque monster (I know Firewall is not a Dragon, but it follows that look) was the Protagonist's Ace. But it seems like they are gearing away towards that with Sevens Roads Magician reinforcing that idea. 

  3. I know I'm super late in the game, but I just learned about the whole World Legacy lore and it's pretty fascinating. I always wished they would do like a 3-4 episode one-offs of these lores. 

  4. *I do not own this artwork Edits done by me Template Cred: grezar (DeviantART) ________________________________________________________ NOTES: I guess pretty self-explained. Mainly used to stop those pesky hand traps. The card may not be considered fast-pace but I guess it could do. ________________________________________________________ To see more of my custom cards, you can check out my DeviantART
  5. INJECTION POISON LILY DARK | [Level 3] [spellcaster / Effect] If this card attacks or is attacked, during damage calculation (in either player's turn): You can pay 2000 LP once per battle; the monster this card attacks or is attacking this card loses 3000 ATK during that damage calculation only. If this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the GY: You can add 1 level 4 or lower “Lily” monster from your Deck you your hand. ATK/ 400 DEF/ 1500 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Trivia: This card is the dark counterpart of Injection Fairy Lily. ________________________________________________________________________ All/any feedback is welcomed. * If you want to see an HD version of this card, check out my DeviantArt (link in my signature)
  6. WORM GORGOMPRESS LIGHT | [▲ BL, B, BR] [Reptile / Link / Effect] 2+ Reptile monsters, except TokensWhen this card is Link Summoned, you can target up to 3 Reptile “Worm” monsters in your GY that were used as Link Material(s) to Link Summon this card: Special Summon those targets in face-down Defense Position to a Monster Zone this card points to. This card gains 300 ATK for each face-down monster this card points to. Once per turn, when a Reptile monster you control is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY, you can target 1 Reptile monster in your GY with the same level as that monster but with a different name: Special Summon that target in face-down Defense Position to the same Monster Zone as the destroyed monster. ATK/ 2400 LINK - 3 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Card Notes: I thought the Worm Archetype is really interesting and thought they could use some Link support. ________________________________________________________________________ All/any feedback is welcomed. While you're here, you can check out 3 other cards I created recently: Frankofied, Summoned Onikotsu & Raiotcha, the Observer. * If you want to see an HD version of this card, check out my DeviantArt (link in my signature)
  7. FRANKOFIEND DARK [Zombie / Link / Effect] 2 monsters, except TokensWhile this card is face-up on the field: All monsters you control that were Special Summoned from the GY gain 500 ATK. You can target 1 level 4 or higher monster you control that a Link Monster you control points to, then tribute that target: Special Summon this card from your GY to the same Monster Zone of the tributed monster. You cannot Link Summon the turn you activated this effect. You can control only 1 face-up “Frankofiend”. ATK/ 1700 LINK - 2 Card Notes: The intent of this card is rather obvious in the effect. It is to help crank out more Extra Deck Summons (besides Links). I'll admit, this card may be considered slightly too much, so let me know. ________________________________________________________________________ All/any feedback is welcomed. While you're here, you can check out 2 other cards I created recently: Summoned Onikotsu & Raiotcha, the Observer.
  8. RAIOTCHA, THE OBSERVER EARTH [beast / Link / Effect] 2+ monsters, except Tokens Each time your opponent Special Summons a monster: This card gains 400 ATK until the End Phase. If your opponent Special Summons a monster to a zone this card points to: This card gains 200 ATK. Special Summoned monsters your opponent controls cannot attack monsters you control except “Raiotcha, the Observer” the turn they are Summoned. ATK/ 2000 LINK - 3 TRIVIA: The name of this card comes from the Japanese words "Raion" (Lion) and "U~otchā" (Watcher). ________________________________________________________________________ Card Notes: This card was designed to combat, if not, defend yourself from your opponent overloading the field (particularly Link monsters). The 400 ATK boost per Special Summon was done so that it would intimidate your opponent from attacking during that turn, however, the ATK gain only lasts until the End Phase. The 200 ATK boost per Special Summon in it's zone was to provide a permanent (small) ATK boost that could eventually accumulates. ________________________________________________________________________ All/any feedback is welcomed.
  9. Thank you for the appreciation! Your explanation makes way more sense to me now. I didn't fully understand the effect Aromages have in current meta, I kinda' just know how they are in Duel Links (pitiful, I know) but I'm surprised that they are still going relatively strong and this card would indeed give them that slight boost. I was not totally in favor of turning it into a Quick-Play, to be quite honest because although I'm not fully enhanced in the current meta, I did have a feeling that turning something like this into a Quick-Play could potentially be scary, I just wanted to provide an option that could change how the card works. I stand by what you did to keep that part of the effect the same; it makes good sense. And I will try to provide more, if I can!
