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  1. Out of curiosity, which card do consider as Playmaker's ace card? Usually it's between Firewall Dragon and Decode Talker. I always felt like Firewall was his ace and Decode Talker was more of his Junk Warrior (like a sub-ace). But in a lot of Konami advertising they make it seem like Decode is his ace (i.e. Duel Power box art). 

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    2. PrimeAceJohn


      Ahh gotchu. Yeah I only watched the first-half of Vrains which is great, I didn't really like the back-half. However, I don't really remember Yusei ever using Goyo Guardian lol. 

    3. Sleepy


      Decode is absolutely the Ace, but I suspect Firewall was originally intended to be it. Much like how ZeXal actually has a list of parallel elements with DM and Arc V gave a little bit of a special spot to the GX-like setting, VRAINS was meant to draw parallels with 5DS, so the serious older main character performs out of the law with his 2300 ATK ace early on, and eventually gets a dragon that follows the ATK pattern of all main characters in the franchise. However, Firewall actually became a nuisance to the game IRL and list hits tried to circle around it a few times until they had to inevitably ban it. With that they wouldn't really keep promoting it in the show. They went for alternative bosses from other mechanics Yusaku learned instead, Cynet Magician (Ritual), Cyberse Clock Dragon (Fusion), Cyberse Quantum Dragon (Synchro), all got the 2500 stats, but after that they decided to make alternative Firewalls. Firewall EXceed Dragon (Xyz), and finally Firewall Dragon Dark Fluid (Link 5). None of which require the original Firewall for anything. Though Decode was consistently the ace the most by far.

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      Hmm yeah that is very interesting. That was one of the gripes I had with Vrains in general. When it came to Yusaku and Revolver, you never really knew what their ace truly and clearly was. Call me a traditionalist, but I always appreciated having that 1 clear signature ace monster (granted, I'm somewhat excited for Sevens so maybe I wouldn't consider myself a YGO traditionalist all too much lol). Decode definitely had the most consistency especially with how often it was Summoned throughout the anime. I just always had the thought that the 25K beater Dragon/Warrior/Spellcaster-esque monster (I know Firewall is not a Dragon, but it follows that look) was the Protagonist's Ace. But it seems like they are gearing away towards that with Sevens Roads Magician reinforcing that idea. 

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