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  1. These are definitely nice. Not enough to build a deck around (although we do not know if there are more Sherry cards in this pack and Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm also exists), however a good start. Shield Bearer (with RotA) being able to increase the effective copies of Horse of the Floral Knights to 7 is also nice, especially with the latter being able to search and fuse with Noble Knight’s Spearholder into Centaur Mina, which can then revive Noble Knight’s Spearholder to go for a level 8 Synchro Summon (which will propably be a new Synchro introduced in Legendary Duelists: Sy
  2. Well and now Ouroboros Sage is a thing and Utopia decks can easily break 10000 with one Normal Summon (although I am unsure which Non-Light Number one would even use, except maybe Number 55: Gogogo Goliath, which would at the very least reach 11600 ATK). ZW – Sylphid Wing on the other hand seems completely pointless. Leo Utopia Ray is definitely amazing, considering it is the first Utopia evolution to actually pack direct interruption, no to mention it can immediately equip ZW - Pegasus Twin Saber and be summoned with Number 39: Utopia Double, leading into a 3500 ATK Utopia with doub
  3. The first 2 are definitely a good step towards Fallen of Albaz/Stigmata being viable. Blackclad Dragon Albion is definitely cool, given that the discard targets can float and it will end up being a +/- 0 at worst (also it can be used as the second material as well for every Fallen of Albaz Fusion, except for Albion, The Stigmata Dragon). The second card is definitely nice as well, being able to revive Fallen of Albaz to discard a Stigmata Spell/Trap and then Super-Poly an opponent's monster away (as well as the floating effect). Also this artwork looks very touching and makes me wond
  4. Definitely nice support. An actual interruption tool in Chronomaly Vimana. A Red Stone of Legend in Chronomaly Megala Globe (also adding more targets for Chronomaly City Babylon). A tool for getting out another monster in Chronomaly Palace Trilithon (given how much Chronomaly can plus I doubt the -1 from this would hurt). A card similar to Wight Baking in Chronomaly Acámbaro Figure (having a hand effect to protect from destruction and a very good graveyard effect). And finally a searchable 1-card Xyz using materials from one's deck. Given the fact that Chr
  5. Well, I mean if you ignore the "Non-effect" part it is precisely 1 instance of the effect of Magical Scientist. Also I do not know about this hinting at a ban for Instant Fusion. If anything with Retort Fusion being a thing I would argue Instant Fusion could be played as a 4th copy of that, given that Extra Deck spaces are getting more and more expensive and running one for a mostly unsearchable 1-off does not sound that appealing, especially when most of the utility comes from the extenders Retort Fusion can access as well (especially with a better Tuner than Theseus in the picture, whic
  6. Interesting to say the least. It needs 5 monster effects to get a similar effect to Red Supernova Dragon (although it does not come back). This seems like a decent monster for a turn 1 board, but fairly mediocre if one goes second.
  7. All of these cards are quite interesting, however I would advise some restrictions on the final card (Super Vehicroid Formation), considering that Super Vehiroid - Stealth Union would otherwise give 4 effect monster Link materials (so even restricting the player to Machine monsters (in terms of ED summons) would fix the issue).
  8. Definitely not enough to make Cyberdark decent, however a good start. Cyberdark End Dragon has worse summoning requirements than I would have expected, however having protection (and one-sided one at that) is nice. That being said, Cyberdark End Dragon's equipping effect not giving ATK and the multiple attack effect being useless on the turn it is summoned sounds needlessly passive. Cyberdark Chimera is decent, being searchable by Cyberdark Cannon and being able to enable Power Bond with one's graveyard (e.g. by milling Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon one could summon Cybe
  9. You could with Proxy F Magician or Armillyre, The Starleader Dragon (and many more ED spots). That being said, Hydra, while giving advantage, contradicts Shocktrooper and its massive revival effect (although one could make an argument for Reptilianne Vaskii). Edit: Noteworthy could also be that Reptilianne Echidna can search Performapal Swincobra, Performapal Partnaga and Performapal Lizardraw, which could be used to pendulum summon using the other 2-3 searches (and afterwards one can pop Lizardraw for an additional draw). Although I cannot think of any possible uses for that right
  10. That is true. Although I have to say that I would currently say that a list more resembling the list used by Ygopro 3laa looks like the way to go, using Hieratics (to float into the level 8 Tuner Dragon Core Hexer) to access Ultimil Bishbaalkin, followed by using the token for Reprodocus into the 2 reptile Link 2s (Alien Shocktrooper M-Frame and Reptilianne Echidna) to first search 4-5 reptiles (including Danger Tsuchinoko as an extender) and then using Unchained Abomination to pop Shocktrooper to float into 4-5 high level Abhyss monsters (like Ogdoabhyss).
  11. Sounds decent, an additional Foolish Burial is never bad and the ability to revive Abhyss boss monsters is very good. Not to mention that Nihil, Dreg of the Abhyss finally has a decent Spell/Trap it can search (unlike a certain garbage field spell and mediocre to bad traps).
  12. Definitely decent support, rivaling the Majestic support for Stardust Dragon. I really wish Atlus Dragon and Red Dragon Vice would be real cards, given that these would solve a good portion of the problems of Red Dragon Archfiend decks (and a Vice Dragon retrain should honestly exist, given how important it is to Jack in the anime). Majestic Red Resonator sounds a bit too good, given that it is a Stratos AND floats into a triggered Wish-Converging Dragon. Contract of Red Nova and Burning Hope do seem out of place and I wonder how they would help the archetype, given that those a
  13. Pile Armed Dragon looks decent for Armed Dragon Thunder decks, triggering a floating upon its summon and then another one with the controlled mill.
  14. I would assume so too, however the ruling with Star Seraph Scepter + Soverignty confuses me a bit, given that for CL1 Scepter, CL2 Soverignty a second copy of Sovereignty searched by Scepter can be summoned, despite not being in the players hand when the first copy was summoned. Also if the copy of Trail being sent is happening simultaneously with the tribute occuring this might further complicate this.
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