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    this as well http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh4092.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=10624 it's a statement from upperdeck entertainment about konami's action is court. and honestly, i'm starting to wonder what the game would have been like if they'd actually kept the rights.
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  1. Stay safe and healthy folks.

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      The same to you, vla1ne

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      I have one of the "essential care" jobs, so i'm all but guaranteed to take a hit in the near future. I work with the elderly, and am one of the main contact points for every outside interaction as well. Thanks to quarantine procedure, my exposure rate is primed to go through the roof if anything goes further south in my area. Hopefully my facility doesn't catch anything,

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      Rayfield Lumina

      Damn it, man, sounds rough. Thanks for doing that amazing job, though.

  2. To the first response, ok, that's my bad. for some reason i though he was discussing USSR who also had bread lines around the same time. in either case, the point still stands though, There is literally nowhere in the united states where you will die of hunger faster than people did in USSR nicaragua, breadlines or not. I was terribly wrong about the location, and i need to work to not make that mistake again, but the overall point remains the same as it ever was. Trump runs business in real estate, calling that acceptable evidence of russian collusion would be like arresting the starbucks CEO for opening a starbucks in russa. Not good enough. not bad, he learned to pull the disavow card. doesn't change much about the point though Bernie, and every other wannabe socialist gives the same responses, "That wasn't real socialism" or "I oppose that form of socialism, mine will be different" and we have seen, time and again, that each and every one of their proposed "variants" collapses, for all the same reasons. aka, stifling innovation, spending money that they do not have, disincentivising people from becoming doctors, stifling the free market via the astronomical level of taxations required to float their policies, the list goes on. There is zero reason that bernies plan will be any different. and we see time and again as well, how bernie advocates similar plans to other regimes that collapse. For a proper response, buttigieg puts it the simplest: "Of course literacy is a good thing, but why are we spotlighting the literacy programs of a brutal dictator instead of being unambiguous in our condemnation about the way he was treating his own people?". this is the fundamental flaw of bernie. he can say all he wants that he doesn't support the regime, but he continuously tries to look at the rose colored glasses version of them. We have food kitchens in america that serve more, and better food than any "breadlines" in Nicaragua, we have literacy programs in america that don't involve a gun to the heads of your loved ones, the waypuerto rico does, or forced propoganda. This is bernies flaw, we already have most, if not all of those good aspects, without the extreme poverty. “I happen to believe that in the United States, there is something fundamentally wrong when we have three families owning more wealth than the bottom half of American society.” is exactly how we slide down the slippery slope. The wealth inequality in america is nothing compared to the rest of the world. look at venezuela if you want to see a true wage gap. In america, some win, and some lose, but the chance to break even, or even just float just beneath, to come up for air now and again, is orders of magnitude higher than it would be under his policies. Remind me again how he pays for free healthcare, free college, free whatever else he's proposing, on top of all that we have now? and once we see that., how would he keep any business remaining in america if not by seizing them means of production the way so many before him have? The evidence against trump has already failed beyond anything i would need to say against it. Remember that 3 year long investigation following everything they could get their hands on? Tell me how that falling flat, counts as anything other than a resounding failure overall? They spent years, not weeks, not months, years, going over everything they could find, every trail they could follow, and not only did it still flop, they even had to use a debunked report to bolster it as they floated in that sea of abject failure. They had all the same links you seem to want to use, information well beyond that, al the time they could ask for, and they still couldn't do it. Put bernie through that, same rigor, 3 years and several million dollars worth of investigation, and then you can talk to me about who has less compelling information. That's my bad, i meant kamala harris, she's been dead so long i typed warren by accident. tulsi absolutely demolished kamala, and you can note a clear shift in the way they handled her after that during the debates, to save warrens ass. Bernie is already losing to biden, so his mesage is clearly not doing the trick, even on the left, tulsi, checks the woman, non-white, and non socialist boxes of identity politics, she has the support of more people in the center than bernie does, and the main thing preventing her from taking them both by storm is name recognition, which she would have gained had she been allowed to step on the stage where it would have been just the 3 of them. that is ample reason to suspect that she would do better than either one in the polls had she made it to the last staged debate between the two of them. Put tulsi up against biden, who is clearly losing his marbles, and tulsi would have started draining his support from that point on, and had way better odds outside of the left than biden will get in the upcoming election. It's not even a reach, it's just factoring in everything i know at the moment about the three, and estimating how that would play out. When i say "more than likely take every delegate from the time she stepped on stage" it is an exaggeration. akin to saying "X is the greatest thing ever", or "T will destroy J in the election". it's an apt summary, but not a concrete statement. When i say it, i mean that she would take a large number once she starts actually focusing, which she has not been doing since she started that little spat with hillary. either way, she's out now, and sold out to biden, who probably won't even remember her name at this