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  1. An insane support card for an old and more than slightly powercrept archtype. This card allows one to immediately search King of the Skull Servants and mill Wightprince, which then mills the original Skull Servant and The Lady in Wight, yielding a search for King of the Skull Servants and getting 4 more Skull Servants into one's graveyard. The protection effect is just the cherry on the top, considering that this just ensures that it will still have a purpose in one's hand and can protect King of the Skull Servants from effect destruction. With this card Skull Servant decks may
  2. Sounds fair. This card is a 1 for 1 trade tool for Zombies (not really including Eldlich, which is fine), while being able to get rid of negation monsters and being non-targeting, non-destruction removal. The name also fits the card effect very well. Definitely solid design.
  3. That play demands quite a bit of luck to fully assemble though and Trick Clown is not exactly very helpful if you are locked into Plants due to Shrine. My point is that they seem to lack interaction (which would be a non-issue if Sunavalon Bloom would have the Link 4+ restriction on the second effect, instead of the first), as a package do not really outshine other packages one could run instead and are dangerously reliant on Thrasher (which would again be a non-issue if they would get Sunavalon Daphne). Maybe they will get more support I guess, which would help them to work beyond a
  4. Cool concept, it has been a while since we had a desert focused theme. The Sprigguns archetype seems to be very reliant on Vast Desert – Gold Golgonda, however they are not Normal Summon reliant and have an own searcher for it, so there is that. Sprigguns Ship Exblower is a very interesting monster, being able to continuously dodge with its self banishing effect and being able to fire a shot hitting a plus shaped area (and due to the wording is non-targeting), from what I can tell this should even work if the middle zone would be empty, furthermore the gimmick of the archtype seems t
  5. That was my point as well. Yea, but what do they offer as a package ?
  6. I was already wondering if they would still release the second placed archtype, especially considering that it was somewhat close and since they did the same thing with the Structure deck poll. The cards themselves look fine, however I would have really prefered all of the Sunavalon monsters to be intargetable, since the strategy is already slow, completely transparent and battle focused. Sunavalon Bloom should have really been able to be used with any Sunavalon monster, also the regeneration focused ones. At this rate (without more cards) the archtype looks fun to have, but com
  7. These are cool, also that they get a Pendulum-Fusion monster, but I am sincerely doubting that this support will make much of a difference, the archtype is by design somewhat slow. With the existence of Magician's Souls that completely changes. Heavymetalfoes Amalgam looks cool on paper, however he does not really do a whole lot and seems very awkward to summon in the first place, without overcommiting into him. Edit: Amalgam can be summoned with Rescue Hamster, so there is that at the very least (and E.Tele, Rescue Rabbit, Unexpected Guy etc). Edit2: I really wish the summoning
  8. Can anyone tell me why one would ever play this over Armed Samurai: Ben Kei ? Ben Kei is just as much an "equip 4+ cards and you just win, IF your opponent has no answers", is much easier searchable and not a pain to get out (Lv8).
  9. To be fair you would just summon it with Dragon's Mirror.
  10. Definitely interesting and it sounds balanced, but I am wondering what you mean by "of all the (original) signer dragons", as those effects seem to be inspired by 1.) Ancient Fairy Dragon, 2.) Life Stream Dragon, 3.) Black Rose Dragon, 4.) Black Feather Dragon, 5.) Stardust Dragon. The only Signer Dragon (Red Dragon Archfiend) was the first Signer Dragon to be revealed and is the one missing (although admittedly I am unsure how it would fit and do not think this has to reflect ALL of them directly, as the Black Rose effect can also be seen as similar to both of Jack's Synchros from Arc V)
  11. I guess those cards are balanced (except maybe Full Throttle Synchro, but maybe I am just too careful). The idea is interesting and seems inspired by the Armed Dragon Thunder support. The first and most iconic cards of Yusei are being revitalized. Full Throttle Synchro might be pushing it a little too much, given that it is somewhat of a Foolish Burial + 1-card Junk Speeder, which does not even consume a Normal Summon, so I would prefer it to lock high Level Synchros out of the picture as well, as long as those are not Yuseis aces (e.g. no Psyframe-Omega, but allowing Shooting S
  12. Psychic Armor Head EARTH Lv 4 Machine/Armor/Effect You can only control 1 "Psychic Armor Head". This card cannot attack. During your Draw Phase, you can add 1 Armor monster or "Armor" Spell/Trap card from your Deck to your hand instead of conducting your normal draw. During your Standby Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. You can shuffle this card from your hand into your Deck; add 1 "Armor" or "Gravitation" Spell/Trap card from your Deck to your hand. (You can only gain this effect twice per turn.) ATK/ 0
  13. Interesting, I think you need more restrictions, given that this immediately and in an uncounterable way disables all interruption from monsters, however the card is interesting. To be fair though, the card is very awful if going first, so one would expect it to act similar to Dark Ruler no More, although I would think you should at the very least add a "This card cannot be used as Link material" clause, so this does not also enable Needlefiber.
  14. Absolutely not. Even if there are more ridiculous plays in the current game, Pot of Greed is not an alternative path, it just leads into them, makes them more consistent, makes the game more binary by giving the player drawing it a free +1 and is just by any standard by which you evaluate cards a card that by construction should never be legal, no matter how much powercreep happens.
  15. So Numeron Network will (hopefully) get another playable Spell card it can send. Beyond that I really like the fact that we will finally get a Chaos imaginary number (now its time to wait for Number Ci 39). Edit: They will propably release Numeronius Numeronia with a "always treated as rank 12" clause, which, in this case, actually adds flavor. Given that it is thus a rank 12+i, given that only the real part is a direct observable, while the actual level beyond that is larger than 12 (which should be 144^0.5>12.04, rounded up 13). One could also say this monster is level 12+5i, l
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