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  1. To be fair you can still use Hippo Carnival to summon an Aesir properly with a 2-card combo of any Nordic + Hippo Carnival. Furthermore it could be NS any Nordic -> summon the Link 1 (Gullveig) -> activate Gullveig and chain Hippo Carnival -> banish the 3 tokens to summon Ivaldi + Alviss + Vanadis -> Mill Valkyrie with Vanadis and search Svalinn with Ivaldi -> Synchro Odin. With the above one ends on a board of Odin + Gullveig (the Link 1) + Nordic Relic Svalinn + Alviss prepared to replace Odin (and at least 2 Tuners for Odin to revive himself).
  2. While I like the original it is sadly completely outclassed, so if this card would be playable it would completely outclass the original. The difference between them is that the original does not banish the material required for it, so you could consider the fact that you can use 1 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to first summon Shining Dragon and then Shining Nova Dragon the niche that the original has (the same would not be possible with 2 copies of Blue-Eyes Shining Nova Dragon). This is why this this alternative version is more of an upgrade like Red Supernova Dragon. Initially I intended for an additional graveyard effect to treat a Blue-Eyes White Dragon as Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, to enable summoning the original Shining Dragon with reasonable effort, however the card already has enough abilities.
  3. My bad on Number's Archive. Herald of Creation Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster/Effect You can discard this card; Add 1 "Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords" from your deck to your hand. You can discard 1 card and banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 Level 7 or 8 Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. You can only activate each effect of "Herald of Creation" once per turn each. ATK/1800 DEF/600 The intention is to make this monster actually support the Felgrand strategy from the revised version of the Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck this card first appeared in. Next card: Legend of Heart
  4. Qadshaddoll Keios Level 2 LIGHT Spellcaster/Flip/Effect FLIP: You can Special Summon 1 "Shaddoll" monster from your hand or Graveyard in face-up or face-down Defense Position. If this card is sent to the GY by a card effect: You can send 1 "Shaddoll" monster from your hand to the GY, and if you do, draw 1 card, also for the rest of this turn, all monsters you control gain ATK/DEF equal to the original Level of that monster sent to the GY x 100. You can only use 1 "Qadshaddoll Keios" effect per turn, and only once that turn. ATK/900 DEF/100 Next: Number 78: Number Archive
  5. B.E.S Crystal Core Level 5 WATER Machine/Effect When this card is Normal or Special Summoned, place 3 counters on this card. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. If this card attacks or is attacked, remove 1 counter from this card at the end of the Damage Step. If you cannot, destroy it. Once per turn, during either players Main Phase, you can change 1 face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls to face-down Defense Position. ATK/2100 DEF/1000 Next card: Kaibaman
  6. Blue-Eyes Shining Nova Dragon Level 10 LIGHT Dragon/Effect Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 1 "Blue-Eyes" monster you control or from your Graveyard, that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. You can only Special Summon "Blue-Eyes Shining Nova Dragon" once per turn this way. (1) Gains 300 ATK for each Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard. (2) Cannot be destroyed by card effects. (3) Neither player can target this card with card effects. (4) Once per turn, during either player's turn: You Tribute this card and if you do send 1 card your opponent controls to the Graveyard. ATK/3000 DEF/2500
  7. Gem-Knight Alexandrite Level 4 EARTH Rock/Effect If all monster you control are "Gem-Knight" Monsters (min. 1): You can Special Summon this card from your hand or Graveyard, but for the rest of this turn, you cannot Special Summon monsters, except "Gem-Knight" monsters. You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Gem-Knight" Normal Monster from your Deck or Graveyard. You can only activate each effect of "Gem-Knight Alexandrite" once per turn. ATK/1800 DEF/1200 The idea is to make this tutoring more of an upside rather than a liability, while keeping the original focus on supporting the Normal Monsters (without having to include an absurd amount of bricks). The revival effect is intended to actually incentivize playing an effect monster that only tutors a Normal monster. Next: Reshef the Dark Being
  8. Timaeus should allow one to access Dragoon, given that Dragoon requires Dark Magician + either Red-Eyes B. Dragon or a Dragon Effect monster.
  9. Magician's Salvation is amazing, extending the effective copies of Eternal Soul even further, while being summon fodder for Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny and potentially tutoring out a free Dark Magician Girl alongside the numerous ways of getting out Dark Magician (like with Eternal Soul). Shatter the Darkness looks decent on paper if it can replace itself with the draw, but on the other hand it makes bricking more likely and is not searchable. The True Light: FINALLY ! Blue-Eyes finally gets its own stone tablet trap like Dark Magician and this card is very similar to Eternal Soul, in that it can tutor out the monster it support, gives protection (although in this case only targeting protection, rather than full-on effect immunity), crashes the own field if removed (although Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon can protect the board against this) and allows steady searching (although it cannot search copies that were already available the searching options are far, far superior to those of Eternal Soul), not to mention that with Bingo Machine, Go!!! the archetype has a general searcher that this card can also search if no copy was available already.
