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  1. I've been up for 7 hours after getting like 11 hours of sleep. Why do I feel sleepy already. Gah.

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    2. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      Sleeping doesn't mean you are resting. Think about this: You can sleep for an hour and run through a 24 hour day without the smallest bit of caffeine because you are well rested. Or you can put in 12 hours of sleep and struggle to stay awake for 2 hours even with 3 monsters in your system because you aren't well rested.

    3. Godbrand


      You caught the plague and now must be cleansed with fire

    4. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      By "cleansed with fire", he means you must eat my salsa.

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