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  1. I'm blue dee da ba... 

  2. Trying to go back to yugioh after 5ish years without playing
  3. My brother and I are trying to play yugioh again, so at one point we had to look at the cards we had before we quit. We had this card we found interesting : Attribute EARTH Level 1 Monster Type Machine Card Type Effect ATK 0 DEF 0 Card Text If you have Normal Summoned a monster this turn, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can Tribute this card to destroy 1 monster your opponent controls that battled one of your monsters this turn. Machine is a pretty good type, it's a free summon, and being a Level 1 is pretty good...
  4. Hello ! It changed quite a bit here ! 🙂

  5. I was supposed to do something "soon"... :/ Well, here is some sh*tty drawing edited with gimp : Edit : I could make a nice avatar from it :B
  6. Ribombee @quiver dance
  7. I think Mr Spaz wanted it not to be broken.... Rampardos is offensively too good to be really fast. Would be Uber-like with a high speed. But yeah, that"s the stat you need to incease to make it good. I must add that I loved the Mega Castform idea Mega Articuno Type: Flying/Ice Ability: No Guard HP: 100 (+10) Atk: 65 (-20) Def: 125 (+25) Sp Atk: 140 (+45) Sp Def: 125 Speed: 125 (+40) Sweeper @ bulk <3
  8. Hey, real nice drawings up there ! :) That Mutle <3 And your sorcerer (?) is awesome sleepy ! Can I make a custom image from it ? I'll draw smth asap so I won't be the only one not drawing a thing...
  9. worst opponent ever mimikyu still stronk tho
  10. Quickly drew this : The inking is terrible, I made it with a (bad) caligraphy quill... :/ Well, I had issues with the wing on the left too and the bottom of its body :S References : Dunsparce, Gliscor Dunsparce-Mega Ground-Flying Serene Grace Base Stats : 100 HP (=) 120 Atk (+50) 70 Def (=) 65 SpA (=) 85 SpD (+20) 75 Spe (+30) Edit : Real quick (digitally) coloured version
  11. Ah, that's not "a crayon", but that's "un crayon" ;) You're welcome. Their expressions are nice. Also, for the vectorization, I suggest you to use curved lines insted of straight ones...
  12. This is what we call a top ladder match Edit : Wow, sorry, thought I applicated long ago but wasn't the case. YCM username: Cauchemar Pokemon Showdown username: DooLiRaoul Favorite tier: random battles Favorite type: None Favorite Pokémon: Breloom
  13. Well, that's not supposed to be a mustache... Looks like Wario now :'O Here's a kind of banner, with that awesome font with which you can't see anything if you're not EXACTLY in front of the pic
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