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  1. ok i recently bought spiritfarer on steam and i'm liking it so far. i thought it would be a nice diversion but when i pick it up i just get lost for a while exploring and meeting new people. in its minimal-conflict world-focused idea executed superbly (and how it does it) it's reminded me more than once of spirited away
  2. question: what to do if the games are digital and font have a physical release?
  3. i know the feeling. reminds me of a time i went to a nature trail roughly by a rocky seaside. it had its nice little suprises, but for most of the first half of my walk i felt the same way. then the weather rolled in and suddenly with all that fog and mist i felt like i felt like i has stepped through reality into a Tolkienesque/English/New Zealandish/whatever world free for me to look around. still my favorite nature train ever, and im kinda afraid to go back in case high expectations ruin it. just wanted to share anyway, ready for another question
  4. havent touched zelda in years while BOTW and TwiP gather dust in my physical library. (never got into the switch when the kinds of games i now play are all PC anyway) but lets see...
  5. favorite works of fiction? (the narratives can be from anywhere really, games, film, books, TV, comics, etc)
  6. a few things i have to say here i'm not going to try and compress the "likeability VS relatability" debate over fictional MCs into this post, but i will say that i do think that relatability can contribute to likeability, if the relatability comes not only from understanding the motives but the reader sharing said motives (admittedly, this is easier to estimate when writing for an audience, which is also a bigger topic for another thread). i do agree with the villain part precisely because virtually nobody thinks they're in the wrong and goes ahead anyway. YES. i agree that mary sues or other Super-MCs are bad to write, not only because there's no investment in the outcomes on small or large scales, but because in the cases of most such characters, the stories they're in not only involve a world that revolves around said sues, but the storyline can quickly become a (usually wish-fulfillment based) story-long ad for the character, and nobody wants to read through that. that said, my MC doesn't have any abilities but the need to avoid character "perfection" (or victimhood, on the opposite end of the spectrum) is important for any story. (not that familiar with DB but i think i get it) i don't quite get what you mean by "the character of choice" - did you perhaps mean the choice the character makes? the MC? something else? i really like the "what if this went wrong" way of looking at them, i'll try to apply it no real comments on paragraph 2 because i think we're both on the same page thank you with the advice for the specific story. i do think you're right that i've got a good balance, now that my mind is a bit clearer, but i have a hard time shutting up my insecurity about my life and work (in writing and outside it) as it was when i posted. that's all it was now that i think about it, sorry for frustrating you.
  7. source and/or context please? and by that i mean, do better than what you've been called out for in this thread already
  8. i wouldn't call my feelings towards the positive COAs "contempt" in the broad sense - the contempt I have is towards the publishers who churn them out for the sake of a trendy status quo, at the cost of voices that don't get the light of day but deserve to. (ex. people have noted the lack of minority leads in COAs, and i can see what they're getting at - it's a good thing to consider and a good time to act on it - but i am bothered that the need for expanding the worldviews/personalities range of COAs and their leads is neglected in comparison.) in any case, i'm having a hard time following your first paragraph from there. are you saying i look to the conventional YAs to see what is being represented? or what is not? or something else? no hard feelings, but it is unclear to me. on the second - i appreciate the advice, but in my RL experience, even the people i'm close to (outside my close family of course) are reluctant to talk about these things, and a good while back i 'learned' to be reluctant to ask in case people feel uncomfortable and we get pushed apart by that. (i'm already lonely a lot of the time as is...) i'm not sure there's a way to overcome that. i still want to find out what others re going through, but i want to be respectful of other peoples' boundaries. anyway i guess i didn't give enough information about my current story, and i looked for a thread on the creative writing subforum but couldnt find it even though i'd have sworn i'd posted. in short, a youth (currently guessing age 15) with a lonely life and a big imagination finds himself and his parents stranded on a unmarked island, and when he finds traces of a old civilization along with a remaining person from it, he becomes at odds with the parents, who want to leave the island as soon as possible, so the MC can get more used to moving forward in life. in the end, there's no 'resolution'; the parents and the MC do leave the island, and the MC is adrift again (in the world and inside himself) like he was before the island. (this is because, as i drew from myself making the MC, i haven't found my way out yet, so i dont feel the experience needed to do the same for him.) i always thought of the ruins as what could have been and the remaining creature, as a character, to represent the life and friends the MC never had. but i'm not sure how to counteract the fantasy elements with the situation that i want to be familiar with, along with the realist goals of the adults, and other things. the main goal is (besides finishing a first draft) combining my new clearer vision of where i am (and by proxy, where the MC is at start and end) with the content and events in the middle, as i have a feeling the current content seems more easily lending itself towards a MC with a more idealized youth. of course, i don't mean to derail the thread; i'm willing to discuss the original OP post as well as this new problem i have (even if it merits a separate thread - does it?). but in any case, thank you (all of you, including in advance) for lending your thoughts on the original matter.
