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  1. It effectively turns a discard into 2 tributes and becomes a 2k beater for 1 tribute afterwards. Given what we currently know about Rush Duels this card actually looks decent (and a lot better than the monster it is intended to support).
  2. I am pretty sure it can be either, as long as it is face-up. I am under the impression this is part of the simplifications introduced on these Rush Duel cards. On a side note, why does Max Raider exist with Dragears being a thing ?
  3. But the Ygorganization article was from the 11th and your post was from the 13th, so all that was already common knowledge at that point and besides, I was not criticizing that opinion, I was just confused by it, especially since Eldlich as a keyword only surfaced from that whole package.
  4. Well, it costs going -4 to nuke the field and revive a level 4, with the full 5 card draw one can get out 2 level 4 or lower Dragons in that same turn. Given that the high level monsters seem to be "difficult" to answer (no extremely cheap options yet) that might actually be worth it. (And being able to anwer a full board might be quite valuable, given how spammy the mode seems to be)
  5. How exactly do these struggle with consistency ? They have 2 cards (at up to 3 copies each) to immediately pull Eldlich the Golden Lord from one's deck and several cards, which can tutor those (the 3 trap monsters, foolish burial of belongings etc), that is a total of 6 different unlimited cards to tutor Eldlich the Golden Lord from one's deck (not to mention drawing it and it just getting itself out). I mean they could, but I do not see how consistency would be an issue and Eldlich the Golden Lord is very easy to get out (and revived/tutored if it gets drawn). Edit: I also forgot to count to count the Continuous Spell, so it is 7+ in total.
  6. Interesting to say the least. This archtype seems to be more of a supporting package for existing Zombie archtypes, especially Balerdroch (the field spell package). Having a searchable Infernity Barrier type of card, being able to tutor out Zombies directly from one's deck, having a steady flow of resources and a kind of mixture between Zephyros and Infinite Impermance in Eldlich the Golden Lord is definitely helpful and with all their floating (of most Spell/Trap cards) the "costs" for Eldlich the Golden Lord's effects are basically not an issue. Beyond that the theme of the archtype is very interesting, a golden, rich Zombie being able to buy an army (of Zombies as the tutors limit to Zombies) also fits very nicely with the intention of lending support, rather than being the theme that gets supported. Also given the "... an “Eldlich” monster ..." being an archtype restriction and the Golden Land cards (with searching effects) specifically stating "... “Eldlich the Golden Lord” ..." does hint at more Eldlich monsters (potentially extra deck monsters).
  7. And with that tutoring out Cannon Soldier (which is still unlimited in the tcg (last time I checked)) becomes a joke. Also this is definitely Gladiator Beast/Frightfur support, which both greatly appreciate the new changes to not need Links anymore.
  8. Dark Ruler No More basicly breaks all mass interruption boards of monsters, which are not backed by negation backrow. You cannot imagine how hard I laughed when I looked at that card, a while ago I was thinking how they will respond and now we have both Super Polymerization and Dark Ruler No More at 3 each, in the TCG. Also the Level 11 (Nibiru, the Primal Being) is a hand trap that immediately shuts down turn 1 mass summon strategies (... again mass interruption boards of monsters). So now we have 3 more copies of a handtrap that shuts down these decks, neat. For whatever that is worth, Granite Loyalist can search this. Dimension Shifter is basicly Different Dimension Ground as a handtrap to immediately shut down GY abuse. So again, an unremovable Macro Cosmos that stays long enough to shut down an entire turn and vanishes before it would interfere with one's own GY plays. What the heck are these cards, why do they so suddenly release that many interruption spam/turn 1 insanity stoppers ? Unless I am completely wrong these will (at the ver least in one's side deck) change the state of the game.
  9. I am not sure on this one, based on how they aim to play in the anime the same materials that would go into Fire Phoenix @Ignister or Dark Templar @Ignister + Fire Phoenix @Ignister can also be used to access their Synchro (which has not been revealed yet) and their Xyz (Light Dragon @Ignister). Beyond that this card can be revived only once and is unable to destroy something if something else than an effect destroys it. The only reason I can see why people would play it at all would be to have an almost 3x Gagaga Cowboy for a burn finisher.
  10. However at during that step the ATK/DEF are compared and the phase does not end before this card is resolved and afterwards sent to the GY, so it should be able to protect, given that that step is not ended yet, at that point.
  11. Yea and Rhongo was a wincon, not just a search that could be Ash Blossom'd.
  12. Gouki Finisher Normal Spell Card You can only activate a card with this card’s name once per turn. (1) Target 1 “Gouki” Link monster you control; until the end of this turn, it gains 1000 ATK times its Link Rating, also if it attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. After you activate this card, you cannot declare attacks for the rest of this turn, except with “Gouki” monsters. Definitely a fun card to play around with, given how easily searchable it is 1 copy should always suffice and Gouki - The Master Ogre can easily end a game with it. Edit: If one uses these 4 materials for Gouki - The Master Ogre to instead play Gouki - The Blade Ogre and allowing it to attack twice (including direct attacks) it can end the game if one's opponent has 1 or less monsters, meaning that those 4 materials for either Master Ogre or Blade Ogre + 1 float into Gouki Finisher should be able to close a game, regardless of the number of monsters one's opponent controls.
