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  1. personally, i was thinking online like one of those card game buying/selling sites. idk where irl...
  2. a bunch. mostly commons from card packs i got each time i went to locals, and i never found the time to sell em so theyre still stuck in the big long box. but i do run a vanity's/majesty's deck (and BEWD before that.) i used to own an exodia set but could never build a deck around it so i traded it off (normal pendulum underdog exodia used to be my favorite DN deck for a time)
  3. Super Metroid, the only one i've finished. i have prime 1 in my collection but always forget to use it or brush it aside - hear the final boss 20+ stages and i can't go for that (yet)
  4. currently frequenting Airtime Thrills, GothamChess, various video essays, and the "rock slowed+reverb" section (if that's what you call it)
  5. never got big into either, always was more of a metroid guy. personally i think mario has done better in 3D, whereas genesis sonic + mania i'd put toe-to-toe with the classic 2d marios (i'd give sonic the edge there, but i haven't done S3&K or S1 yet)
  6. i may not be able to - unless on weekends i dont often get the time to browse here
  7. although my position from post 1 is unchanged, i'm assuming somewhere leaning toward literalism with some figurative wiggle room. also isn't Moses an Exodus figure? EDIT: imma try and stop postin here, i got work to do
  8. probably five guys burgers, or this chicken sandwich i'd get at jake n joes or (preferably) at a certain local bar in my area. also assuming chipotle doesn't count. assuming your home park is six flags great america (which came up looking up fiddler's fling), i'd advise try the Whizzer to start, its not as tame as little dipper but a lot of people love it regardless of ride tastes. i hear the best rides there (i've never been so i'm going off other people and videos) are Raging Bull in the very back row, Goliath (which is very short along with) Maxx Force, and X-Flight looks fun too.
  9. frankly, i don't think it needs this kind of scrutiny, because the young earth creation cause is kind of rendered redundant, by a source no more revered than Genesis itself. if we just look at how words are used and repeated in the creation account in Genesis, God is credited with creation in each of the six days, while the exact date isn't nearly as insisted on if i remember correctly. you can take this any number of ways, but personally i take this to mean that genesis is about the who rather than the when, and so those people who dedicate their time and identity to young earth creation are missing the point, regardless of if you use literalism, allegory, metaphor, or any other bible interpretation. if there's something i missed, feel free to post, but i think i've said all i have to say for now.
  10. nyx, do you have a favorite amusement park ride you rode, and a favorite you missed out on? (for the record, my current fav i've done is Lightning Rod [Dollywood] but i'll be going to Cedar Point so Steel Vengeance might top it. the one i missed out on is X2 [Six Flags Magic Mountain] and i want to go back before it expires and gets torn down)
  11. Majesty's Angel Fairy / LV6 / LIGHT / ATK 2400 / DEF 1200 Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned. Spell and Trap card effects cannot be activated. --- so up until covid canceled the locals i was running a mundane (i.e. no monarchs support - or was it minimal support? IDR and i cant be bothered to check rn) version of a vanitys/majestys deck, and i always had a hard time protecting the two main monster cards from spell/traps as a ways to dispose of them. i don't plan on using it in locals, but i thought it would be an interesting idea to make something like this. originally before posting i had it 1000 DEF and without the "effects" clause but then reflected to change it, but if it isn't fit for the RC subforum (this is my first outing at the sub after not having played the game for over a year) i don't mind getting moved to casual. thoughts?
  12. not going to give names b/c i dont want to give the fame of said people a new lease on life, but i'm sure you can find a few with small effort. also, reading your first/second and third posts, i wouldn't have known they were from the same guy if they weren't all tagged as yours. we've established political beliefs wasn't the basis for arrest, but how TF did you get that conclusion in the first place? when they had plans and equipment and all in their possession and communications? reminder that if they succeeded this would have been not just terrorism but actual political genocide
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