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  1. well this'll take some time to go through.... you just had to provide the most circle jerk set of sources imaginable didnt you lol. seriously, you got a nasty habit of proving article link that just source other articles instead of tracking/providing the root sources. going through the various links has already lead to a series a rabbit hole leading through 3+ stacks of other articles to a disconcerting number of subscription blocked site, opinion pieces without sources, and heresay statement articles without sources to back their claims. please try to weed through the muc
  2. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5/text Section 2 part 1 would prevent sex from being considered when determining medical treatment. Section 3: Public Accommodations & Section 4: Desegregation of Public Facilities would also make it illegal to have bathrooms segregated by sex (which the vast majority of people are not ok with). These are major issues with the bill that do not require someone to be homophobic to take issue with. In regard to the judges; trump has only appointed 3 judges: neil gorsuch, brett kavanaugh, and any barrett. neil an
  3. https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/new-jw-study-voter-registration/ new study showing many counties across 29 states have had voter registration greater than the counties actual population. i'm still going through the info and sources to see what i can confirm/debunk but i figured i might as well bring it up to see what everyone thinks and if anyone might have more info regarding this.
  4. somehow i think this belongs here... anyways, this election will most likely have to be resolved in the courts since the margins in most swing states are too narrow and the idea of voter fraud is too prevalent (though not without warrant). We probably won't see a proper result until January or February so check with your local gov on whether your ballots been counted yet, and if it has, just try not to get too caught up with all the political nonsense. shits gonna get a bit messy but keeping yourself locked up in political feudal state will only serve to drive you nuts.
  5. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/index.htm new york city (21k~ plus anothe 12k~ for he rest of newyork) by itself has had more deaths than any single state. texas (18k~) has the second highest death toll while california (17k~) has the third highest death toll. combine this with the picture you've presented and it paints a fairly awful picture for new york and califonia n terms of florida, they've seen 16k deaths by covid, which fewer than california inspite a higher number of infected. this is because florida locked down the nursing homes and long term care facility
  6. there is still 1 monster in this set for magistus that hasnt been revealed yet so thats probably him
  7. its a misprint that goes for ass low as $4 but you might get $10 out of it https://shop.tcgplayer.com/yugioh/the-legend-of-blue-eyes-white-dragon/tri-horned-dragon?xid=piab16530a-289d-4440-b855-ec9509ff6046
  8. note: it can add itself all in all surprisingly good for something that uses a die roll. no real down sides.
  9. oh i didn't know that on summon effects still activate on the field regardless of where the monster actually is when it activates. anyways thanks for the help. i'm kinda curious what the difference between ocg and tcg is in is regard but i'll be moving forward with the assumption that the activation is all good.
  10. i understand the difference between if and when effects but im just not sure if on summon effects require the monster to remain on the field to properly activate and resolve. basically, does the fact the card is not on the field matter in regards to its on summon effect if both the successful summoning of the card and its removal occur before the effect has a chance to activate.
  11. what happans if arkbrave or felgrand is summon mid chain but is then sent to the grave during the resolution of that chain. do they get to activate their on summon effects since they successfully hit the field even though its no longer on the field or does it miss timing in spite of being If effects? had this come up when 2 light and darkness dragons got blown up at the same time causing 1 to summon arkbrave just for it to immediately blown up by the second LDD. Edit: after looking for some time for clarification in different card rulings, i've come to the conclusion that
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