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  1. Just bought KH 1.5/2.5 ReMix, time to replenish my soul with all of the nostalgia.

  2. No hard feelings, Krow. :/

    1. Simping For Hina
    2. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      what krow does in his spare time is his own business

    3. Mr. Best Male 2008
  3. Anubis grabbing Kaiba by the head from Pyramid of Light is probably the best thing I've seen from any YGO animated media so far.

    1. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      Okay that's a lie, Joey's cheesy grins are pretty hilarious.

  4. Confession time: I have no idea what's the difference between the casual and advanced card designs forum.

    1. Dova


      well if youve been reading the casual revamp forum a big change is coming up

  5. Stranger Things is amazing.

  6. Yes; if a card leaves the field and re-enters the field the same turn, any limitations it had before are reset, so that includes the amount of times it can attack and utilize it's effects.
  7. am i really a fan of yugioh if i just recently discovered the "shadow realm" is actually a 4Kids euphemism for "death"?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Mysty


      In terms of dub, yes, it was called "Shadow Realm", showing that the 'shadow realm' in the dub was used for much more than death or 'world of darkness' stuff.

    3. I Hate Snatch Steal

      I Hate Snatch Steal

      It was a reasonably well done dub change, except for yugi vs arcana and yugi and kaiba's tag duel during battle city, thus if you hadn't seen those episodes I can see why it seemed reasonable

    4. Dova


      discs of energy that send you to the shadow realm

  8. i think i should go on another league of legends hiatus...

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    2. EHN.


      trying to support in that elo is your mistake



    3. EHN.


      In bronze/silver just play no brain junglers like xin, ww and shyv. It's literally impossible to not climb.

    4. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      @ehn that was a normals game, you won't ever catch me playing support in ranked lol

  9. Jar of Sycophancy - Normal Trap Card - Activate only during your opponent's Standby Phase. Select and add 1 card from your Deck to your hand, then your opponent draws 2 cards. You can only activate 1 "Jar of Sycophancy" per turn.

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    2. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      @Krow interesting combo but is this really worth giving deck slots to protector of the sanctuary tho

    3. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      @spinny tru dat, so this would have to be during opp draw phase or have your opp draw 2 first to evade that nonsense

    4. Mr. Best Male 2008

      Mr. Best Male 2008

      Definitely not worth the spot lol

  10. MFW the team honors me for being tilt-proof and i've actually been raging irl the whole time

    1. Shradow


      Hey, if you can keep the irl rage from seeping into the game as toxic BM, good on you.

    2. Kid Gambino

      Kid Gambino

      touche, but if they only knew...


  12. kaiba's voice is so annoying in the english dub like i cant stand itttttttttttttt

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