point. So the question is moot. The democrat party (moreso than the republican party) has been stabbing their candidates in the back rather hard as of late. Not that the republicans don't, we both know they can, and do, but if given the choice between the two, republican party was the obvious one of the two. You have seen this several times now, yet somehow still can't believe it?If you want to run on an established, powerful platform, and not get screwed over by said platform, then going by current history, republicans have not been shown this, so much as the democrats have. unless you're saying bernie would have lost in 2016 had hillary not robbed him? Call me what you like, but the results speak for themselves. the GOP laughed at trump, and was very uncertain at the onset, with few people in the upper echelons of the party liking him. They still didn't try to rip him out the way DNC has done with several of their candidates, and it took time for them to get to where they are now, gleefully boasting about being the grim reapers. I would know, i've watched them go from skeptical and reluctant about trump, to being full blown trump supporters (myself developing along the same path). Of course i blame McConnell when he screws up, that doesn't mean i don't still get to congratulate him when he does the right thing. that's called balance, work on it my guy. onto the second response though: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEUxj8b7gQaaCfqDSFD7T5EU4ToM8GgG1 that's a playlist, from veritas themselves, with videos dating back several years. all of which feature retractions, with several having multiple lawsuits in them. That's 148 videos, they claim over 300 retractions, but i didn't see that many. I did see well over 148 BTFO's though. be they frivolous lawsuits against them, or full salvos, they just keep winning. But i doubt that's the full list, so here's their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ProjectVeritas/videos/?ref=page_internal I don't have a facebook, so i have difficulty navigating, but i've seen them listing several retractions in the parts i could see. if you've got a facebook i'd guess you could look even deeper. but there ya go. a playlist and their own page listing retraction #306 near the top. Assuming they have even more than even i thought, then the point is further buffed. Abuse of power? When? They called it abuse of power, but fail to prove how doing the exact thing that a president has the authority to do (whitholding aid pending investigation into corruption) counts as abuse. trump has had Giuliani looking into the corruption in ukraine since 2018, well before election season, then we see the biden video coming out, and we see a request into the context of that corruption. i'm gonna need an actual list of power abuses, not vague ones either. what powers did he use that presidents don't have, or aren't allowed to use in the way trump did? on top of that, ukraine government itself has already come out stating they didn't even know aid was being withheld. If we're claiming abuse of power is a legit claim under that scope, then democrats using the impeachment process itself could be flipped back to them as an abuse of power claim, considering we have ample evidence that they have been seeking any grounds they could do push it forwards since 2016. If trump doing what he has the authority to do is fair game, i can make any number of arguments about how democrats that pushed impeachment were abusing their powers. On top of that? Hunter readily admits he got the position he had on the board because of joe. Top of that? We know that trump has asked to have biden looked into well before biden jumped into the race, destroying the political rival narrative (no, potential future rival is not a good argument, he was not in the race, if we're going by that context, any dem with a half decent reason to run could fall under that umbrella). On top of that? The one republican you got to swap sides (romney) had ties to that very same board that trump wanted investigated. Yeah, abuse is not a cannon they should be trying to point anywhere, because the backlash would rip their whole narrative a new one. As far as obstruction, No. Just no. They literally blocked the republicans from entering over 50 hours worth of interviews, violated speaking rules, and manipulated the narrative several times during said meetings, making it seem as if trump (who had no way of influencing those meetings without the inside democrats directly interfering to make it happen) had been intimidating witnesses as the closed door investigation was underway. That's just one more cannon that would hit them leagues harder than they could ever use it in the same context. their idea of obstruction is about as solid as a paper bottle, and can be discarded just as easily. but best part? https://townhall.com/tipsheet/timothymeads/2019/09/25/dems-sent-letter-to-ukraine-asking-for-investigation-to-trump-n2553705 yeah, the whole of this impeachment was running on something that (if we're playing by their rules) they themselves ought to be answering for. Pelosi was the only smart one in your party, she knew it was going to be a useless motion that would have zero notable effect. Lo and behold, she was right, impeachment was completely hollow, and only served to add another notch on trumps belt. Too bad she was too worried about losing her footing to put her damn foot down. You want advice on what would have been better? Have congress act on a motion to condemn his actions as a whole instead of a full blown impeachment. They could have seen several dozen republicans switch over in solidarity, saving face, making the isssue less partisan, and damaging his name, while gaining new supporters for taking a rational step instead of blowing the parties own feet off. impeachment would still have been on the table, they wouldn't have blown their load early, and we might have seen a more effective narrative out of it. but no, they fell right into the hole. Well then, can't say i speak for winter on that topic then, seeing as we are clearly coming from two different places. That said, fields pleading was because his attorney was absolute garbage. I have pointed out several times over, just how easily he could have killed vastly more people if this was truly an argument of intent. The dude clearly was not aiming to murder masses of people, and the fact that he barely hospitalized anyone, but a fat chick, in a car that was clearly capable of swiftly reaching speeds capable of killing several dozen people, alongside the evidence from the very peoples mouths, about provoking him as he drove, proves that he got hit by the kangaroo