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  1. Sounds very decent and is usually the easiest way to push an archtype, giving them a Link 1 to ladder with for triggering floating effects and getting an additional grave effect. Definitely decent as now any of the main deck prank-kids monsters will be able to ladder into one of the Link 2s or the Link 4 and the graveyard effect on the tripple Fusion or Link makes those a lot less commital.
  2. Kuriboh as a non-support archtype sounds hilarious and hopefully will win.
  3. I think that level 3 only exists as a quick way to access their Link 2. In that case you are not forced to commit something like Pain Lanius to get out the Link 2.
  4. True, although this means that Cursed Javelin is still useless to Phantom Knights. And this would have been a fun reminder of Utopia Roots, only that this Rank down would have actually been useful. Edit: I wonder if Stained Greeves is useful, even in the context of a pure Phantom Knight deck. That being said Tear Scale's power more than makes up for that, being by far the prefered target for the revival traps and even able to revive itself.
  5. Am I the only one disappointed that Rank-Up-Magic Phantom Force cannot rank down ? Overall very decent support. Arc Rebellion is an offensive alternative to Dark Requiem and can pierce through pretty much anything. (also am I the only one who this card reminds of Starving Venoms anime effect ?).
  6. Insane support, so this is how Toon Dark Magician and Toon Black Luster Soldier are supposed to be played. This card single handedly fixes their strongest weakness (getting out their big monsters without relying on a gimmicky Red-Eyes sub-engine) [which does not fix the issue that we are talking about Toons, however now they sound very fun to use] So the desired targets would propably be Toon BLS + Toon Dark Magician + Red-Eyes Toon Dragon/Toon Barrel Dragon.
  7. So Toon Black Luster Soldier is a monster one would prefer to get out with Toon Mask (Or Toon Red Eyes Toon Dragon/Toon Black Magician). Honestly Toon Black Luster Soldier should have been able to alternatively banish materials from the graveyard for its summon. [Edit: It has to be noted that Toon Black Luster Soldier can attack the turn it is summoned, the translation " Cannot attack during the turn it is Summoned. " at the top is wrong in that regard, I checked it in the card text.] Toon Harpie Lady is propably the best Toon monster right now (though one could debate if it would be her or Toon Cyber Dragon/Toon Red Eyes, being easy to field and having an upside over comparable Toon monsters). Toon Bookmark is something they really needed, another Table of Contents and more importantly a way to protect Toon Kingdom from simple effect destruction. Terror Toon being a searchable Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley for more protection for Toon Kingdom (or interruption) is also nice. Given the placement of these cards we can propably expect 1 more Spell or Trap for Toons.
  8. Isn't that more about how this was named in the anime ? In regards to these things they have been surprisingly faithful.
  9. I am under the impression that they are always just 1 monsters short (for a 2-card combo) to get out 4 monsters, so that might be problematic. That being said, the access to "Where Arf! Thou ?", "One for One", "World Legacy Succession", "World Legacy's Sorrow", "Machine Duplication" etc is not bad. Furthermore the Field Spell is quite good (and with Ka_ppa Scale the downside of Appliancer Test is practically non-existent (see (*))). Edit: Apart from Meklords (the anime versions) this archtype should be the closest to Valon's Armor archtype that we have gotten thus far. (*) Reviving Ka_ppa Scale and another monsters to be used for a second Ka_ppa Scale allows to effectively get out the 2 Link 1s without them still being tied to Appliancer Test (1 from the ED and 1 from the GY and for later Tests one can revive 2 Ka_ppa to do the same, furthermore one should always get 1 in the grave through laddering when setting up the field).
  10. Any reason you run Piercing ? And any reason you run Hammer Crush over Fire Dragon's Heatflash (apart from being afraid of Dragon Encounter or bricking high level monsters) ? Furthermore you could replace Piercing!: Piercing! with Mountain.
  11. An interesting aspect of this card is that unlike previous cases where one can choose a target if tied this one hits all of them (which sounds more like how Gwent works than this game). Furthermore the art style (and name) also reminds me more of games like Vanguard than Yugioh.
  12. Exactly, his point is that in that case you would have summoned 5 monsters and are vulnerable to nibiru.
  13. That one really managed to make me laugh, especially how apparent your disdain for S0 is (... which I share). S0 never did anything even remotely healthy for the game and it would really be ludicrous if they would once again hit otherwise ok enablers over the cancerous design that is S0. (Although a consistent 1-card Apollousa is also nothing to laugh about)
  14. The strongest abusers are of course Number S0, Apollousa and Memories of Hope (Draw 4 without drawbacks). Honestly in that case I would suggest using United We Stand instead, that way you can get an attack with 33600 Atk for the last attack, which should be enough anyways. As for the cards themselves ... I am honestly disappointed that there won't be the ridiculous "I activate a trap from my deck and rewrite your last action" part with Numeron Network ... they already allowed to put out Numeron Network on turn 0 with Numeron Wall. That aside these look a lot like the cards around Golden Castle of Stromberg and the Fossil cards (being focused around a single Spell, which enables basically everything and has multiple searchers). I mean opening Numeron Network/Numeron Wall + Memories of Hope already allows one to get 4 draws and a 4-material Apollousa/3-material Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL. I am honestly wondering if there will be more support as the slots could fit (either C1000, Ci1000 or any of the other support cards).
  15. Fusions: The El-Shaddoll targets for a Shaddoll hybrid. N'tss for general removal. Predaplant Chimerafflesia to search Superpolymerization. Fossil Fossil Warrior Skull Knight as a second target for Maximus Dragma if one needs that much removal. Fossil Warrior Skull Bone and Fossil Dragon Skullgar if mixing with Fossils (which might be a lot better than it sounds). + Bastard the Ashen Dragon to search Dragma monsters themselves, including Fleur de Lis as a handtrap. Synchros: Herald of the Arc Light for adding a package in Ritual decks (mostly Maximus Dragma and Disciple of Nadir). PSY-Framelord Omega for potential recycling, although I wonder if that would be worth it, as it already removes a summon material from one's graveyard. Wind Pegasus @Ignister as an additional layer of protection that spins into the deck. Xyzs: Number 18: Heraldry Patriarch could work as a small discard engine with Leo and Aberconway. Toadally Awesome for Nekroz. I wonder if I missed some, however those seem to be the actually useful ones.
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