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  1. ________________________________________________________ These cards came from a submitted suggestion from my suggestion box. If you'd like to see certain cards/content on this page, drop it in the suggestion box. You can access the link to the suggestion box from this post. Please read rules/clarifications before submitting your suggestion. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
  2. I love Synchros too. They always stood out to me as a distinguished/royal class of yugioh summoning lol idk why. But I also got love for Xyz, they're what got me back into yugioh after like 7 years. As for the effect, I see where you're going with it. I ran a contest and the entry of the contest winner would have their submitted card details (mostly) incorporated within the card itself. The problem we had when it came to making the effects for both monsters comes from the fact that we are introducing Synchro mechanics into an archetype that is not a very synchro friendly in it's nature. I
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/primeacejohn/art/Galaxy-Eyes-Photon-Quark-Synchron-874359417 https://www.deviantart.com/primeacejohn/art/Galaxy-Eyes-Starmirage-Dragon-874379868 ________________________________________________________ These cards came from a submitted suggestion from my suggestion box. If you'd like to see certain cards/content on this page, drop it in the suggestion box. You can access the link to the suggestion box from this post. Please read rules/clarifications before submitting your suggestion. ________________________________________________________ Galaxy-Ey
  4. I've been running several yugioh-related polls lately and wow.. My opinions seems to be wildly unpopular in this space lol

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Sometimes it do be like that.

    2. Mr Melon
    3. PrimeAceJohn


      @Mr Melon You can see the polls that I run right here. Almost every poll that I run, my opinion is either the second least favored or the least favored.

  5. https://www.deviantart.com/primeacejohn/art/Sevens-Road-Magician-Arcanus-874740982 ________________________________________________________ Sevens Road Magician Arcanus DARK | [Level 9] | LEGEND [Spellcaster / Effect] [Requirement] You can tribute 1 face-up “Sevens Road Magician” you control. [Effect] Special Summon this card (from your hand). Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by its own effect. When this card is Summoned, you can send as many monsters from your Deck to the GY with different Attributes: Place 1 Arcanus Fire Counter on this card for each
  6. Destiny HEROs < Every other HERO archetype

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    2. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Arc-V? Not really. They're a little more flashy (especially two of those Fusion Monsters). Least Dangerous pulls off the aesthetic well. Reminds me of that crossover comic Dark Claw.

    3. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Evil HERO for me

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      @The Nyx Avatar That dark claw reference is actually very cool. I'll never look at Dangerous the same way again.

      @Dokutah Jolly I like the Evil HEROs a lot. I wish they made more main deck monsters :/

  7. This card came from a submitted suggestion from my suggestion box. If you'd like to see certain cards/content on this page, drop it in the suggestion box. You can access the link to the suggestion box from this post. Please read rules/clarifications before submitting your suggestion. ________________________________________________________ Number C98: Antitopian Dusk DARK | [ 4] 3 Level 4 DARK monsters You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a "Number 98: Antitopian" you control as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card.) You ca
  8. Idk. To me, it's always been a weird thing. Every year has tragedies and shitty things that happen. I can't remember a time when it was mainstream to say "[Insert previous year] was a great year!". There's always going to be crappy stuff that happens every single year. This may be different, since 2020 was when we were going through the worst of the pandemic and it seems like there's light at the end of the tunnel in 2021, but let's be real: 2021 is going to have some devastating stuff. Icons will die. Violence could occur. We can't rule out that bad stuff will always inevitably happen.
  9. It's funny because I actually originally included that the effect unlockables occur through the number of knights used, but I couldn't get the wording right and the effect was getting huge. I'm still considering leaning in that direction though, I just gotta figure out the best way to do it. I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Been oddly obsessed with Irish music this past year. Highly recommend. 

    1. Enguin


      yaaaassss queeeeeen

  11. If you want to a side-by-side of this recreation and it's anime original, you can check it out here. ________________________________________________________ Royal Straight Slasher LIGHT | [ 6] [Warrior / Effect] You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 3 Level 5 or lower Warrior monsters with different names from your hand, field, Deck, and/or GY. If 3 “’s Knight” Monsters were banished for the Summon of this card by this effect: This card gains the following effects: • This card gains 1000 ATK. • If this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it t
  12. This is a card that came straight out of the anime. You can check it out here. I didn't want to do an exact recreation of it. I wanted to add my own spin and make the armor look a little more updated with something more of my style. I also added in the poker cards in the background that you see in all the Poker Knights artworks. I also made it into a custom card with redesigned effect, which you can check out here.
  13. If you were to throw a contest where all contestants submit a card effect for the same custom-made artwork, what would that custom artwork be of? 

