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  1. The bug with loading previous status replies has been fixed. Also, almost 1,500 cards have been saved using the new card maker. Off to a great start!

  2. DM me what you remember of the account (email, location last used, etc) and I'll help you regain access.
  3. New card maker tip: You can search your saved cards by clicking on the dropdown and typing. Results are highlighted so you can press enter to quickly load a card, or use the arrow keys to navigate.

  4. New Yugioh Card Maker has graduated to public beta! Link directly below logo. Still loads to do, but it should be stable enough at this point.

    Big shoutout to everyone who helped test this app over the past several months, I appreciate all of you! If you made a suggestion that hasn't made it into the app yet, don't fret - it's probably still on the way. The beta test forum will remain active and you all will be able to try out the latest features before they go live.

    1. Zefra Zamazenta

      Zefra Zamazenta

      I gotta ask you 1 thing before you release it can you please finally update the templates for synchro and XYZ please with a cherry on top also can you make the card text font smaller it will make it look like an official yugioh card also can we please remove this is a fan card created on xxx.xxxxx.xxxx please it's really distracting  

    2. Erika Mishima

      Erika Mishima

      I just did a test on it, whilst comparing with a real card (Raigeki and Endymion as an example here, due to both, simple short text, and wall of text respectively), with the left side is the real card from wikia, while the right side is the card generated at beta cardmaker:

      1) https://imgur.com/kXxrQAr.jpg (Raigeki)

      2) https://imgur.com/jPmEonX.jpg (Endymion)

      @Zefra Zamazenta I think the font size on the card text is already good enough as it is, as you can see at the image 1) of Raigeki, font size is same on both real cards and generated from the beta ycm.

      But if we look at the image 2) of Endymion, we clearly see some differences here, being: A) Text box, the real cards has smaller pendulum text box and bigger monster effect text box, whilst card generated via beta ycm, has both (kinda?) same size each B) Normally real cards, if it has a wall of text, the font size is getting tinier, but when it is not enough, they didn't change the font size into more tinier, but rather, flattened the text so that whatever it takes to fit into the text box, unless you are perfectionist on making a custom card, this is still fine. C) Another small thing is the gold rarity/gold card name, idk it feels weird as if the darker and brighter color got swapped on the beta cardmaker, and it looks like the text stick out of the card, but then again, small stuff. D) I think i also agree with Zefra Zamazenta on removing the "this card was created at cardmaker.net"

      Overall, it's good enough imo, also thanks YCMaker, and everyone who are part of developing the beta cardmaker, haven't tested other card type yet but this looks promising!

    3. Zefra Zamazenta

      Zefra Zamazenta

      @YCMaker See the text font on the pendulum cards is in the monster Tex box is too small but in the spell/ upper box the text is too large please fix it.

  5. I think there is already a point system in place with the new ranks. You can "reward" someone for a post by giving them points. I haven't looked too closely at how it works yet but if we can extend it to work better for contests and shops, I'll give it a shot!
  6. Pm me anything you remember about the account - email, location accessed, etc.
  7. That's fine, PM me what you remember and I'll help you get access.
  8. Do you remember which email you used to sign up?
  9. What do you have in mind?
  10. For those concerned about their "Newbie" status, I have the option to recalculate ranks based on prior post history. I'll put this up to a vote soon and if the community decides they'd like me to do this I will!

    1. YCMaker


      I will also be adding more badges to commemorate longer lengths of membership, like a decade. And awards for giving feedback / posting in the custom cards section.

    2. Simping For Hina

      Simping For Hina

      Can I get an award for being Daddy on this site?

  11. About to upgrade us to IP.Board 4.6, site may go down for a bit.

    1. Horu


      No big deal. Updates can be nice sometimes. Assuming we don't lose some functions that the previous version had.

    2. YCMaker


      And we're done! Probably one of the smoothest transitions yet.

    3. Horu


      Neat. So what fancy new features are in the updated version?

  12. I've just added you to the beta.
  13. Agreed on the spoilers - the upgrade to IP.Board v4 is what broke them originally. For some reason, Invision changed the way spoilers work, for the worse. There may be a plugin available now to restore the previous functionality, but as IP.Board v4.6 is about to be released, I'm going to wait until then to integrate such a plugin. As far as registration, we have a few "invisible" anti-spam measures in place currently. If spambots are bypassing these measures, there may be more that can be done but I would be hesitant to setup any sort of Q/A system, which is just kind of annoying to real users and easily bypassed by bots. It does seem that Invision is developing some more advanced anti-spam features in v4.6: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/3-improvements-to-spam-management-in-46-r1228
  14. PM me with your email, and the general geographic location that you remember using the account from so I can confirm that it's you.
  15. Alright, just unarchived it. Going forward archived threads will remain archived (except in extenuating circumstances).
  16. Ah that's too bad, although I guess I understand Invision's reasoning behind making unarchive an admin-only feature: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/360604-archive-system/ In general, it's best that archived threads remain archived, for server performance. It takes quite a while of inactivity to become archived (I think a year?). I'll make an exception for this one, but I think this should be the exception to the rule. Going forwards, archived threads should remain archived unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. Nevermind, unarchived threads can't be archived again, which seems like an oversight on Invision's part, but since this is the case I'd prefer that the thread remain archived. Just carry on with the new thread here.
  17. @The Nyx Avatar @Flame Dragon Do you guys not have this option in the mod action dropdown?
  18. Yeah I'll set up a way to transfer the old cards over.
  19. Go ahead and try your post again, and let me know if you encounter the same error.
  20. For those who use the card maker: would you prefer to have separate individual controls for card name text effect and card photo holo effect? Or a single list of rarities (similar to what we have now) that would affect both name and photo together?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Phelphor, of the Deep

      Phelphor, of the Deep

      We all agree? Seperate? 

    3. Horu


      Yeah. Can the pendulum control also be separate?

    4. MohametGk7


      Separate i think would be nice. Can't wait to use this new card maker as i really love creating cards.

  21. I can see a PHP error showing in the admin logs related to the post. I've reached out to Invision Support regarding the error - will keep you updated.
  22. Can you give me a link to a post that is hiding spoilers correctly on your computer but not on your mobile phone?
  23. Pretty mind blowing: https://openai.com/blog/dall-e/

    Maybe one day we can use this technology to generate images on the card maker...

    1. Horu


      I've had that concept locked away in the back of my mind for the longest time 😁

    2. Rayfield Lumina

      Rayfield Lumina

      This sounds absolutely fantastic. The possibilities, even within the projected limitations, is beyond exciting.

    3. Zeppeli Gyro Supreme
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