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  1. you do you. we all need a break at some point.
  2. well, i guess i couldve been more clear on the matter. so sorry for the confusion. imma uphold my original statement of radio silence so have a good one.
  3. the video was an example of how the current situation hasnt changed not an attempt to support the narrative. i was expressing my concern over the fact that both sides are only become more stanch in their views and the the situation is going to escalate.
  4. you know, i thought the election debate was over but then it just keeps going and someone sends this... im seeing things go on same as theyve been for the past few months if not escalate more. seems like things are gonna be getting worse for some time to come. im gonna stay radio silent until inauguration or so. best of wishes.
  5. aw fair enough. i only heard about the tweet from nbc when they reported on it which happened after trump supporters occupied the capital building so i was unaware of the full context. btw, is this just a random scream shot or does twitter have a public archive/means of viewing deleted tweets? would be useful for tracking this stuff down in the future.
  6. trump didnt incite this. he told them to be peaceful and when things got out of hand he told them to go home. the go home tweet was remove for somehow breaking tos... anyways, its clear your just looking for an excuse to hate. you wanna blame anyone for this blame the q-annon radicalization.
  7. you miss understood my comment. the rioting isnt being committed by all 100,000 but rather just a small portion of that. in addition, their are over 70 million trump supporters in america yet roxas was still trying to use the current incident to damn all trump voters. i am in no way trying to condone or defend the rioting. what they are doing is wrong and they should be held accountable.
  8. i hadnt heard about the shooting at the time. regardless, you are still demonizing at least 20+% of the american population over the actions of just a small portion of the roughly 100,000 individuals who showed up in dc. and yes, violence committed by anyone should be condemned, but you cannot use violence committed by the few to justify condemning everyone in the group. people are not apples, a few bad individuals do not spoil the rest.
  9. there has already been word of antifa showing up at congress as well unfortunately. its gonna make shit way more difficult than needed. also congress has resumed their stream temporarily to give the statement that they are now secure in the capital buildings basement and that everyone should remain calm. their trusting the police to handle the situation. @12:50 PM PST national guard has been called in. ive been called for baby sitting duty so im gonna be ghost for a good 3-6 hours
  10. the mob has not been shown to be violent so far.. also, you call all trump supporters psychopaths which is extreme. you are getting overly emotional over an occupation of a building and nothing more. will it stay that way? idk. but jumping the gun at this point does nothing but cause unneeded headaches.
  11. whats the white block? also, calling all trump supporters psychopaths is not only wrong but only serves to show yourself as nothing more than an intolerant extremist. cool it.
  12. @11:35 AM PST trump supporters have occupied the capital building. no violence so far but congress will need to tread lightly. @11:40 AM PST congress is being evacuated to another building. edit: it seems their still trying to figure out how to evac them.
  13. three choices for viewing the house debate
  14. he's a live stream link for those interested in watching tomorrows electoral vote edit: added a second source just in case
  15. and heres an example of random statements without sources... regardless, even if these numbers were 100% accurate, most voters are non-political and do not know much about our politics anyways so this doesnt really mean much more than simple reinforcing the fact that america has a massive promblem with blind voting. more over, this isnt a good way to address the discussion anyways as it just comes off as a personal attack against bidens supporters, forcing them into a needlessly defensive mindset. anyways, i was recommended an a video related to dominions defamation lawsuite that gi
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