    I was thinking of a Neos + BEWD Fusion, but it's pretty unrealistic.

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    2. PrimeAceJohn


      That sounds extremely interesting, ngl. I was thinking of something that falls in line with an old(ish?) archetype that could provide a slight revamp to it. Something like a Blackwing, Fire Fist, Cyber Dragons, Gladiator Beast card. Something that could help out an underused archetype/deck with just 1 card. 

    3. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas


      This seems like a good place to start. They've also done a BEWD+Obelisk fusion and Ra+Gilford, though they have some other fusions that might be worth a look.

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      I'm a big fan of b98x's work, I've been watching their works for a while now. I already created the Neos + BEWD fusion, but I'm trying to figure out the right context to release it. For a card effect contest, however, I want to make a card art that seems more realistic for the meta rather than something that just looks badass but not necessarily realistically playable.

  14. Sinnoh is my favorite region and I'm happy they're remaking it. But from the trailer, it just looks kinda lazy. They got rid of some of the cool aspects from Sword/Shield. There's also no new battle mechanic or anything like that. Granted, it's the very first trailer so they still might be saving up reveals, but kinda let-down by this.

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    2. PrimeAceJohn


      @Mr Melon Yea regardless I'm probably going to get it since I loveeeee Sinnoh the most. Just wish it took the OR/AS remake style for this :/

      Also, I love Cyndaquil but hot take: I think Typhlosion is ugly and wayyyyy to overrated

    3. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      Huh, really?  I always found Typhlosion the most aesthetically pleasing out of the three Johto final evos; Meganium felt a bit boring to me and Feraligatr's sprite in Gen 2 felt like they were trying to do too much.

      EDIT: Oh gosh, I just saw the 3d model for Typhlo.  Why'd they massacre my boi?

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      The thing about Typhlosion, is that its design is way too simple for me. If the fire on its back was always on, kinda like Charizard's tail, then I wouldn't be as critical. I personally like the Hoenn starters evolutions the most. I could pick any 1 of the 3 and I would be happy. Johto is the one I actually like the least. But I admit that I know these opinions aren't the most popular lol.

  15. vry true. Honestly, I like Ra the least so I'm happy as hell that Slifer and Obelisk are getting their own structure decks. I just think it's funny how they have a structure deck line called "Egyptian God Deck" and they're only doing 2 out of the 3 gods.
  16. why no love for my boy ra???????
  17. I'm looking for a couple of judges to help me decide a winner for a card contest that finishes tomorrow on my DA. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

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    2. PrimeAceJohn
    3. Mr Melon

      Mr Melon

      How's the contest going?

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      It good! Got 6 pretty good submissions. Announcing the winner later today.

  18. whats your favorite era of the meta
  19. This is the place where I got started with card-creating and I went on to DeviantArt and left this place completely. That's kinda f'd up of me. 

    I want to encourage some of my watchers on DeviantArt to come onto here, too, within my limited capacity. If any of you guys have any ideas, I'm all ears. 

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    2. Dokutah Jolly

      Dokutah Jolly

      Slightly related topic, is anyone keep track of our new card maker beta test? I guess we need to make it up and running for the new members you bring john. This site has ups and downs but in general this is a good idea worth trying. Make sure anything tiddy up before that IMO

    3. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      Not much activity as of late in the beta testing, it seems we pretty much found most issues it has, and it's likely YCMaker is working on them. Last post from YCMaker in this regard was on February 5. Arcadia warlic asked  on February 14 if there was an estimated release date for the card maker, question that hasn't been replied so far.

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      @Dokutah Jolly That's nice. But I also don't have like this crazy big following on DeviantArt so I think calling it a "swarm" is overstating it by a lot lol. 

      Honestly, I'm sure that most people who watch me on DA are already aware of this site. A lot of them are card-makers, themselves and often times I see them post cards with this site's card maker. 

