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  1. With the wiener in my mouth and everything? Yea, that is pretty creepy.
  2. Maybe in another 8 years you'll get one from a different angle. maybe.
  3. Ladies, I am recently single.
  4. I got to see them play that live but as an acoustic rendition of it, so much better than the original.
  5. totally not metal but I thought I would share what my friend is using his college education monies to do. This is what happens when you put a stoner in a 30000$ studio for 3 hours alone. http://weirdocan.bandcamp.com/track/karma-police-new-remix-2013-hot-sexy
  6. All age shows usually end around 11. 19+ (or 21+ if your 'murican) usually end when the bar does last call.
  7. If you go see Wintersun and Fleshgod, Hang out by their tour bus after the show. They will talk to you and sign all your merch and sheet. Also, thanks for buying eclipse. I have more recordings ready to be put up but I'm not allowed to do it yet. I gotta wait for the approval of the other guys.
  8. Nah, Bloodmoon is related to the whole story of our first album. We have a 3 part concept album we have been working on for a few years now.
  9. I play in a deathcore band called Reasons Lost http://reasonslost.bandcamp.com/ and a prog metal band called Bloodmoon http://bloodmoonband.bandcamp.com/
  10. Really, you just have to put yourself out there. Talk to your local promoters, talk to your local bands and musicians, really, just talk to everyone you meet. The more contacts you create the better chances of landing a good show to play. Bigger, more successful bands will have tons of contacts from all over the place and you can ask them if they know anyone to contact if you want to play in a certain area. Also, doing favors for other bands will help too. For example, I have many bands from the Toronto area I can call up and ask if they would want to do a show swap (they get us a show in Toro
  11. I played a show with these fine dudes a few years ago. I live right across the river from Detroit so they used to play my city quite a bit. They kick some serious ass live.
  12. when time 2 is out, they plan on playing both back to back with no breaks. They also mentioned something about wanting to get a small orchestra for a few shows. Like Metallica S+M.
  13. I saw them a couple weeks ago in Toronto. They're absolutely amazing live. I also got to meet them after the show, they explained their live rig to me and talked about their plans for time 2.
  14. Yea. definitely death metal, Extreme symphonic metal to be more precise
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