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  1. i don't know what to make of this, it's just so bizarre, only comment i currently have is that i wish they didn't release the drivers name https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-hit-run-kills-ny-federal-judge-suspect-claimed-to-be-harry-potter-report
  2. i'm assuming season 0 is cut from the poll due to lack of the card game?
  3. cr47t

    Moral Code

    i'd say the moral option isn't related to who the voter supports so much as it is about conscience - who the voter thinks is more likely or more able to improve or at least not decline the country, or state, or province or whatever (depending on what office is being run for). on that same note if no major candidates are worth it in such a sense (i would argue that was the case in 2016) i would withhold my vote, or vote for a third alternative, as i would not see redeeming factors in the bigger candidates; a vote for the 'lesser of two evils' is still, in the proverbial sense, a vote for evil
  4. horu, i'm going to have to ask you to elaborate on your argument: what exactly caused the election to be rigged? who did it and why? if you want others to believe you to be factually correct you need to give them more than "it happened"
  5. cr47t

    Final farewell

    Nnice to see you're getting by, and thanks for stopping in. don't know what to say, but here's to your future
  6. yes I know the cover art is cringe but I do like this song off the album
  7. What is the best story you know of in film? In literature? In music? Why? Or is it just not important to you? Just curious
  8. Then the question arises; how do I find a nonvirus emulator? (Maybe we should message about this)
  9. Yeah I have a premise in mind. But this is a thread with a different topic so should I start my own thread? Or just do message or something? Now to try and shift the focus back to the original thread, my last writing project was a kind of isekai-style thing. It fell through because I gradually felt that that project was to some extent me writing about what I wished could happen - on a thematic level, not plot or world based. But still, I didn't want to write wish fulfillment, especially since that seems to be a big problem in the explosion of isekai projects. Am I wrong about that or is i
  10. I find it interesting that you plan on using fantasy elements to deconstruct a sub-genre. That's something I'd like to see more of myself. I think that's because I've been writing a story myself and I hope to deconstruct a genre myself using at least some fantasy elements (except in my case, the genre I'm deconstructing isn't on a fixed position to the realism-fantasy scale), but I'm not sure what tools I have at my disposal since so many notable deconstructions are based on the "______ but in real life" kind of approach. Do you know any articles or existing stories I can learn from? Or s
  11. Wouldn't blame you, i'm really tired of seeing this attitude in stories half of everywhere I step. I know people say that 'sex sells' but I'd rather get a good story well told and I expect a lot of people would prefer that too
  12. he pretends to be some kind of messenger of truth when in reality he is a father to lies? no shit, we knew that he'd rather tear down arguments by treating us like dumb dumbs rather than engage in respectful debate, and approaches controversial topics as if he presumes there to be 'no law other than doing whatever the f*** he wants', or something to that effect. if you really wanted to push my first of these sentences you could point to his current 'ryusei the m*rning star' username but i'm not a zealot so i won't insist on it. but in the end if he wants to save himself from lies he gotta stop
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