      The point of wanting to do this is to simply make them more aware of the community and layout this place has, which is why I always enjoyed this place. In all honesty, I wouldn't expect that many people to even go as far as make an account, but letting them at least know about this place is more important for me.

  20. Season 4 Judai/Jaden hits different

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    2. PrimeAceJohn


      @Arcadia warlic he was actually my favorite character in all of yugioh manga, for me. His deck, his attitude, and everything was amazing. 

    3. Sleepy


      Let's see... Chazz.
      Animie Chazz's Ojamas were annoying at times and prevented him from getting some cooler stuff, and I like them during the period of his arc when he's getting humbled and untapping power with their help, but at some point I think Armed Dragon should have taken a bigger spotlight as his special card. At the end that growing dragon was nothing but a cool prize set he assembled with no spirit showing up.

      Chazz seemed to be built up to be the second best potential hero at the academy if Jaden ever wasn't in the picture, but his plot relevant duels other than to his brothers were actually a detriment to the plot like his brainwash by Sartorious. The series always ended up prioritizing his character growth to the detriment of the rest of the cast whenever those 2 things were in conflict. Didn't the Sacred Beasts wake up because of that duel Chazz had with Alexis? My memory is foggy on that particular. I do remember that Don Zaloog's way of resolving the Dark Scorpions gave Chazz the tools to comeback and that's like the writers going "Chazz doesn't have a possible way to come back from this if they do that properly, what do we do?" xD

      I like Chazz losing to Bastion and Bastion going "that was tailormade against Jaden and isn't even complete yet lol" but Chazz should have had a rematch down the line there... they just left it at that. Well there was the Society of light duel they had later on but Bastion was gonna win and threw the game because he actually wanted to join them...... Bastion was better in the anime than the manga.

      Chazz has a number of good things and planted seeds for development that for some reason almost never combined with the main plot in a positive manner for the heroes.... still, I'm curious on why so many people like manga Chazz more. I think the manga stripped him of his goofy side (which admittedly the anime overdid) and just made him "the cool rival with a cool ace". Are his brothers even part of the manga? What's his manga deal? Honestly I never found a place where I could finish reading the manga past the duel where Splendid Venus first appears so probably missing a bunch, so yeah.....  

    4. PrimeAceJohn


      @Sleepy The GX manga is the first yugioh manga I read so I may be biased when saying it's the best yugioh manga (imo). But that's the thing, what made Chazz annoying for me was when he became a goofy comedic relief. If he started off that way, I wouldn't be upset. The way his character started off in the anime was to show the distinction between class systems, Jaden of the low class and Chazz of the high class - both evenly matched (although Jaden ended up making him look like a toddler duelist).

       I think having that obvious gap between the two was important and necessary for the show. Then they humbled him from his position, which I'm fine with, but they did so and took away all this swagger that he had. In the manga, they got rid of all that and they made him the badass I felt the anime originally intended him to be.  

      They also gave him a more consistent Deck style. In the anime, he was just picking up and dropping off a new deck. As you pointed, the Ojama's did no justice for Chazz. They tried making comic relief for the comic relief and it just all became obnoxious. 

      The thing about Chazz's brothers though was a pretty good storyline for Chazz, I'll admit. 

  21. Wow, this is incredibly detailed. Thanks for the response. I didn't come up with the effect. I had a contest on my DeviantArt based off a suggestion I got to make an older version of Neptabyss in a Link-4 form. You would make a lot more sense of Mermails than I would honestly. As for the art design, I figured giving him more hair, a bear, and more armor with relate to it's "older" look. I didn't want to steer too far away from Neptabyss's original art design because I still wanted it to be recognizable. Thanks for the feedback!
  22. *This card's effect came from a submitted contest entry that I had on my DeviantArt * ________________________________________________________ Neptabyss, the Atlantean King WATER | [BL, BR, L, R] [Sea Serpent / Link / Effect] 2+ WATER monsters including an "Atlantean" and/or "Mermail" monster other than "Neptabyss, the Atlantean King" When this card is Link Summoned, you can discard 1 WATER monster: Draw 2 cards. If this card was Link Summoned using a Level 7 or higher WATER monster, your opponent cannot target this card with cards or effects. If you would activate the effect o
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