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  1. Pretty sure the FBI arrested someone in my neighborhood to. Neat

    1. Godbrand


      Dang it, they got the wrong address. LOL

  2. Given my last notification its been about 3 weeks since I last logged in and a lot has happened since. Nice to see YCMaker taking an active roll.

    1. God Emperor Cow
    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      YCMaker is becoming an active member of the community that he created. But most definitely excited to see him taking an active role.

    3. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Believe me Cow, I know he does.

  3. Images keep failing to upload on card maker FIX IT Please

    1. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      YCMaker is making a completely new card maker.

    2. Zamazenta


      When is that gona come out fpr other non-users fror site after beta test

    3. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      When we finish testing

  4. Remember, a waifu is only truly a waifu if they have a non-zero chance of just murdering you.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Just saying, all it takes for Launch to kill you is a sneeze.

    3. Jolta


      So, all of them?

    4. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      I'm sure I could find a waifu that has a zero chance of killing anyone.

  5. As soon as the music hit in the smash trailer my jaw dropped

    1. ~British Soul~

      ~British Soul~

      I'm not shocked given FF7 Remake came out this year

    2. Godbrand


      Boo! Waluigi deserves it more!

  6. New mods have been promoted. Cleared out the report que this. Thats everything official that needs to be taken care. It was fun while I was there to look at some of the older reports too. My favorites are just people asking to have a double post deleted. 

  7. Ok, we're derailing again. Just gonna lock this now since we're done here.
  8. Went for a 2 hour walk in near freezing temperatures. Was honestly pretty comfy during it so this makes me happy.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      Winter is also my favorite season. But only because I'm not getting brain damage from sneezing so much.

    3. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      I wasn't alone with Winter, I was alone with Fall. It isn't Winter just yet.

    4. Nobody Really

      Nobody Really

      So you enjoyed your time alone with Autumn?

  9. Me yesterday I should check in on YCM. Getting the new mods in by weeks end is important. Eh, the Mod thread hasn't been super active, I'm sure it will be fine if I left it for a day. Me today What the hell happened. Oh, nonsense, a lot of nonsense happened. I only skimmed through most the thread since so much of it is just noise. Got some laughs here and there though. Anyway, I wasn't planning on doing a formal vote since I figured we'd get more out of a discussion (lol) and as people correctly surmised had more or less cemented who I'd want befor
  10. I'll like be making the promotions in the next couple days, but I'll say that the people I'm likely promoting have been named at least once here.
  11. Who would you recommend than for the position?
  12. I figure before I promote Enguin and Nyx I should ask for the community thoughts on the issue. Who do you think will make the best choice? I already have a few people in mind, but getting a read on what everyone things seems like it can only be a net positive in making the decision.
  13. Given that the oldest report is from over 5 weeks ago, apologies for being away for that long. To be perfectly honest, my mind is kind of a mess and the thought of clearing reports and seeing inappropriate things honestly has made me anxious for a while and I decided to best way to not deal with it would be to not check in. That is, obviously, not the correct response since the content is still there and it causes more people to have to unwittingly see it if something like that does show up (and after clearing the reports the closest thing to that was Winter posting an abortion meme thing in debates which was incredibly uncalled for but not actively inappropriate). I'm going to be promoting someone to take care of things in the coming days because leaving things as they currently are is simply wrong to do.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)
    3. Godbrand


      Sure... Gigs sure....

    4. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      You haven't been around long enough to call me that.

  14. We all know YCMaker won't do anything. I'm going to be promoting someone in the next few days.
  15. Randomly decided to look at the report logs and seeing that YCMaker cleared reports was super weird.

    1. Phantom Roxas

      Phantom Roxas

      I'm actually impressed he did that.

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