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  1. 1 day away of a decade of this site.

    1. Fusion X. Denver

      Fusion X. Denver

      YCMaker should plan something celebratory

    2. BANZAI!!!!


      Holy s*** ten years

    3. Tourmaline


      I just noticed I'm at seven years now.

  2. From last year, in a pub, drinking beer.
  3. Don't you just love it when DevPro shits all over you and gives your opponent x3 Melody of Awakening?

  4. Lol guy on YGOpro says that netdecking is "cheating" and yet he plays DW.

  5. So I managed to get Gren Maju Da Eiza stats to 16800. That was pretty insane.

    1. Roidrage Machismo

      Roidrage Machismo

      that's incredible O_O

    2. Jord200
    3. Sander


      42 cards banished. 51 card deck. Fairy Tail Snow.

  6. Eh, had to try this again (got a screen recorder that is miles better than what I used last), so just recorded 2 duels and edited them together.

  7. Is Card of Demise wrongly coded in YGOpro? I mean it lets effect damage get past it after it has resolved.

  8. Does Ultimaya's protection effect only work if you control it and only another Synchro monster? (opponent was able to attack ultimaya when I had Beelze + 2x level 4's and a ritual out.)

    1. Flash Flyer - Sakura

      Flash Flyer - Sakura

      You just need another Synchro monster out.

    2. Dragulas


      doesnt matteer what are the other monsters as long as 1 of them is a synchro

  9. Was he finally banned or did he just log off?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. вєgσттєη ιηѕαηιту
    3. Northern Sage

      Northern Sage

      You are the worst GLaDOS possible.

    4. goodfusion


      I think Sdkinslayer is cool.

  10. "Because they made a big mistake, i could show them. Like i said its normal, that you react like this. I always have to fight against all. Always if you write against the mainstream you get this kind of troubles. I had this all the years before, although i was nearly always right. There was even a big company who spyed me completly because i always said the truth about them. " This guy is so full of himself wow Might be suffering from some delusions as well.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Slinky


      the more intriguing part, is that he thinks hes important enough to get a big company to spy on him.

    3. Mutant Monster RAEG-HAPYP

      Mutant Monster RAEG-HAPYP

      ^How did it go from YGO to a conspiracy theory?

    4. Slinky


      I have no idea. I don't know how it went from YGO to ranting about war in the other topic either.

  11. Bah feels weird seeing my own name as the current name.

    1. Spinny


      I thought your real name would be alexander due to it containing xander.

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