court. His malice came after the fact, not before. the cops testimony was that he was completely shaken, and heavily apologetic, it was only after the magnitude of events settled in, and the long road of bullshit ahead clear, that he became pissed at his fate, as anyone would be, when an accident is framed as a straight up malicious murder. Another lawyer took the case on his blog and showed step by step how shitty his actual lawyer was, proving several times above what would constitute a reasonable defense, just how fields was innocent of malicious intent. He was, at worst (and undeniably), guilty of manslaughter, but not malicious murder. Sit that shit down. Not once have i said he deserves no jail time, only that the time he got was absurd beyond reason under the context. Of course he deserves jailtime, of course he cannot be let off easily, but the current crime, and punishment given, does not fit the scenario, and you seem incapable of seeing that. Up until that point in time, there were no indications that horowitz hadn't been wiretapped, I fell for that one on my own. Point still stands imo that there is really nothing substantive to the trump investigation, but yeah, that's still my bad. The context itself will give you the answer to that one. For the majority of that comment i was discussing the impeachment/ukraine debacle, thus, in that part, While I meant russia investigation documents, the impeachment articles were in my head, and caused me to blink that small bit out. Or at least that's what i'd infer from the comment itself, as you can see that is the only part of my comment that even does anything remotely like that. Look at the comment surrounding the comment and you will notice that the paragraph in question is about the russia investigation, but is preceded by a comment about the ukraine/impeachment debacle. Not sure why that's confusing to you, but that's likely how that went down in my head, going by what i typed. Indeed, the investigation can be found to be warranted, but for 3 years they searched, weeks worth of questions, millions of dollars, several countries spanned, every hole peeped into, and they found nothing to nail the guy. That's as good of a vindication as anybody's gonna get. Nah, california republican officials are a rarer breed. They live in one of the bluest states, and are often as RINO, as democracts in the reddest states are DINO. It's a throwaway point, but a legit one. Assange denied it in 2016, at the time of releasing it, well before this entire debacle came into play. By this point in time (2020), we already know assanges stance on the topic, and rohrabacher attempting to play the "do this and be free" card when we already knew assanges position all the way back in 2016, is even more of a throwaway than him being californian. Asking him to say it again is an irrelevant condition because unless he has stated that his statement means anything else, which he has not, then it could reasonably be assumed to never have changed, to this day. He went through, and decided the person he's reviewing is a grifter, despite pointed evidence to the opposite. Yeah, he's either an idiot or stupidly stubborn. I could pull up any number of videos from tim proving the opposite of what jose claims, that is the point. He goes in and tries to play the "this guy is a dishonest hack" card, despite having dozens of videos from tim that are clearly and enthusiastically encouraging his supporters to get a balanced news diet. Tim already admits his biases, and has been fired on by both sides for not sitting far enough on one side or the other. Far as i can see, jose is yet another one of those people, and yeah, tim screws up at times, but several videos a day, six to seven days a week, is one hell of a track record. calling him an illegitimate source is wrong, regardless of how you feel about him putting away the left side blinders. he's earned his stripes both out in the field, and behind the computer, you don't have to like it, but that much experience deserves at least milquetoast respect. The link there was actually about a recent (or at least recent back then) push, to clean up voter rolls, and an outcry on the left against it for resons such as "it is anti black because they can't DMV", and othr common hits. tim was on of the few people covering the story at the time, and the article itself was pretty good. video's gone though, and i'm not trying to wade back through the internet to find the links into it. considering corona is currently everywhere in the media, that argument is unlikely to have progressed. As i said before. Judge chupp, the person in charge of the case, not only admitted to not reading the documents provided (arguably the largest FUBAR a judge can cause within a case), but was agressive towards both parties because they had to go through the papers to find the arguments that he himself should have read through, adding to the time of the case. Ty should have been better prepped as well, but considering chupp never read the documents presented, you can see how Ty has been annoyed at the outcome, and ready to appeal as many cases as he could. If you truly want to talk mignongia, you will have to wait, because they are already reforming the entirety of the case, and are likely to suffer further delays from the outbreak. Trust me on this one though, they already have ample evidence of interference in the case, tweets proving several times over that their main goal is to ruin the life of the person they are accusing, testimony from conventions that monica has attempted to get them shut down vics appearances, and proof that they are running on the "rules for thee, but not for me" narrative while they violate contracts that they made in advance over this case. This is one you may want to step back on. The fields case was clearly going towards the kangaroo court, we all know he did it, the argument was (and remains) motive. The frame of that was "female dies in car attack of a racist male driver". The narrative was gonna eat him alive before the case ever began, and nobody doubted as much. People came out the woodworks for that one because it was in the early days of the "race card" overclock season. The vic case is a separate beast entirely. We have zero proof of vic doing anything he was accused of, several proven false narratives against him, and several different types of proof that they were out to destroy everything he was working to build up. You don't have to like it, but this case does not end at dismissal, yeah people like marchi got out free, but the biggest targets are still on the board, and those are the main ones he was after.
  3. Once upon a time, there was a person.

