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    this as well http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh4092.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=10624 it's a statement from upperdeck entertainment about konami's action is court. and honestly, i'm starting to wonder what the game would have been like if they'd actually kept the rights.
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  1. nah, I'm running on policies alone. anything not related to that is not worth answering, and i plan on using these two years to draft the legislation that corrupt officials have been dodging for years. term limits tailored to each seat in government, bill requirements preventing additional pork from being added to presented bills that have already been submitted, submission requirements of 3+ days for bills, depending on the number of pages, so no more 5k page bills being introduced the day before they are voted on (thinking of adding an extra day for every 10 pages past 20). removing the haze
  2. Who said anything about a lost cause? the establishment has been corrupt from the start, trump showed the extent. he wanted to drain the swamp, but he could only reveal it. the entire establismhment wanted him out, the media wanted him out, big businesses wanted him out. far as i can tell, every corrupt establishment has been against him. the courts refused cases on standing and not merit, it's about time to step into the ring myself. end of story. i'm running for office in two years, and i will finish the job my damn self. I'll hold this L, that doesn't mean i'll lie down after.
  3. I still believe the election was fraudulent, but after the 6th, it no longer matters, and my energy is better spent working towards fixing the holes revealed than lamenting that nobody else did.
  4. Trump lost. the establishment got what they wanted. as i said, if he loses, i'll give them the "win". better time is used to focus on my run for office. GOP signed their death warrant yesterday.
  5. Do you have an argument to my last point then? if not, try reading that post and you'll have your proof. or would you like me to tailor make the point for you?
  6. I say i will tear down your arguments. You are not your arguments. that is the difference. i do not pretend you are in any emotional state, and even if i see it as such, i wouldn't mention it. this is online, there is no emotional state in a discussion unless explicitly stated as far as i care. Of course, some comments may come off as such, but unless explicitly stated, trying to frame them as anything within an argument is not necessary. Now, if I come at you directly, all you have to do is point it out and I'll happily apologize and retract that portion of the comment. I won't co
  7. sig reappearance reminded me that i miss crab.

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    2. Sleepy


      I kinda miss Foe Fiction if nothing else...

    3. vla1ne


      my sig has a post from crab in it, that is so long that i can no longer use it, because spoilers no longer exist on this site (or if they do, i haven't found the proper method of doing it )

    4. Sleepy


      You can still make spoilers but for the supposed more "advanced" forum programs we get nowadays those spoilers are actually worse off than how they used to be. Basically you can no longer name them. You just write [ spoiler ] Content inside spoilers goes here [ / spoiler ] (minus the spaces of course).

  8. yeah, i was wrong there, sadly, did not expect the audit to be forced back a week at the demand of the secretary general, and it would have been either death or the life of the lawsuit battle. Had it dropped saying "nothing is wrong with the machines" i'd have bowed out and held that L. Considering the results though, I see no reason to stop supporting the cases.
  9. Must you attribute emotions to the post that don't exist? I'm by no means mad, i place emphasis to show exactly what my point is. on top of that, I posted an actual point. never have i come at you, but your arguments. i am respectful like that. If you would be so proper as to address it and not resort to seeing emotions that aren't there, I'd be thankful. in fact: "people aren't taking the report as gospel" could rather easily be handed back to you. I took apart your article piece by piece, to the point that there can be no rebuttal. your links are not gospel, and i pointed out why. your links
  10. it clearly has merit. you seem to have missed the part where it has not been dismissed on the merits, but on "procedural grounds" that often conflict with each other when compared on the case by case. the judges dismiss the cases because they don't want to touch the case with a 10 foot barge pole, because judges are either corrupt, or terrified of being considered kingmakers, which they would not be. there are no trump cases that have been allowed to reach discovery (you seem to not know this, but trumps party has submitted less than 5 lawsuits. 3 if i recall, the majority of cases rejected we
  11. And that's saying nothing of the security errors and server problems of the machine being connected to the internet on election night, as proven by the forensic audit.
  12. nice try, but the machines used were proven fraudulent to a degree that should have had them disqualified off rip. i am not suspending standard process because it suits me, i would say the same if the shoe were on the other foot (and i have done so, on this very site, for bernie, yang, and tulsi when they appeared to have been screwed over.) my record on this has been the same from the start, i support investigations when there is a contest, and if the proof shows problems, then the vote should be challenged. just because nobody else challenged the votes, does not mean trump isn't allowed to f
  13. We knew about this for over a year, and cnn came out like a week ago acting like they just discovered hunter bidens laptop when it's been out and corroborated since at least early october.
  14. electoral votes were sent for trump, and the GOP is within their rights to contest any and all votes, which would then go to pence, who could slap them down or approve them as he sees fit. 10 senators is all it would take to burn the electorate bridge to the ground, and considering 20 states are on trumps side, i'd say that isn't too much of a stretch. As snarky as that tweet is, unlike the report, it's not official. the photos and report data itself slap down the tweet. i gave you the direct report, and a full summary if you didn't read it. Like it or not, it is official, and it g
  15. (part 2) page 12 points 18-19 begin to rip apart another statement from an official that was supposed to be in charge of the process, Michigan secretary of state jocelyn benson (the same one who succeeded in blocking the release of the audit details for an entire week). "Source: https://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1640_9150-544676--,00.html The Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson'sstatement is false. Our findings show that the tabulator tape totals were significantly altered by utilization of two different program versions, and not just the DominionElection Management System
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