  13. Cursed Fire King Doom Burst Dark / Fiend / Level 3 You can reveal this card in your hand; Special Summon both this card from your hand and 1 "Resonator" monster from your deck. If this card is send to your GY, you can target 1 monster on the field; Reduce that target's ATK by 400 and if you do add 1 "Resonator" monster from your deck to your hand. You cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck during the same turn you activate either of this card's effects, except for DARK Dragon Synchro monsters. You can only activate each effect of this card's name once per turn. 1600 / 800 King's Glory Spell /Normal Add 1 Level 4 or lower Fiend-type "King" monster or 1 "King's" Spell/Trap card from your deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 "King's Glory" per turn. King's Majesty Spell/Continuous When this card is activated: You can add 1 Level 4 or lower Fiend-type "King" monster from your Deck to your hand. The first time the activation or effect of a Level 4 or lower Fiend-type "King" monster or a "King's" Spell/Trap card would be negated each turn, it is not negated. You cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck, except for DARK Dragon Synchro monsters. You can only activate 1 "King's Majesty" per turn. King's Privilege Normal/Trap If all face-up cards you control are Level 4 or lower Fiend-type "King" monsters, "King's" Spell/Trap cards, "Resonator" monsters and/or DARK Dragon Synchro monsters you can activate this card from your hand. Banish up to 3 Level 4 or lower Fiend-type "King" monster and/or a "King's" Spell/Trap cards from your GY; Draw cards until the number of cards in your hand equals the number of cards banished for this card's activation. You cannot Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck during the turn in which you activate this card, except for DARK Dragon Synchro monsters. You can only activate 1 "King's Privilege" per turn. This might seem a bit over the top, however it is Jack Atlas we are talking about, his archtypes are mediocre at best and with this barely playable. Next: • Battlin' Boxer • Chronomaly • Racoon • Heroic Champion • ZW (Zexal Weapon) • Garbage • Shark • Hand • Umbral Horror • Rank-Up-Magic
  14. 1.) Dragonmaid Hauskee: • Easy to summon • A Super Polymerisation target to remove Dragons and an extender to play through large negation boards with Dragons (e.g. Crystal Wing + Hieratic Seal) • Essentially has Thunder Dragon - Titan's removal effect for bouncing Monsters within its archtype • Continually floods the field during either player's Standby Phase 2.) Dragonmaid Changing: • Self-regenerating, while only moving a Fusion Material as cost • Works on other Dragon Fusion Monsters as well • Too bad it is not a Quick Play to remove monsters with Hauskee's effect 3.) Dragonmaid Relaxation: • Removal with Hauskee • A trap Zefra Providence in terms of the search effect or a pseudo negation for cards like Magical Meltdown And some other cards. These actually appear to be rather solid.
  15. Just a reminder, the full set has been revealed on Ygorganisation. Zaziuma, if you want to continue this thread you can add them, otherwise I will start a new threat on them.
  16. Exactly, the aim is to tag out at the start of your BP to return the level 3 to your hand and revive the level 8(, then you battle with it), afterwards at the end of your BP you return the level 8 to resummon the level 3 from your hand and Tag out for another copy of the level 8 at the start of the opponent's BP and end with both the level 8 (for its discard effect) and the level 3 in your hand, as well as a copy of the level 8 on your side of the field.
  17. The Organisation has the first high level, it is odd that that one does have the return effect as well and can only summon the level 3 from one's hand (I guess with multiple copies in the GY one can cycle a few in the hand that way), however its in hand effect is nice to play through minor negation boards and it hinting at Fusion members is neat, considering their focus on milling on their typing (given Dragon's Mirror).
  18. And here we have the main star of @@Ignister, the one that is supposed to tutor materials for a second Link, Ritual or Xyz and/or Synchro plays. Don't ask me, I am quite surprised about that myself. Again, this is quite generic (although still bad outside of @@Ignister). Based on how the archtype plays in the anime, this appears to be amazing. Oh and I have to mention the obligatory "It did lose the 'Cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster with the same ATK' " clause, which only comes into play with TAi Strike, maybe they wll just add it to that card, if they release it.
  19. This should actually be bad, UNLESS they actually release Tindangle Returner.
  20. I like this card adding a second layer of protection, beyond the field spell, however I am not too sure about the Spell Negation effect. This monster is already protected against battles, can still be buffed by the field spell, due to being unaffected by the opponent's effects, however not the own and can negate attacks, although I am unsure why you gave ít that attack negation effect, it will stop your own attacks as well and is guaranteed to be baited by a small monster by the opponent, so it will not negate even a single attack that could harm it.
  21. Interesting, being able to tutor Cyber Blader, while adding a real purpose to playing Cyber Petit Angel. I like it, it is a simple solution to tie Alexis cards together (just like the Ojama support for Union monsters does for Chazz). This is actually the type of strong, yet healthy Link-1s.
  22. [spoiler=Episode 111] Ignoring the obligatory "Ai wins because of plot armor" part I still have to mention that this is pretty much the second most boring conclusion to a duel I have seen thus far, rivaled and surpassed only by the last chapter of the Arc V manga, in which Yuya and Reiji just get a random burn Action card, because the writters were too lazy and did not want to invest even the slightest effort into a proper ending. That end to the duel was just a massive disappointment, although apart from that the episode was ok. It basicly comes down to "Ai can now threaten the entire society with a robot army (which he kind of could anyways, looking at how he was able to hijack any of them anyways and create at the very least 3 copies of himself) and wants Blue Maiden to turn into the same kind of edgelord he has turned into".
  23. This feels an awful lot too strong, it can immediately revive whatever is used for it, burn by its ATK and add another 2800 attacker and all that for getting a single Generaid out. The only real way I see how you could actually balance this would be if it prevents a Battle Phase during the same turn either of its effects are used.
  24. Although you still need to wait a turn to be able to summon it.
  25. Well from the moderate democrats going against those 4, ... I shall not describe further, they are forced to "support" them, these 4 are forced into the focus and the moderates are unable to "get rid of them". The whole point was that they now have to back those 4 and that is not exactly in the interest of the moderates ... or the whole party, with the upcoming election. How the means to get there are considered is up to debate, the intention behind them is very clear.
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