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    this as well http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh4092.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=10624 it's a statement from upperdeck entertainment about konami's action is court. and honestly, i'm starting to wonder what the game would have been like if they'd actually kept the rights.
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HUZZAH! I'm slowly climbing the ladder. but that's not important to you. so moving on.

But really. i'm here occasionally, so if you want any cards critiqued, a vote in a contest (though i may vote against you if you have s*** taste) or anything in general, like a smash/pokemon/Blazblue/FighterZ match, hit me up. i duel IRL, but my online duel presence is rather lacking, so that probably won't happen. I'm usually here more than you'd think, i merely lurk more often than not. so if you shoot me a PM, i'm likely to appear within 24 hours.

also, standard shameless advertising, if you don't much mind graphics, and much mind mindless fun, then give Earth Defence Force 5 a try. It's a fun game that knows what it is, and isn't afraid to revel in it. If you have it, or see it, pick it up.

past that, welcome to my page, and shoot me a PM if you really want to play an above mentioned game or two.

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