  10. Definitely nice, although the Timaeus card should have had been tied to the Legendary Dragon archetype. Magikuriboh is hilarious, given that it enables practically constant re-fielding of Dark Magician (although it is probably too reactive). Dimension Conjurer might be good, after all those additional mulligans for garnet-like bricks might be helpful, on top of searchin an interruption tool (although requiring the Normal Summon over Magician's Rod would hurt). Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny ... can be summoned by using Magician Salvation or Soul Servant and does have potential. Illusion of Chaos is amazing and a definite 3-off, being a cross between Impcantation Chalislime and E-Call has a lot of potential (as far as I can tell this card can search Magician's Rod, Timaeus the Dragon of Destiny and Magicians' Souls). Dark Master of Chaos is ok I guess, it is a decent fusion with Illusion of Chaos.
  11. If it was not summoned properly it should not be able to Special Summon itself from the Graveyard.
  12. An interesting way to summon a "boss monster". The first effect is pretty forgetable, however the second effect is a hidden gem, given that it also works if destroyed by an own effect (also Crunsher searching Unclaspare to mill Ruinforce is enough to get out a link 2 + Ruinforce).
  13. I would say the main idea is to summon Destiny Hero - Destroy Phoenix Enforcer with Fusion Destiny using Malicious + Denier, Special Summoning Malicious + Denier, while placing the banished Malicious on top of one's deck to get another free copy of Malicious.
  14. Interesting is that this should be the first instance of "fusing" 2 Field Spells.
  15. Very powerful support, being able to trigger the life point regeneration of the Sunavalons, while tutoring Sunseed Shadow and being searchable by Sunavalon Dryas, With this card Unexpected Dai/Sunseed Genius Loci -> Dryas -> search Sunvine Sowing -> Tutor Sunseed Shadow and take 1k dmg -> regenerate 1k dmg with Dryas to summon a Sunvine Link -> Dryas + Sunseed Shadow -> Sunavalon Dryades -> Summon a second Dryades from the Extra Deck -> Link 4 Sunavalon Dryatrentiay -> search Sunavalon Bloom. With slight changes one could also end on Dryatrentiay + a 4k Thrasher + Bloom or on Sunavalon Dryas + Benghalancer The Resurgent.
  16. Does this mean Number 59: Crooked Cook stall is finally a thing ?
  17. I understood what you meant. My point was that losing that is a small price to pay to not have to deal with the Attribute specific nonsense the anime-version has to be deal with.
  18. D – Force is nice, even though I doubt it will see play. The protection is nice, the downside (no draws during the draw phase) only applies if Plasma is still on the field and the destruction protection and the ATK boost are nice (so the opponent does not just run over Plasma). Too bad it is unsearchable. Doctor D is also nice, being a revival spell for D. Hero heavy Hero builds, while being able to flip the switch on Dystopia's removal effect.
  19. Biplane is nice, it + any Cipher monster is an immediate Galaxy-Eyes Xyz (like Cipher Etranger), also with the existence of this monster Cipher Twin Raptor can also finally get out a Galaxy-Eyes Xyz. Also they finally get Cipher Interference, which is a good Etranger target and can help deal a lot of damage (in fact Neo Galaxy Eyes Cipher Dragon can remove all monsters from opponent's side and then attack directly for 9k). Double Exposure is whatever ... it is not searchable by Etranger ... it is expensive level manipulation ... the name changing only matters in some cases with Cipher Interference ... I guess it is generic though. Only a few more pieces of good support (like Biplane) and they might end up playable.
  20. I mean ... that is a low price to pay for the first effect of Number 4: Stealth Kragen. The original required external Attribute manipulation (or going up against WATER decks), the new one has that DNA Transplant build into itself.
  21. These are pretty insane pieces of Shark support. Also Number 4: Stealth Kragen is another good Utopia Dragner target, given that it does not even require materials to be a Zoodiac Drident (+ burn).
  22. Not exactly. This card is supposed to be part of the Fleur theme used by Sherry LeBlanc from 5ds. The card follows the theme of her traps and Liberty at Last! is a renamed version of Freedom Release she uses in the anime.
  23. I guess I ninja'd you right at the start. Regardless that beats even the ludicrous 20k from Z-One's strongest monster.
  24. The first one is decent support for Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician decks, handtrap monster negation is always nice and the annoyance from the battle phase part is also nice to have. It turns out that the second monster is prime Lair of Darkness support (Harpie King's idea). Regarding the last one I am unsure how any of the searches it offers is worth as much as this monster demands (a Normal Summon and then discard cost).
  25. I mean you can still summon them the regular way, all this means is that Utopia can finally properly access the other numbers (unlike Number 93: Utopia Kaiser, which does not even allow any Rank-Ups afterwards) and thus Utopia decks are very customizable, given that the number pool includes almost anything from banishing targets from the opponent's Extra Deck, to negations, to (a) floodgate(s) (like NumberC: 65) and just generally large beaters (most notably Number 100: Numeron Dragon). What I really like about this new support is also the fact that Utopia Dragner does not work at full potential without either the Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic or ZEXAL Field, as well as the restriction to Xyz monsters for the full turn, at the very least this means that it will not just end up in a random deck just throwing in Number 39: Utopia Double.
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