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  1. This is the place where I got started with card-creating and I went on to DeviantArt and left this place completely. That's kinda f'd up of me. 

    I want to encourage some of my watchers on DeviantArt to come onto here, too, within my limited capacity. If any of you guys have any ideas, I'm all ears. 

    1. UltimateIRS


      why would you do that to your watchers on deviantart

    2. PrimeAceJohn


      @UltimateIRS I mean don't get me wrong, DeviantArt for card-creators is great but it's like a totally different atmosphere on there. Here, everything is organized and completely dedicated to yugioh. I think there's far more of a community feeling on here than there is on Deviantart. Deviantart is, for the most part, a showcasing website. 

      I don't want to force my watchers or jam it down their throat, but I'm trying to think of ways I could encourage them to check out this outlet. I was thinking of making a cross-platform contest or something like that idk. 

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      This is an excellent idea to boost the site's activity, John. How about organizing some sort of competition? Your watchers are most likely YGO players, so probably they would be willing to make a couple of custom cards. You could gather a panel of judges and invite the watchers to make some customs, under certain simple rules. The winner could request you with an artwork.

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