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  1. Apart from the obvious "Dark Synchro is interesting" part, am I really the only one who thinks that the powerlevel of this archetype is somewhere between Ice Barrier right now and Ice Barrier before their new support ?
  2. The solution could be either a similar case to Masked Heroes or counting something else than levels (like Drytron).
  3. So now you can get an additional 2k body and archetypal foolish burial by just overlaying the materials before using them for a Ritual Summon ? Sounds really good, especially since it can set up the third or forth "(+1) by summon" drytron and work as an additional negation.
  4. I do not know about that one. True Dishonest would make sense, however the "Dark Counterpart" type of cards is an already existing category, which means that this might be more flavorful, considering that this is effectively a corrupted Honest, rather than a monster, which started that waqy (in which case Dishonest would also make sense). Agreed, this one cannot touch monsters like Ultimate Falcon, which are the type of monsters one would want to use these ATK manipulation monsters against in the first place.
  5. I don't know about this. I would say this is practically as much of a pendulum as Chaos Emperor: The Ruler of Armageddon, as it does use the design of pendulums, while the one type of decks is supports not even being a pendulum deck. The deck type this card supports is the same as the one the monarch cards support, being ED (Extra Deck) less decks, like Domain Monarchs or True Draco. For the above decks this card is an Upstart Goblin + Free Body for something like a Tribute Summon. Honestly it has been some time since we got True Draco support.
  6. So you would rather have a hit to one specific deck, rather than a generic more than toxic interaction ? I get it if you would say Elpy should have been hit as well, however I really do not see how you can be defending Dragon Buster Destruction Sword.
  7. That makes sense, I was wondering why they would use a mathematical symbol in such a seemingly incoherent way. The archetype looks promising, especially since the boss monster again synergizes with Infinite Impermanence.
  8. Yes. True, although Zombiestein is decent in that it can negate Monsters, Spells and Traps (on top of the removal offered afterwards). Titanic Galaxy, Felgrand, Number 90 and Lancelot are also good options (maybe better).
  9. Decent support. Doll Subjugation can allow one to search Box of Friends or Grampa Demet, then destroy a Box in hand, allowing it to float into the materials for Princess Cologne, reviving Box, afterwards Grampa Demet can use a material from Princess Cologne to revive the Doll milled by Doll Subjugation and the deteached material from Princess Cologne to summon a Zombiestein. At the very least this appears to be the intention. The issue with that idea is that the deck is not better, however now desperately needs Doll Subjugation, which is not exactly easy to search (although ther
  10. More Fossil support is always a good thing. So this card can trigger a Weathering Soldier or Shell Knight to get a floating effect from one of the Fossil Fusions, when getting Special Summoned (by Doki Doki or Adamancipators). The second effect variies in value depending on the translation. The one above makes it proactive, the version on Ygorganization triggers if sent as material for a Link/Synchro Summon. This can be an overall (+1) and depending on the translation either needs Adamancipators or is less strong, but independent.
  11. Yea, I did not think they would make Rank 13 a thing without a condition to treat it as Rank 1-12. That being said, these are unfortunately trash. Chaos Ritual cannot even be fullfilled by the archetype itself and is incredibly weird to fullfill. Numeronius has no longer has protection, although improved interruption and can now only float into Ci 1000 if it is destroyed by a card effect ... so pretty much never. Numeronius Numeronia is already ridiculous to summon and has no additional protection, at the very least the win-con is active on the turn it is summoned.
  12. The Fossil Fusions are interesting I guess, considering they are all Rock monsters and the obligatory level 4 searcher can search the maindeck monsters. The ATK reduction of Fossil Machine Skull Convoy should also succeed in allowing it to actually beat over monsters. More good Fossil cards is always a good thing.
  13. My point was actually to thin to get to an own Maximum Mode monster. That being said, the above Maximum Mode monster Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree is completely generic, so for the time being that is a fine replacement. Edit (made after reply): I think this is not worth a new post. You are of course right about Dragon Bunker being a poor "counter" to Maximum Mode cards, I just assumed you missunderstood my intention, given that I felt I was unclear and both directions for and against it could have been understood in what I wrote (where, as you pointed out, the
  14. To be fair, his Thrust Dragon Bunker Strike actually starts making sense if it is intended to thin for a Maximum Mode monster. (Also it is a lot better for thinning than half the above Cyberse monsters).
  15. The thinning tools are very unreliable, however currently still the best way of cycling for the Maximum monster. The clear advantage of this Maximum monster of the other revealed one is that this one cannot be defence stalled, given that the right card (i.e. the left head) can just switch them into attack mode. With this one revealed one might also wonder how the dragon Maximum monster (one can likely expect) will turn out to be. Also the artwork on the Maximum monster is actually very interesting.
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