    1. Horu Ishayuki

      Horu Ishayuki

      They promised to fix the card maker and never delivered.

  4. To explain in short, if it's shiny it might sell, if it's not, it's probably binder filler. if you wanna find out how valuable they are, i'd say search tcgplayer.com. you can search the rare ones there, and find out the general range of prices. be sure to look up not just the name of the cards, but the set initials that the card comes from as well( usually located right under the image, on the right side), as that can also affect the value, and may be the difference between having a 2.00 card, and a 20.00 card. if you have any other questions you may want to PM the conversation though, since i'm not too sure how mods may feel about value discussions.
  5. Considering how many times this card has been a thorn in the side of konami, i was expecting it to get hit on the list, but a decent errata? Combined with good alternate art? yeah, i can live with this.
  6. So it's basically a crimson blader/ophion-ish effect, but arguably worse at almost every level... I like it!
  7. the makyura errate has effectively made sure that the card will never see play again. while the red eyes errata is a wonderful implementation that i wish had been in place sooner, because that card is way too damn powerful. As for the rest of the hits, to me, it looks like they're trying to walk somewhat in line with the TCG while preparing for the new plays about to hit from the arrival of MR5.
  8. ...USSR breadlines, against the alternative, of which i am assuming you mean the united states, where even our homeless are often obese... This one i had to highlight, it is an example of a comment that is almost fractally wrong. There is literally nowhere in the united states where you will die of hunger faster than people did in the USSR, breadlines or not. Bernie was wrong, regardless of the context you wish to frame it within. Aside from that: What you seem to not realize is that one of them made a name for themselves grandstanding, but has had zero ties to russia outside of real estate development. The other honeymooned in russia shortly after the cold war, near the height of tensions between the two countries, on top of that, the dude has attended several festive occasions hosted by dictators, all the while praising their regimes, and has yet to revoke the vast majority of those socialist/communist endorsements. Seriously, try and find any times bernie condemned the ussr when questioned on it. He squirms out of the question like a mental contortionist. What substance? there is still have nothing on the trump-russia narrative aside from a throwaway line that was literally said in the middle of a rally. What you are attempting to conflate, is a joking action from a known embellisher, to high treason. Your comparison is akin to the time john oliver told donald trump to run for president. The literal best argument you have, is akin to any number of throwaway joke lines that i could point to and say "This guy said X, clearly he meant harm by it". The level of argument against trump is on the same level as the arguments against bernie, the difference is that you swallow one, while choking on the one dedicated to your chosen candidate. In case you didn't get the memo, neither i nor winter gives credence to the "russian agent" argument, for any of the current candidates. We are not saying "russia didn't do X for trump, but they're doing it for bernie/tulsi" we are saying "If you honestly believe Russia did X for trump, then the level of evidence is on par for bernie same as trump, so what is your excuse for excusing one over the other?" You, so far, have used the argument that politicians aren't going after bernie, and as i pointed out, that's a load of bull as an argument. but let me elaborate on it: 1)The media was running solo with the "trump is a russian asset" line as well, until he won, and then they all dogpiled the nothingburger. Bernie? He's running on socialism, the least popular platform of all 3 candidates, all the while getting his ass kicked by a literal dementia patient. Why would they need to dogpile him right now when trump is clearly the bigger target? 2)The DNC had no control over trump, trump ran as a republican, so the DNC cound not slap him out of the race, even though he was a threat to their narrative, the best they could do was get the media to run interference, and trump, thanks to years of old school shitposting, made them his faithful advertisers for free. you want further evidence of that? look at the third "russian agent" tulsi gabbard 3)The DNC is doing to gabbard, what they wish they could have done to trump, she is a legitimate threat to their power, and as such, they are shifting the rules to keep her both down in the polls, and out f the debates, I'm not even a tulsi fan, and i can see that if she were on stage with the heart attack socialist and the dementia puppet, she would more than likely take every delegate from the time she stepped on stage, to the rest of the race. bernies' time is up, that's the only reason why they play fair with him now. Tulsi? she would destroy all of their runners the way she did warren, and so they slapped her off the stage. Get it through your head. Bernie is done, and that is the only reason the politicians are not stomping on his name. tulsi has been quieted, because she ran within the party that has no qualms about throwing her off the stage for speaking the truth about them. When trump ran as a republican, it was because he already knew the democrats' mask was slipping. the right has its' nutjobs, but they at least let you fall on your own merits for the most part, fuck them still for screwing over ron paul.