  9. i've noticed quite a few people who don't connect with the traditional/conventional coming of age story - people who never had an ideal (or close to ideal) youth to reminisce about, or the same about adolescence, and whose own thoughts about 'growing up' are dissonant with the prevailing idealism in the lives and worlds of conventional COA stories. in such cases some of them feel like they're not having the right adolescence because they can't find a way to do the things MCs in these stories do or feel the way they do, or other dissonances between work and audience arise. a Youtube comment on a video essay about COA stories said it better than me: after reading this and similar expressions i realized i had felt that way too in the past, and so i determined to try and connect and "confirm" those outliers' unromanticized life through my writing. i know my disillusionment may come from different sources than those of others, and in different ways, but i don't know where to start in terms of knowing about and understanding such situations. so is there anything more i should consider about this?
  10. i've always looked forward to Christmas because of the people i get to be with then, but covid has thrown a wrench in that last year, hope it doesn't happen again. On the fantasy topic: i agree with you. i've tried various things with my various takes on fantasy (some projects still in works, some scrapped), like a magic system that isn't based on power, or where the fantasy is mostly in the past of the narrative timeframe. but one of the things i keep trying to do is capture the sense of wonder that made fantasy great in the first place - a aspect of the genre (and other stories in part about their settings) that has, since the blockbuster success of potter, has been largely sidelined by popular fantasy in favor of chasing shiny tropes, recurring subjects, and massive conflicts - usually in a way that disregards wonder as a cornerstone of not only fantasy but most good setting-central stories. sorry if my little rant went a bit long
  11. TRAP WORMHOLE Quick-Play Spell Shuffle up to 2 cards in your hand into the Deck, then target monsters on the field, equal to the amount of cards you placed back into your Deck: place those monsters on the bottom of their owner's Deck. You can only activate "Trap Wormhole" once per Duel. --- just thought i'd make a moderately annoying (in theory) card for fun - thoughts? Could it possibly go in RC? (I don't keep up much with YGO meta since my locals are closed, DB still seems kinda sketchy to me, and Konami is the biggest jerk in the history of Yugioh TCG so i dont want to buy their DN-replacement products)
  12. true that trump don't care about what anyone else thinks (in the worst possible way) and has some of the worst timing and repsonsibility management i've seen from any household-name single person in recent times (*cough* netflix *achoo*). but hold up how is what trump saying true? it's not bin laden's only "successful" strike (even if its his most prominent; also, "hit" is a very unfitting word in this context so trump still needs to work on that) and even if bin laden had only succeeded with "the world trade center" (and as for the pentagon??) we still lost thousands of lives in the largest "successful" terrorist attack in the history of not only the USA, but possibly the whole modern free world. is that not an (near?-)exclusively monstrous act? and single-time frequency don't mean shit when the severity of the attack says everything most of us needed to know (at least at the time). yes he's dead, but that only emphasizes the problem with his statement which is that trump's still busy ranting over people who, due to being dead, are no longer a threat to him or anyone else (without the dead part, this wouldn't be close to the first time he's done this) but he still laser-beam focuses on them as if they are around. on a side note, i'm willing to bet (given his political history in the republican side) that he's still bitter that obama got the job done first, but that may be a subject for another thread.
