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  1. Yo satisfy my semi-deep-cut Metroid needs and bring Sylux into the mix! Even if it's an echo-fighter of Samus, I'll still be more than pleased.
  2. I know, I'm just saying that the morality card loses all meaning when the pursing using doesn't believe it in enough to practice it themselves, or in many cases uses it in places where they're actually incorrect on what would be the more moral option. A lot of laws and stances that people want to take are done so because they believe them to be "morally correct", but the laws themselves accomplish nothing more than let those people feel good about their nation while people are being unjustly incarcerated for non-problem "crimes" (see: Marijuana, the Prohibition, etc.) [spoiler=Separating This Because It's a Different Topic Altogether] Looking into both parties, the Republican party isn't more morally-grounded than the Democrats by any means, and vice-versa. The people that gravitate to those parties hold different values and have their own reasons for seeing what they do as being "right", whether they're correct or not. Conservatives see upholding a closer adherence to traditional values as being correct, while Liberals see inclusion and progressive empathy as being correct. There are right ways and wrong ways to approach both, and neither is on a higher ground than either. That said, I don't think they're mutually exclusive. I believe that people can adhere to both ideals so long as they keep an open mind, and people can agree on a lot more than they think. But the political division in the US and Canada goes beyond what their ideals are, and there's a lot of bad blood rooted in just... a wide range of reasons, many of them incredibly petty. People have grown to a point where they refuse to spend even a second to listen to the other side because they've spent so much of their time demonizing the opposition and finding reason for themselves to believe that the people who don't agree with them are stupid/evil/etc. That said, people need to spend more time to learn about morality, look into what they believe and figure out what they believe to be correct. Morality has a place in politics, but simply being used as a tool to be manipulated to gain power is not how it should be used. In other news, more directly related to the Russian investigation, McCabe, who was fired just yesterday, is handing over memos taken during his interactions with the President to Mueller: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/andrew-mccabe-fired-1.4581315
  3. On the flip side, a lot of people just use the "morality" card as a means of giving themselves leverage for their goals, even and especially when they aren't actually in the right. For instance, the main people gunning for Bill Clinton's removal being adulterous themselves and so on and so forth. I'm far away from believing that any political party as a whole truly cares about the moral implications of their goals.
  4. Ultimately, I don't think the extremes are going to change regardless of how damning the evidence is. A lot of people only listen to what they want to hear. Mueller could have a hand written note from Trump himself that says "Yup, I colluded with Russia", signed and notarized and everything, and I bet you there will be a lot of people that will refuse to believe. Likewise, if they had damning evidence that he didn't do anything wrong, there will be a lot of people that will refuse to believe it. That's more or less the political climate I've seen; a lot of people jumping to believe first what they want to hear rather than looking into what's actually going on. That said, I don't think they could impeach him for obstruction of justice exactly? I think if they could, they would. I'm no expert in law, but I think there's a lot of technicalities and other things going on where, at face value, one just can't call it "obstruction of justice" and toss that person in jail. I think there's more to it than that, but I could be wrong. But yeah, I'm sure there's a lot going on behind those white walls that people aren't seeing. Maybe they can't go through with an impeachment at all. Maybe they're wanting to see if the Republicans can REALLY screw the pooch and dig a hole for themselves. Maybe it's like Jesse said and they're waiting to make the evidence as damning as possible for the least backlash. I don't know.
  5. my goal here is to heap more work onto the OP to further ensure the impossibility of a response
  6. U.A. Jet Winger EARTH | Level 4 Warrior / Effect You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by returning 1 "U.A." monster you control to the hand, except "U.A. Jet Winger". You can only Special Summon "U.A. Jet Winger" once per turn this way. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls with a higher ATK or DEF than this card's current ATK; negate its effects and change its battle position, and if this card battles that monster, double any damage this card inflicts to your opponent. ATK 1500 / DEF 1500 Now you gotta support Machinas!
  7. VCR_CAT


    It IS true that they clarified that D.Va wasn't a Starcraft Pro Gamer, but also that wasn't a rewrite. They never said she was a pro at Starcraft, just that she was a pro gamer and then announced her character at a Starcraft event while also saying she played Starcraft and that her character makes Starcraft references. It's a super easy conclusion to draw, but they're not "rewriting" her because they never wrote her to be a Starcraft pro to begin with.
  8. Just some in-class doodles I did over the past semester. I did a lot more, but these four stand out as the ones I'm particularly most proud of. The preface is that I decided to experiment on a much cartoonier style than usual, drawing inspiration from a game setting idea I've kinda toyed with my head for fun for quite some time. Said game idea won't go anywhere because I have no applicable skills to the game industry besides writing (rip), but the idea was fun to think about nonetheless. [spoiler=d00dles] the hair on the mage makes me, just frankly, really happy and satisfied to look at. The tiny legs on the strong guy are very important.
  9. Sorry there, I can give my two cents. Under a free market, there's nothing that really stops Disney from making the purchase, but I can't say I like to see such companies get as big as they do, because as far as media goes, there is kind of a threat of monopoly. Disney's a huge company, and the number of other major media producers in the North American region is getting slim. And, honestly, as someone with aspirations towards the creative industry, I don't like this. If a company as big as Disney manages to gain as much control over that market, it just makes it more and more difficult for people, such as myself, to be able to break into the industry and tell the stories they want to tell the way they want to. Heck, if they do manage a monopoly or a near-monopoly, why should they even bother looking towards upstart creators and supporting their projects? Seems easier and a lot less risky to absorb them into the machine and have them just pump out installment after installment for whatever property is their most popular. It's just, honestly, bad news. More companies means more options means more opportunities, and the bigger something like Disney gets the more it will require government intervention to prevent a monopoly and promote a diverse market, and that's honestly another can of worms in and of itself.
  10. But one step closer from the western world being run by one all-powerful Mega Corporation! I, for one, look forward to doing police work in front of a stack of computers that allow to me zoom in on sections of an image and enhance the image.
  11. [spoiler=A helpful explanation] both of the drill monsters can banish themselves to discard another card through a means I forget because episode 16 was two weeks ago, but I do recall each having a second discard effect, and then he did something for the 5th card. A second watch-through would probably clear it up, but I don't blame you if you don't want to watch that duel again; it was kinda meh.
  12. Possibly the raciest thing I've drawn; a SWIMSUIT drawing!! (gasp) But that's really not saying much considering it's only a one-piece at that. This is actually the second version of the drawing; a whole lot of nothing wasn't working for me on the first one, and it was just falling apart at the seems and it frustrated me beyond belief. So I scrapped it and started fresh, and I can safely say this version is 500% better. What I also learned is that bare feet are literally satan to draw. [spoiler=Not for babby eyes]
  13. Thanks! I was really impressed with how well it was turning out! The left hand took a long time, though
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