  9. ...The media was the main force pushing the trump-russia narrative after hillary hyped it. The politicians were just the circle source hype-men. We already saw they didn't even have enough info to push the russia narrative in the first place, if they did, then they would have been able to toss out the steel dossier by the first fisa renewal. So considering politicians clearly didn't have insider information holding up their narrative, where do you think they got their narrative from? They read and watched the media circlejerk it till pure garbage came out. Bernie has ample quotes and relationships backing the narrative that he has russian ties. i give them the same credence as the trump quotes, for the same reasons, and the only reason they aren't going harder on tulsi is because she is politically a nonentity. False narratives? Roxas, please explain to me how bernie supporting communist actions, honeymooning in communist regimes, and refusing to condemn such regimes until, and occasionally even after, they collapsed, (remember venezuela, the castro literacy, or the breadlines comments?) is in any way not as good of an argument as anything they used against trump? Different behaviors alright. Bet money you'd swallow just about anything spit out about trump, but bernie is clearly either untouchable, or requires double the level of accusations for you. not a single person on the trump campaign was hit with a single thing on the 2016 election. they dealt with russia at other times, for other reasons. nothing about the 2016 election counted as anything you could call interference. clinton has money from china and ukraine relating to her campaign, a vastly higher level of interaction than literally anything on the 2016 trump election. considering bernie became a millionaire around the same time, and held less of a grudge towards hillary than trump, even though trump at least played the game fair (especially relating to the bernie V. hillary portion, and exponentially in comparison to the DNC regarding anything bernie). gets the noggin joggin man.
  10. End result will determine that. They are demanding to see the unredacted report, they are asking for nothing more, and less. We have already gotten the redacted report, exactly how much traction do you really think those last few bits are gonna get you when nobody who has seen the unredacted version has changed their stance on the russia narrative regardless of them being for, or against it prior? Doesn't matter who demands it either, we have already seen that the dnc absolutely weaponizes the "russia" narrative as often as possible. Unless you are going to give all of the Russia accusations the same weight, please stop pretending this one in particular holds any. They throw these allegations at every single candidate that has threatened their hold over the past 4 years, bernie, tulsi, trump, ect. Do you want to argue the other ones are just as valid, and deserve a 4 year, hundred thousand dollar, taxpayer funded investigation? We have been here before, this trip will be no different imo.
  11. We are slowly getting more cards to recur generic banished cards. and that's a good thing. Also, this gives so much good advantage.
  12. To give you a glimpse of the potential, this deck has access to the r4, r6, r8, and r2 toolboxes, alongside being compatible with the plant synchro engines, so long as they avoid using the level 1 for the turn, they have the aromages on their side, the predaplant engine, the rose archetype, and the traptricks. the water support includes dozens of obscure, or well known techs that could buff their potential coverage, like white howling, bahamut/treatoad, absolute zero, and moray of greed. The list goes on. They probably won't be tier 1, but tier 2 is by no means out of their reach, and that's enough to take a couple regionals.
  13. The deck has decent monster effects, incredible spells and traps, and access to two of the best support types in the game, (WATER and plant). If nobody figures out a way to break this deck into the meta, then everything i know about yugioh has been a lie.
  14. Isn't the prism star rule pretty much the same thing? Or is it just one of each prism star? either way, if they're gonna have that be a thing, hopefully they provide some decent support for the legend cards as well. 3k attack points is nice and all, but i don't see it being worth much down the line unless they do something special to support "legend" type cards.
  15. How did i not see that? but even then, it's still not all that good imo.
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