  13. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-suggests-osama-bin-laden-wasnt-a-monster-says-he-only-had-one-hit my take: i know this shouldn't be surprising since he bragged about his tower size after the real 9/11, but wtf. i can't tell is he is deliberately planning his controversial statements to coincide with insensitive timing or if he really doesn't care. (NOTE: this is a thread about this specific comment by trump. there is a separate thread on the Taliban resurgence if you want to post more generally about that.)
  14. another one? (im not unhappy with what i got)
  15. i don't read as much as i should. most of my recent projects have been fantasy-esque, usually drawing from miyazaki rather than LOTR/potter/dnd/etc, because its gives me a bit more wiggle room. i tried to do a super serious project recently but the responsibility with dealing with the topics involved was too much for me, so back to fantasy for now. not that anything's wrong with that.
  16. so i'm pretty sure you've all heard about this, but after looking at this article i'm wanting to hear you all's thoughts \ https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-08-14/the-taliban-is-already-inspiring-terror-beyond-afghanistan-it-will-only-spread my take: this is obviously bad news, but the bloomberg article makes me concerned that we're going to have to head back in when it seemed assured just a week or two ago that we can relax it's almost ove- oh shit the danger is more real? now that i think about it i'm kinda stumped how biden, trump, or others overseeing the decline in US troops didnt see this coming; my mind flashes back to a friend of mine who was critical of obama for withdrawing troops when we had isis "in a corner, now they've got more wiggle room due to the US withdrawal" (paraphrased). maybe his point isn't dated... note: use of this thread for unrelated-to-topic potshots against political bogeymen or common targets will not be tolerated, regardless of who's on what 'side'
  17. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/08/13/lyft-driver-ye-lu-attacked-by-passenger-rideshare-policy-changes/ my thoughts: although this didn't have to do with recent unruly antimaskers in lyft/uber vehicles the news (not this article, somewhere on tv) juxtaposed the two, and another article on this event made a connection with hate attacks on asian drivers even though the guy's motive doesn't (yet) seem to include that. myself, i just think it's not only terrible that it happened but i'm surprised that the first uber/lyft AWADW (that I remember) wasn't mask or hate related (as far as we know right now).
  18. sorry for the double post but i'm finding it hard to edit i try to find fun when there's an opportunity, but it's less tangible for me than it used to be. i find most of the things that happen in my life boring or frustrating, so i write fiction to get all my neuroses out. there are days when i feel better, but it's not too often, and it scares me a bit how it's dwindling but i'm finding it hard to find opportunities to be with other people I care about and enjoy being with (which is usually when i'm most happy) so covid has been hard for me to cope with (but less so for me than the people directly affected by the virus or their loved ones)
  19. i'm sorry if i came off that way - i literally didn't have internet on that monday - friday and it slipped my notice. now that i've read it i understand better and i'm sorry for accidentally snubbing
  20. finally some new people in the thread! anyway,
  21. then why didn't you put them here? also wtf does this have to do with these two (the ones whose arrest prompted the news event that started this thread) planning an act of political genocide/terrorism? wait a minute, what's the implication in that last line? back em' up then so other people's ability to identify factuality isn't a literal shot in the dark every time if you really want to talk about that start a new thread. you keep taking everything in this subforum and making it about BLM antifa and whatever third group pushes your ability to argue straight into a BSoD. enough of my threads have been derailed by this, i'm sick and tired of you doing this
  22. suburb i'd play on my wii when i was young. i'm not exactly in the best headspace i've been in my life recently, that's all
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