  10. What's up BDS. It's been a long time since I dropped a comment on here so keep in mind I'm still not completely caught up with the meta so please excuse me if I don't come off too current-in-standing. I think the card is really cool and pretty creative. The only part I want to really throw my opinion on is the wording of the lore. 1) In the effect, the main play comes off of the "... since last turn" part. I would specify this a little bit more. The reason why, is because since this is a Normal Spell Card, it means this card can pretty much only be activated during your turn. When you give the clause of "... since last turn", I think it refers to the literal turn before: your opponent's turn. I'm not exactly sure if your intention was to profit off of your LP gain from your opponent's turn, but if it was, then the effect is fine how it is. However, if the intention for the "since last turn" was implying your last turn, I would change the card in 2 different routes... Route A) You can add the 'your' part to the effect to look something like "... since your last turn". (Again, I'm not completely sure on the intention of it being your last turn or your opponent's last turn, but if it is supposed to mean your last turn, I would just add that small thing in.) Route B) You can turn this card into a Quick-Play to be able to activate it during the beginning of your opponent's next turn. I'm more of a fan of Route A, but Route B is also viable. (Again, I'm not completely sure on the intention of it being your last turn or your opponent's last turn, but if it is supposed to mean your last turn, I would just add that small thing in.) 2) The second part of your effect reads something like: "...then you gain 500 LP for each "Gift of the Naturopath" that is face-up on your field or in your GY...". The only part in this that I see might be kind of strange is where you wrote "for each 'Gift of the Naturopath' that is face-up on your field'". As it stands right now, that part of the effect seems kind of strange. The reason why, is because since this card is a Normal Spell Card, there can only be 1 face-up Gift of the Naturopath on the field (by its own activation). If this card was a Continuous Card, then that part of the effect makes more sense since you could have face-up copies of that card. To be quite honest, I'm not 100% sure that you can gain the 500 LP for activating this card and treating as it being "face-up on your field", that seems like some deep diving into official card text knowledge, but I will just assume that you do profit off of it. If the case was to gain the 500 LP for each face-up Gift of the Naturopath, then it seems kinda' off considering it's a Normal Spell Card. If this card was a Trap or Quick-Play, that effect could also work (off chains) but I think the card text would change a little bit to something like: 'gain 500 LP for each time you activated a "Gift of the Naturopath" this turn'. So I will provide my opinion on different routes you could go with this: Route A) Keep it a Normal Spell card, but take out: 'gain 500 LP for each face-up "Gift of the Naturopath"' part to something like 'gain 500 LP for each "Gift of the Naturopath" activated this turn' (<--- not super confident on that wording, but you get the picture). Route B) Turn it into Quick-Play Spell / Trap card to have it being a chain effect that would make more sense. If you kept it the same wording, then the chain would profit off how many "Gift of the Naturopath" are being chained to it, if you changed the wording into something like what I mentioned, it would profit without the need of a chain. Route C) Just remove that part. Maybe I'm just a little outdated on the important benefits of including the 'gain 500 LP for each face-up "Gift of the Naturopath"'; but I don't think you need it, really. I would just keep the 500 LP gain from the ones in the GY. Having the face-up part just seems a tad bit excessive. So, I would just have it go:'If you gained 3000 or less LP since last turn: Pay 2000 LP; draw 1 card for every 1000 LP you gained since last turn, then you gain 500 LP for each "Gift of the Naturopath" that is face-up on your field or in your GY, but you cannot draw cards with card effects for the rest of the turn.' Wow, that was long. Sorry for the long read. Hope it helped!
  11. SUMMONED ONIKOTSU DARK | [Level 6] [Zombie / Effect] If this card was Special Summoned from the GY: This card gains 500 ATK. If this card was Special Summoned due to the effect of “Book of Life”: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; destroy that target. ATK/ 2500 DEF/ 0 ________________________________________________________________________ TRIVIA: This card is the Zombie/Oni version of Summoned Skull. The name "Onikotsu" is a combination of the words "Oni" (Japanese Demon) and "Zugaikotsu" (Japenese word for 'Skull').This card works hand-in-hand with the card Book of Life and could be considered in the artwork of this card.________________________________________________________________________ Card Notes: This card was primarily made to help boost Zombie Decks. Since one of the main engines of Zombies was Summoning monsters from the GY, I wanted to throw in a moderate beater.I also wanted to play off of a Book of Life engine (kinda) that could pop some cards on the field. I wouldn't say it's an ideal engine considering the fact that you 1) need to have a Summoned Onikotsu in the GY and 2) need to have Book of Life in your hand. It's 2 credentials which may not be too hard to play off but it's a nice bonus effect.________________________________________________________________________ Wow it's been a long time, YCM. I see a lot has changed since my long hiatus. Since I've been gone, I have been still making cards and I upload some of them mainly on DeviantArt, which you can check out here. So what now? I probably won't be posting on here too often. I will mostly be uploading my cards on DeviantArt, but, if there is a card / cards I feel is good enough to upload on here for some good feedback then I will do so. So in honor of my very first custom card upload on YCM, my custom Skull Deck, (I'm warning you, it's pretty terrible), I present you; Summoned Onikotsu. All/any feedback is welcomed.
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