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  1. well, i wouldn't exactly describe myself as "captivated", since i don't think politicians who actually care can get very far in politics esp. in the post-2016 zeitgeist, but i do think it's important to engage in, even if only to try and minimize harm in the lives of everyday people. also, it gets me mad and posting in a (mostly) non-toxic, tucked away corner of the internet (like here) helps me get steam off my chest, but recently activity in debates subforum has dropped to my knowledge. i hope this helps clear things up
  2. not anymore, really (for clarity's sake, mr bones was a rct2 meme ref)
  3. Anything I need for a fast/aggro vanity's/majesty's deck that can work now and later? (will be vacationing and its late so i dont feel like posting the deck now)

    1. Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger

      No idea, and the last time i use vanity/majesty is drytron or true draco deck. Which probably not the thing you want

    2. cr47t


      you mean, against drytron/true or combined with it?

    3. Dokutah Gory, Woundslinger
  4. I WANT TO GET OFF MR BONES WILD RIDE insert current events joke here
  5. so I know that this has been in the news all week but i havent been able to come on here all week so here you go https://www.reuters.com/business/treasurys-yellen-agrees-debt-default-would-cause-irreparable-damage-us-2021-09-30/ my thoughts: tbh it's a bit worrying that this is a possibility but idk much about economics so ill leave that to any of you who do
  6. ok i recently bought spiritfarer on steam and i'm liking it so far. i thought it would be a nice diversion but when i pick it up i just get lost for a while exploring and meeting new people. in its minimal-conflict world-focused idea executed superbly (and how it does it) it's reminded me more than once of spirited away
  7. question: what to do if the games are digital and font have a physical release?
  8. i know the feeling. reminds me of a time i went to a nature trail roughly by a rocky seaside. it had its nice little suprises, but for most of the first half of my walk i felt the same way. then the weather rolled in and suddenly with all that fog and mist i felt like i felt like i has stepped through reality into a Tolkienesque/English/New Zealandish/whatever world free for me to look around. still my favorite nature train ever, and im kinda afraid to go back in case high expectations ruin it. just wanted to share anyway, ready for another question
  9. havent touched zelda in years while BOTW and TwiP gather dust in my physical library. (never got into the switch when the kinds of games i now play are all PC anyway) but lets see...
  10. favorite works of fiction? (the narratives can be from anywhere really, games, film, books, TV, comics, etc)
  11. a few things i have to say here i'm not going to try and compress the "likeability VS relatability" debate over fictional MCs into this post, but i will say that i do think that relatability can contribute to likeability, if the relatability comes not only from understanding the motives but the reader sharing said motives (admittedly, this is easier to estimate when writing for an audience, which is also a bigger topic for another thread). i do agree with the villain part precisely because virtually nobody thinks they're in the wrong and goes ahead anyway. YES. i agree that mary sues or other Super-MCs are bad to write, not only because there's no investment in the outcomes on small or large scales, but because in the cases of most such characters, the stories they're in not only involve a world that revolves around said sues, but the storyline can quickly become a (usually wish-fulfillment based) story-long ad for the character, and nobody wants to read through that. that said, my MC doesn't have any abilities but the need to avoid character "perfection" (or victimhood, on the opposite end of the spectrum) is important for any story. (not that familiar with DB but i think i get it) i don't quite get what you mean by "the character of choice" - did you perhaps mean the choice the character makes? the MC? something else? i really like the "what if this went wrong" way of looking at them, i'll try to apply it no real comments on paragraph 2 because i think we're both on the same page thank you with the advice for the specific story. i do think you're right that i've got a good balance, now that my mind is a bit clearer, but i have a hard time shutting up my insecurity about my life and work (in writing and outside it) as it was when i posted. that's all it was now that i think about it, sorry for frustrating you.
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